___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Melbourne Cups fever....

Today we'are celebrating the Melbourne Cups 2007 here in australia.... The "Race" that stop the whole nation daw sabi nila he-he....! Sabi ko naman baka the "Rain" that stopped the nation kasi kanina pa malakas ang ulan dito....! Imagine na lang ang mga horses and jockeys, pati na ang mga ladies in big hats na basang-basa ha-ha....!

By the way, San Miguel Beer is one of the main sponsors of this event eversince and it makes me proud as pinoy too....! I heard that the company bought some size of land in Tasmania and turned that into a brewery.... I'm not so sure about that tip, but that's what some pinoys said.... Anyways, today there was the usual yearly MC sweepstakes....

You can place a bet at any TABs or you can simply buy your horses from an officemates running a mini-sweeps.... There are $2 and $5 sweeps, and you can win 10x the bet amount or so once your horse hits the finish line tail first....! Joks lang he-he....! Ano takbo nun paatras....! Though i'm a bit short of my budget for this month, i've decided to place a bet anyway.... I went on a one $5 and three of the $2 horses.... Then i also placed a bet of $10 outside at the local TAB in a group with friends....

Normally the company owner throws-out a party and drag the projector downstairs to the lunchroom so that everybody can watch and enjoy the day.... I was expecting that one already, so i didn't bother fixing my lunch for today, kasi pag wala naman ay pupunta na lang ako dun sa may chinese take-away.... I don't really gamble, but this is a once in a year spectacular event na hindi dapat ma-miss ng lahat kaya yun, nakisali na rin ako....! And you know how much the horse owner will get once his horse wins....? Yung talagang horse owners ha, hindi yung tagapusta lang.... It's a smashing 3 million dollars in the bayong to chong....! Astig na astig....! It's equivalent to a massive 120,900,000 pesos....! Paano na ba babasahin yan, billions na ba....? Hindi pa pala....! Pesos yan ha....?!

To make things short, at the end of the day ay nanalo ang kabayo kong tinayaan woooohoooo....! Hindi lang isa kundi dalawa pa, the 1st and 3rd places....! Then another 1st place din dun sa pusta ko sa may local TAB....! Lucky ha....? Sadly, i didn't put any large amount on the horses kaya too bad ano....? If i were a professional gambler, i would probably be throwing-out a party right now....! Sadly i still have this tiny mouse inside my chest kaya kahit 100% na ang winning trust ko dun sa kabayo ay kabado pa rin akong tumaya ng medyo malaki....!

I've even spent more on a plate of Siomai and Steamed rice for lunch than the race itself ha-ha....! Kakahiya....! At least nalaman ko naman na meron pa palang natitirang luck dito sa katawan ko ha-ha....! Better luck na lang ulit to me next year....! By the way, the video is about the three time-straight Melbourne Cups winner Makaybe Diva two years ago.... Last year's winner was a japanese horse.... This years champion is called Effecient, who was also a third placer as far as i can recall during the last run of Makaybe Diva in 2005's MC and was scratched off the listing last year's race because of some reasons unknown to me.... Anyways, Makaybe Diva for me is still the greatest amongst the greats.... She's truly an amazing horse....! Enjoy watching....!