___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beyonce Knowles in sydney....!


Can you keep up....? Beyonce Knowles in sydney na....! Just touched down moments ago at Sydney International Airport and my Pepe-razzis were right at the scene (in front of the telly he-he) and amazingly super quickiez in covering-up this scoop....! Whooohoooo....!

Wala pa'ng mga additional na news, but she's probably here to promote something.... Maybe an album, single, or another movie perhaps.... Who knows....! My Pepe-razzis of course....! One thing is sure....! She's sooooo FANTASTIC....! so you better keep up ha-ha....!

This entry will be open for extra details, just incase na meron akon masagap na naman mula sa mga Pepe-razzis ko tungkol kay Beyonce Knowles bukas.... As for now, ay mamatay muna kayo sa inggit mga baby boyz....! Ha-ha-ha he-he ho-ho-ho baby bohoyy....!!!!

To be continued ? : Maybe bohoyy he-he....!

WHOOAA....! I'm back....! And as promised ay ang karugtong ng kwentong baby bohoyy....!

A multi-platinum, multi-Grammy Award-winning pop explosive, Beyonce is a prey for a hungry mob hysteria wherever she go except the toilet ha-ha....! Her plane landed at Sydney Airport early yesterday for the first date of her Australian tour at sa Acer Arena pa pala ang venue, hmmmm....! Tamangtama, ang isang kasamahan ko sa trabaho ay manager ng Acer Computers ang husbandry nya.... Matanong nga kong may mga free staff tickets sya....

Ang nakaka-embarrass pa dito ay tatatlo lang na fans ang na-met nya dahil wala yatang kaalam-alam ang downunder tungkol sa pagdating nya ha-ha....! Alam mo Miss Knowles, palagay ko it's about time na para sibakin mo ang tulog mong promotor kasi wala naman sa tuktok ng Mt. Everest to'ng downunder para hindi maabot ng isang long distance call....! Buti pa pala mga fans ni Paris Hilton, malalakas ang pang-amoy....!

The 25-year-old singer emerged from a VIP entrance and headed straight towards the Three Amigos....! Ariba ariba ha-ha....! Don't worry Beyonce, ibig sabihin ng tatlong fans na nag-met sa you ay "we love you" from downunder.... Di ba three means, "i love you" he-he....! Palusot pa kayong mga aussies kayo grrrrrrr....!

Beyonce shots to famedom (may word ba na ganyan?) with the top selling female trio of all time na Destiny's Child, with whom she once visited Australia in 2005.... While the group has sold more than 50 million records, she has become equally successful as a model, fashion designer and a solo recording artist....

She hit the big screen with a baseball bat este a basket-full of film roles pala he-he, including her last year's Oscar award-winning movie, Dreamgirls and the ever popular and helarious na movie'ng Austin Powers ni pareng Mike Mayers.... Beyonce happily signed posters and posed for the Pepe-razzi for her three solid fans from Parramatta City....! At puro mga kapitbahay ko pa pala to sa Parramatta....! ASTIG TALAGA....!

And finally, she will perform a second Sydney show on Thursday, April 26 before hitting the road or maybe the clouds again to Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne for some more shows before going back to the land of the free willy.... At sana ay more than three na ang mag-aabang sa'yo sa airport.... Okay na ba sa'yo ang four....? More than three sabi mo e....!

Pakilala mo nga sa akin yang promotor mo at ng mapagpraktisan ko naman ng ORIGAMI ang mga tenga nyan....! O mga my plens, wala na akong utang ha....? Babayo....! Plok! Plok!

My ACECAD wonders....!

Have anyone been to my FUNNY CARTOON BLOG already....? If not, kindly check it out mga my plens.... If you already did, you might be wondering now how i did those cartoon characters huh....? Ha-ha-ha....!

It's quite simple actually, you just got to have the right tools suited for your expected results.... That's why i bought this ACECAD's Acecat graphic tablet about three years ago from a local computer market-fair here in sydney....

It wasn't that expensive then, maybe because it was in a fair.... I got it for AU$ 10.00, (ten australian dollars) equivalent to P 395.00 (three hundred and ninety five pesos) and it was really worth the buy actually because after three long years of service, it's still on the very top of it's performance ha-ha....!

At first i didn't know how to use it 'coz we can't really put our hands on technologies like these back in the phils without spending a bit larger sum of cash, but since it's affordable to their standards here so i grabbed one straight away ha-ha....!

With a little patience and practice i was able to get used to it in a short period of time and also got familiar with all the functions and tricks shown on the pc screen that is so straight forward.... It's as easy as writing or sketching something on your notebooks and writing pads at school....! A very handy gadget this one....!
And just recently i saw this on display at a local supermarket and bought it too.... It's not in a popular brand but it did it's job as well as the other one.... The only difference is that with this one, i don't have to look at the pc screen anymore 'coz the writing or sketching is straight onto the tablet's surface for great control of the pen....

Both have great characteristics anyway, so i don't think that one is better than the other.... And believe me they're both fantastic....! I never regret a bit buying those stuff....

But what i was really dreaming of having is this BEAUTY....! Isn't she amazing....?! She's more advanced, far more accurate, and by the look of her, i can tell that it will be great to own one of this beauty if you're into designing or drafting passions.... I wish i will have one of this .... Please, please he-he....!

Anyways, i hope that i was able to answer all the questions, tags, and emails that i've received before asking me about how i did my cartoons and what kind of tools have i used to draw them.... Please do visit My Funny Cartoons site.... It's full of cartoons ha-ha....!