___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sms that miss fired....

Same as usual, breakfast-radio addict ha-ha....! They have this topic again on the radio this morning and it was helarious ha-ha....! They were talking about sms bloopers....! One of those was about two friends who was setting-up a lethal punishment daw for the other one's boyfriend who she've suspected of having a fling with the other girls in the campus.... Kayo talaga....!

So that day, they kept on exchanging one after another sms to each other as she (the friend) was coaching her about things that they should do to give the boyfriend a lesson that he will never forget.... And you know very well how they type those messages nowadays, parang tren sa bilis....! Makapudpod kukong typing skills talaga ha-ha....! Nakapikit at medyo inaantok-state pa yan ha....!

But disaster happened, few messages miss-fired and instead of the girlfriend, she've accidentally sent the sms's to her boyfriend instead....! By the time the plan was well cooked and ready to be served, the boyfriend found out and blew-up both naughty girl's covers....! I have no idea what that plan was, but the girls had the biggest embarrassment of their lives after that ha-ha....!

Have you ever sent any txt messages that had miss fired or back-fired before....? If it's funny or talagang embarrassing sya, i-share mo naman to us nang mapagtawanan ka naman namin he-he....! Ipapadikit pa natin sa WALL OF SHAME ha-ha....!

Okay i'll catch yous later....! By for now, but not forever....! Pepe exit....! Plok-plok....!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

An unreal compilation....!

Thursday morning around 7:15am when i arrived at work, it has been my habbit already to look at that same corner in the lunchroom where the book lady normally displays the books and other items that are for sale every wednesday, and leave them there for a forthnight (two weeks) before replacing them with some new ones again....

Last thursday, as usual after a forthnight i always get that same excitement to have a look at what she have left there for us to buy.... What caught my attention instantly was this simple white book with a picture of mountain ranges and a silhouette of a man on top of a cliff with a gesture as if he's talking to someone....

It was cheap for ten bucks, so i've decided to take it home with me.... I haven't paid for that yet 'coz the book lady comes back in two weeks time so i'll just pay her later when she's back....

I haven't actually formally started reading it yet because i was waiting for the weekend so that i will have plenty of time to absorb it well, though i only got one day for a weekend because i've done some overtime at work today but then i guess a day is more than enough to somehow starts firing-up my interest towards the book....

Don't get me wrong, the book is not at all about religious thingy, it's more on the outburst of human nature kind of views.... It's about our constant struggle to communicate with god minus the formality.... Like "what will i say or ask if i come across a chance of having a face to face conversations with god" those sorts of stuff.... It's very interesting i reckon it is....!

The author's name is Neale Donald Walsch, and the book is called Conversations with god (an uncommon dialogue) book 1.... The author had manage to create two characters in the book, one play the role of god and the other play the man seeking for answers....

A quick glance at the pages gave me an idea that it is a question and answer, as well as questions and counter questions sort of a flow in the book.... That reminds me of some scenes during my philosophy subject in college days years ago ha-ha....!

Here are some of the interesting parts of the book :

Man : There are those who say that life is a school, that we are here to learn specific lessons, that once we "graduated" we can go on to larger pursuits, no longer shackled by the body. Is this correct?

God : It is another part of your mythology, based on human experience.

Man : Life is not a school?

God : No.

Man : We are not here to learn lessons?

God : No.

Man : Then why are we here?

God : To remember, and re-create, Who You Are. I have told you over and over again. You do not believe me. Yet that is well as it should be. For truly, if you do not create yourself as Who You Are, that you cannot be.

Oh ha....! Parang ako, masyadong reklamador sa buhay ha-ha....! Very confusing ang mga wordings di ba....? That's why i need the weekend just to assimilate it well into my blood stream he-he....! Kung ako siguro ang sa role ng Man dyan, (man ka naman talaga a, ay tangek....!) siguradong laglag na baba ko, tulala pa ako sa sobrang confusion dun sa pinagsasabi ng God....!

Anyways, kayo na lang bahalang humusga at akoy matutulog na muna....! ET go home....! ZOOOOOM....!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's STAR WARS Day....!

It's STAR WARS Day today....! Whoohoo....! It's been 30 years today since they've released the very first of the many sequels of Star Wars on the big screen in 1977....

They were doing this on the radio today and i thought it's cool, so i've decided to do it here as well....! The rule is very simple, your name in reversed or scrambled plus the last medication you've taken before this game....

For Example : Greetings bloggerz, i'm Epep from the planet Solmux.... Gets nyo, Epep of Solmux ha-ha....!

