___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Must forget 2007....

If we talk about what had happened in 2007, ay madami po akong alam dyan lalong lalo na sa da life of yours truly in 2007.... I guess for me, 2007 is a year that is not worth remembering, why....? Well, madaming mga pangyayaring nangyari at hindi ko pa alam kung muling mangyayari pa in 2008, na sana naman ay wag nang magyari pa dahil ayaw na ayaw ko na sana tong muling mangyari pa at pagnangyari pa tong muli ay ewan ko na lang....! Whew....! Yun....!

I think i'm more luckier with well rounded numbers like the number 8 which is also a symbol of glittering cash in chinese numerology.... I can't understand why but, it seems that the number 7 in 2007 had live up to it's shape as an axe that had kept on axing my luck the whole year round....!

I know you wouldn't believe me unless you've put your foot in my shoe and step a year back in time to see for yourself kung ano nga ba ang mga nangyari kay Pepe nun at ganito na lang ang pagtatampo nya sa 2007....! Pero ito po talaga ang nangyari and you will never ever dream of having something like this in your smooth-flowing life ever....! If i were asked to choose, i wouldn't have chosen this disaster either....! I can't tell you what it was, but i can compare that experience to having a nightmare while you'are still awake....!

Nakakita na ba kayo ng rumaragasang tren....? Subukan nyong tumayo sa harap nun....! Ganun ang nangyari sa amin ni AB this year....! Na-picture out mo na....? Hindi basta basta hihinto yun, bawat bagon ay may sariling momentum na patuloy na tutulak at tatakbo ng walang tiyak na oras ng paghinto....! Mas-okay pa nga sigurong tumayo sa harap ng rumaragasang mga kalabaw at ipikit ang mga mata mo dahil kahit papano ay kusa kang iiwasan ng mga ito....!

Ano-ano nga ba ang mga naging kapalpakan sa life ni Pepe in 2007....? Madami po, ang iba ay hindi ko na maalala at ayaw nang maalala pa at kung kusa mang bumalik ang mga alaala ay kusa ko pa rin tong buburahin sa isipan ko....! Lately there was a big blow na dumating at kung halos pa lang ay magpalimos na kami just to meet the requirements.... First time ever itong nangyari sa amin, at hindi namin expected and not everybody had experienced this one as well, actually only a small number of people have had this kind of experience in their lives....! Masmalaki pa nga siguro ang chances na masagasaan ka ng pison kesa mangyari to sa'yo....! For a moment, i've even thought that this is just happening in the movies....! Believe me, i don't know how on earth are you going to escape this that easily kung sa'yo siguro to nangyari....! But we did in just within a week's time....! It's like we'are living in a dream for a moment there....!

Of all the people ba naman in the phils ay hindi ako makapaniwalang sa amin pa nangyari to....! But gladly my brother in Singapore had saved the day for us and paid everything-off....! I still owe him some amount though' pero sabi nya, "'tol, pag-usapan na lang natin yan kung may pera ka na." na nagpalaki naman sa aking puso he-he....! Enlargement of the heart, delekado yan Peng ah....! I think it's great to have a good and caring brother around you at times when you'are down.... =)

That big blow had a bad effects on us though, we've lost the ability to trust the word SECURITY anymore.... We believe that our privacy was being violated there and i guess things won't be the same again after that.... I just hope that gradually we will recover so that we can move on.... Hopefully with the help of the number 8 in 2008 we will get through these challenges together.... We've made a lot of attempts to plan some new things before the year's end, but still the lack of confidence are there to make us realize, think, and sink back to the safety of not caring anymore at all....!

Hopefully this next year will look after us, and this time we'll be ready to stand aside whenever a train comes again.... We'll be more wiser by then i promise....! For me, there is really a big reason for us to celebrate the parting of the years, and that is peace of mind....! And some other reasons pa of course, that are already marinating in my fridge he-he....! BBQ yum....! =D