___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Buzzy Day....

Define busy : A single slash multiple individuals, living things and non-living things, digital slash analog, engaged in full slash half-full activities or occupied with work etc....etc....

Well, that's one of the events which started my day today.... Ala-Mission impossible the pinoy version kuno....

Subject : Costumers / Suppliers / Visitors / Mga asungot

Time : 00:00 Hrs. Sharp ( kasi flexible but need to start early if possible.)

Target : PEMPEK Systems

Mission : Alikabok / Sapot ni Spiderman / Eroplanong papel / Saranggola ni pepe

Weapon : Walis tambo / Basahan / Braso / Siko / Tuhod / Dila

Naligo pa naman ako to start with.... (bakit hindi ka ba laging naliligo peng....?) Seldom happen, but yes it did occured today.... Yesterday our big B, actually second big B (the president of our company) reminded us about the visitors from i forgot where but somewhere in europe daw are coming over to have a closer look (i thought that was close enough already....!) at the products that we're doing here in downunder....

Anyways, big B decided that it would add a pleasant impression if we would at least clear up the production floor area of any obstacles, dust, rubbish, craps, old boxes, otot, putok, tsismosa, etc.... So we did....! But it did not came earlier to me yesterday that things would start at as early as 6 o clock in the morning which few of the other guys did those that really starts early and leave early as well.... What a start to my day....!

In other words, busy day started today even before it's began....! Tuloy imbes na puyat juice ang almusal ko, biglang naging cleaning liquid at basahan....! Nasayang ang ligo ko dun a....! Nakakatawa pa kasi iilan lang ang employees ng company namin so hindi rin gagana ang pretending to clean kuno dahil very easy to spot if you're in the open daw....! Not effective kaastigan ko nito....!

Very ironic din kasi ni hindi man lang nasilayan ng mga cleaners kung sino at kung ano ang bibisita kasi kahit na anino lang ng mga ito ay ni hindi man lang nakaapak sa makintab na pagkadila namin sa tiles ng sahig....! What the F-f-f....flavor!

As a result....? Heto si pepe, parang over cooked chopsuey na pagod na pagod buong maghapon sa mixed mental, emotional, and physical turmoil.... (hikbi) Exaggerated ba he-he....? Well, sabi nga nila : " Another day, another dollar. " kung kaya't bulsa na lang talaga ang inisip ko just to boost-up my crumbling and somersaulting motivation.... Hay buhay....!

Anyways, these kind of events seldom happen naman in the workplace which i'm in, but next time i will be more prepared na as a result of this lesson that i've learned today.... At the moment i manage to compose this post na kahit na maikli ay a must post subject ito just to get rid of all the bad thoughts from today's ordeal bago matulog just to clear up my mind....

O sige mga my plens....! Ako'y matutulog na muna at bukas ay baka maglilinis na naman kami ulit he-he....! Maybe it's about time na to consider a change of career....! Joks onli po....! Heaven tong present job ko ngayon kala nyo....! Free ang breakfast dito....! Exit na muna si astig.... Plok....! Plok....!