O di ba madali lang.... So what's your Star Wars name....? Try nyo to mamya okay....! Si Epep naman ay papasok pa muna sa trabaho he-he....! Sagwa pala ng Star Wars name ko, parang tunog mekrobyo sa kilikili ha-ha....! Okay na at late na late nang talaga ako....! BBQ....!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Been tagged again....!

This is my response to Lui's tag last time.... Sorry Lui late na naman, but better late than never di ba ha-ha....! Here i go....

The list of 6 websites that i love wasting my bandwidth and precious minutes upon are:

HOTMAIL - My main priority when browsing the web of course is checking my email account, just incase there are some important messages being sent to me by friends, workmates or family members....

BLOGGER - Though my hotmail account is the main priority, Bloggers is the site where i stay the most.... Updating, maintaining my blogsite, and checking for some new messages, and comments from friends in the blogosphere....

GOOGLE - Ah, the root of all evil he-he....! I should've listed this as one of my addictions too....! Ever so popular with people of wits and lightbulbs in the brain, the great book of knowledge to some....!

MIX NUTS - Not the edible version of nuts, but the mix of friend's blogsite that i frequently visit when i got the time.... Well, not really too frequent but they are listed in my "Kabarkada links" and of great importance to me he-he....!

YAHOO PHIL. - Philippine news is hard to get by in australia so i also frequent this site to have a glimpse of the latest talk-abouts and walk-abouts in filipino daily events.... Astig....!

PHIL. ONLINE FM RADIO - Cool stuff online ha-ha....! As usual, another thing that's hard to get by in downunder is the pinoy radio particularly the FM stations.... Actually, their isn't seems to be a single one around the neighborhood in my area....! That's why tuning-in to the online version connected to my stereo system rocks the flat ha-ha....!

There you go, 6 of my favorite sites revisited....! Thanks for the tag Lui....! Now i would like to hand-over this question to the other bloggers, so now i will tag : Darlene, Luisa, and Tintin.... Thanks a lot in advance guys....! Take your time and no rushing okay....? Ha-ha....!

----------------------------SHREK IN SYDNEY


By the way, the cast of Shrek The Third are in sydney to promote the latest sequel of the movie....! Cameron Diaz was there too, as the star playing the voice of Princess Fiona....

A large crowd gathered to meet the stars, even much larger than the crowds who came to see the previous celebrities that visited australia this year.... Majorities we're kids and their parents....!

That's it....! Tulog na muna ako at may trabaho na naman bukas....! Plok! Plok! Exit....!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tinatamad mag-hopping....

Wouldn't it be nice if our bloggers link box will function like this, would you agree....?

What would be greater than having a link box in your blog that could send a message to all your links in just one click of a button....! ASTIG....!

By the way, have yous noticed that blogger's new-post-box is already saving your drafts automatically....?!

Habang padami kasi ng padami ang mga linked friends ko sa blogosphere ay na noticed ko'ng lalo ding nahihirapan na akong bisitahan ang lahat ng mga ito....! So my spider senses spotted a solution instantly right from the very corner of my spherical brain....! May corner ba ang sphere....? Parang wala naman a....!

Yan ang ibig kong sabihin....! One of these days, they will think of making my very own concept of a link box happen for real ha-ha....! And the originality credits will go to me ha-ha....! Astig....!

I will run a poll and the question is this : Are you in favor of a link-box that can send message to all your contacts at once with just one click of a button....? YES or NO, and WHY....? Aasahan ko mga opinions nyo ha-ha....! Kamote sa kukote lang ha-ha....!

-----------------POLL RESULTS



Results shall be updated daily as soon as i get home from work ha-ha....!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on Stallone's case....


Just an update on Stallone's case in sydney last february.... Superstar Sylvester Stallone pleaded guilty tuesday to bringing restricted muscle-building hormones in australia and is going to face sentencing this week.

The lawyers of the 60 years old actor entered the guilty plea on his behalf.... The actor did not appear before the court.... He was fined $AU22,000 for the offense done....
“I've made a terrible mistake, not because I was attempting to deceive anyone but I was simply ignorant to your official rules,” Stallone said in a letter to sydney’s local court. “I felt terrible that my breach of the rules has set a poor example to members of the public, whose opinion I cherish dearly.”

Stallone was accused of bringing banned substances into australia after a customs search of his luggage during a visit to sydney last february 16 that revealed 48 vials of the human growth hormone three days later, Stallone threw-away four vials from his sydney hotel room when customs officials arrived to search it....

Well all i can say is this, LEAVE THE MAN ALONE FOR GOODNESS SAKE....!!!! He came all the way across the globe just to give us a visit and promote his film, but here we are spending the whole time ripping him off, criticising him and picking away at him like we’ve got nothing else better to do....! Or maybe we're just craving for too much attention from the rest of the world that's why....!

Better-off visit philippines instead Rambo, you'll be delighted with our hospitality over there....! Whew....! I get so embarrassed being an australian citizen sometimes....! Sang boteng SMB nga dyan....!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go see my new page quick....!

HELLOO EVERYONE....!!!! I'm back from hiding ha-ha....! Yesterday i was back on full-time again, actually it's still part-time 'coz i got a bucket-full of other priorities too....! Anyways, all day-long yesterday i was at the other page of mine preparing it for yous guys.... Finally i've opened it up last night, though some parts we're still not finalised but just a bit left lang naman....

I really appreciate everyones comments, thanks guys....! Here in australia kasi i was just storing them in my apartment, and no one did ever saw all those apart from some maybe one or two that i've taken to work and show them to my friends.... The rest, just catching the dust in the corner ha-ha....!

At the moment i'm trying to re-group myself and getting prepared for the next paintings.... My plummer had asked me two weeks ago to paint their family portrait and until now i haven't started doing it yet ha-ha....! Anyways, he knew naman na kailangan ko pa munang magkagana bago ko umpisahan, that's the secret of a good artwork kasi.... In order for me to paint well, i have to wait for that kind of drive in me....

Being an artist is not that easy kasi, most of us have a very fastidious attitude towards things....! I cannot just sit-down and start working straight away, i need to be really relaxed and comfortable first with the way i sit or which side of the chair my buttom is resting on or else i will be stressed-up more easily thinking about my buttom instead of my work and never last longer infront of the canvas at all ha-ha....!

When i'm working on an artwork, i also need to listen to strange music that you can compare to a tangling strings of yarn....! Or maybe some imotional type minus the vocalist like Yanni perhaps or classical like Andre Gagnon and Andre Rieu.... Something that can clug-up my other thoughts and make me focus only on what i am looking at will be the best one ha-ha....!

I started out of nowhere, if you can drop by at my art page again try to look for the vegetable basket and you'll know how i did all this he-he....! It's a gift from up above.... Who knows what's going on between my eyes, hands, and mind during those moments.... The coordination is just perfect....! I can start drawing a figure symmetrically from the tip of his finger up to the rest of the body or from the tip of the toe up to the tip of the hair on the head without a problem....

I admire Leonardo da Vinci and his work, i wish that one day i can be as good as he is.... I mean, he was....! ha-ha....! Probably if i apply more patience in things i can be as good as him.... There are times kasi that i rush things up, my strokes are speedy and rough at times.... To each his own approach naman di ba....? But who know one day i could be as great as him ha-ha....! Maybe he-he....!

Anyways, i can last very long here typing about art and artworks but i dont know about yous ha-ha....! So i will just let yous have your breakfast for a while and touch this topic again some other time, it depends on who will trigger me first to start this topic again ha-ha....! Catch you again next post WHOOOOHOOOO....!!!!

P.S. By the way, the inset painting is exactly similar to my very first art contest buster when i was 10 years old....! That composition is very special to me 'coz it started the whole thingy.... I'm planning to frame that and give it to my father the next time i go home.... The original composition was drawn by myself years and years ago using a box of crayons and i believe that it's still there hiding somewhere in the art room in that same school where i've graduated my elementary years.... I'll look for that one day.... Okay see yous again guys....!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Super busy pa si ako....!

Goodday all....! How'd yous like my new experimental header ha-ha....! I've spent a smashing 5 hours doing that you know....! Telebabad also included ha-ha....! Would you believe na paint software lang ng window ang ginamit ko dyan....! Anyways, for the time being i am just a humble visitor of my own blog 'coz i'm still busy at the moment....

But i promise, i'll be back on full-time again starting this weekend for i don't know how long again ha-ha....! Nevertheless, i'll still drop by to check your tags and comments so please bear with me i won't be long.... Whooookay, i'll be back on saturday everyone ingatz....!

Hey by the way, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms out there....! I've decided to close the poll, maybe we'll do it some other time na lang.... Thanks to Dyan and Maud for sharing their views i appreciate your effort guys, thank you very much.... Those were tough questions anyway, so i suppose it wasn't really applicable to everybody....

Anyways, have a happy weekend everyone....! Ingatz....! Be back on my pilot seat tomorrow....!