___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tagged by Genny....

Thanks for the tag Genny. This is a very good timing kasi wala na akong maisipang isulat lately.... Also very busy pa rin ako sa work and partly dealing with a lot of problems too.... Anyways, here is my response to your meme....

5 Things found in my bag: wallet, mobilephone, bunch of keys, pencils/pens, diary, passport, recordbook, lighter, and a lot more he-he....! I've already answered this question before in one entry.... =D

5 things found in my room: bed, desktop computer, laptop computer, fish tank, wall clock, alarm clocks, desk clock, stereo component, guitar, radio controlled cars, fans/heater, lamp shade, and me most of the time....!

5 things I've always wanted to do: This is my giant wish in life, to go back home to pinas for good and start something there.... I've thought of starting a resort hotel and a small shopping square plaza.... But who know's when are all those plans gonna happen ha-ha....! Main problem: MONEY....! We've already started on some little one only.... =D

5 things I'm currently into: blogging world, hardworking for the savings, and family matters....

Well, that's me.... Thanks again to Genny for this meme.... I want to hand this meme over to some of my friends but i have to check their blogs first if they've already did this before.... Anyways, if you like this meme just feel free to have it a go....!

David Beckham in Sydney....

I think i've already posted about this before.... But this time it's the real thing....! For those who like to watch David Beckham play football, mamatay kayo sa inggit he-he....! Joks lang....! I was so busy at work na kahit gusto ko sana tong i-post bago pa sya dumating dito ay wala talagang chance.... Anyways, he's still here promoting a lot of things like his football team the LA Galaxy, his perfume, and lots of things mostly products from japan....

Around 80,000 people turned up to watch him play for LA Galaxy where he is the team captain in last night's exhibition match against Sydney FC. Thought his team lost the match, everyone understand that it was only an exhibition game and he doesn't really have to break a shin bone just to prove his ability to play the game.... Just to watch him perform his spectacular moves was already enough to drive the last night's ecstatic fans wild over Beckham....!

One officemate of mine had a chance to watch the exhibition game last night with his grandson.... Funny thing was, he (the grandson) broke his leg while doing diving in the weekend and the leg was in plaster cast and he was on crutches too when they went to watch the game.... My officemate said that when the security saw them, he then told them to take the front seats instead he-he....! Maybe he thought that the boy's leg got broken in a soccer game and he is a big fan of Beckham....! =D

My other friend's husband and four sons too was there.... They are lucky to get some front seats, manager kasi husband nya sa ACER so they had the chance to get the tickets much earlier and much cheaper from the company where he works.... I'm not really a football follower, and same as all the other filipinos i guess, i am a BIG BIG FAN of basketball games.... But just for the sake of having something na " IN " nowadays to talk about sa trabaho ay nanood na rin ako sa tv nung live broadcast kagabi he-he....! It was alright....

Anyways, panoorin nyo na rin tong video na to.... This is Channel 7 News with David Beckham a day after arriving in sydney.... I hope you can catch-up with the aussie accent, para kasing kinakain nila ang mga words kung magsalita....! =D

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thinking about christmas....

You know christmas is just around the corner, but the odd thing is soon it's going to be scorching hot here in sydney....! Summer time is already here and it's already starting to get more warmer each day.... Christmas in my childhood's memory is about santa, snows, reindeers, and snowmans.... And eventhough tropical ang climate natin dyan sa pinas pero meron pa rin namang kaunting ihip ng malamig na hangin kada pasko di ba....? Ewan ko lang sa Manila, pero dun sa amin sa probinsya may lamig pa rin na kunti ang pasko.... There's no way i can sport my jackets and things here for christmas like i use to do there in pinas when we go to the church and malls at night....

Sometimes it's strange watching christmas programs on tv during the ber-seasons when you'are sweating all-over and you crave for a glass of cold drinking water....! Plus the annoying scenes in the malls....! The decorations, the songs, at nakakita na ba kayo ng pictorial na si Santa Clause ay parang ginaw na ginaw dun sa porma nya habang ang kandong-kandong naman nya na bata ay nakapang-Sahara Desert na attire....?! How i wish na makaka-uwi ako this christmas, pero malabo due to a lot of problems that was stopping me from saving for my holiday back this year....

Anyways, there's still plenty of chances naman sa mga susunod pa na mga months, pero ito sana ang pinakagusto ko dahil masaya at madaming activities.... I've missed a lot in my life you know.... Since i came here, everything seems to had stopped in a certain point of my life.... Sometimes i said to myself na maybe tatanda ako later on na puzzled and wondering what had happened to those dashes in between the words na "my-------life" kasi napakadami kong na-miss na mga bagay....! Minsan na-isip ko tuloy na mag-aral kaya akong lumipad....! Para naman makakabalik ako sa pinas anytime na bored ako dito ng walang masyadong kuskos balungos....! Yun kaya ibig sabihin nung Flying School....?

Hay naku, kung bibilangin ko lang ang lahat ng mga hinanakit ko sa buhay ay magi-emote na naman, totopakin, at masisira lang tong pasko ko....! For the sake of the christmas spirit na lang, i will try to enjoy this christmas season kahit na medyo malayo sa love ones dahil once lang naman natin to mai-enjoy sa isang taon di ba....? Sa mga nag-aantabay naman po dyan sa holiday counter ko sa taas, hindi po matutuloy yan.... Dapat siguro palitan ko na muna yan ng counters for New Years Eve o Valentines Day hanggang sa makapagmunimuni at makapagdesisyon naman ako ng panibagong mga holiday dates....! And hopefully this time ay matuloy na sana.... =D

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hershey's Truck....?

We've heard of hydro, electric, cooking oil, bananas and tin cans (from back to the future) powered cars, but have you heard of a chocolate powered car before....? Yes, another one of my bizarre stories....!

Two British adventurers are preparing to set off on an expedition to west Africa in a lorry powered by biodiesel made from waste chocolate.... The Ecotec team with their chocolate diesel vehicle Andrew Pag, 34, from Croydon, south London, and John Grimshaw, 39, from Poole, Dorset, will drive more than 4,500 miles across the Sahara to Timbuktu, in Mali, to raise awareness of green fuels.... Their lorry, called "the Bio-truck", runs on a fuel created by a Lancashire-based producer, Ecotec, which has developed a process to turn chocolate misshapes into biodiesel....

But they will not be able to dip into their tank of hot brown whatever they are if they feel hungry as the biodiesel does not look or smell like chocolate at all....! What about the taste....? The fuel is made from cocoa butter extracted from the waste chocolate.... Most of the chocolate would otherwise end up in landfill....

Parang Hershey's Car ano he-he....! Kung ako nga kapag nag-travel pauwi ng pinas ay iilang packets lang ng chocolates ang dala, itong kotse na to ay isang punong tanke ang dala not to mention the reserve tanks inside the car-boot pa ha-ha....! Di kaya sila langgamin sa dami ng sweets na dala nila....?! This is what i call a sweet way to travel....! Astig....! =D

Federal Election....

Australians right across the country are casting their votes today, as polling booths in every states and territory open for the federal election.... Alam ko na hindi nyo alam pinagsasatsat ko ngayon dito at hindi nyo rin kilala kung sino-sino tong mga unggoy na to sa pictures unless na sinusubaybayan nyo talaga ang politika namin dito sa downunder he-he....! This is a big day because we are going to decide who the future leader of the country is going to be.... Just like the election for president dyan sa pinas pero hindi nga lang kasing gulo.... Australia is about the size of america but we only have less than 20 million population dito....

I just want to give you a slight taste of our politics here in downunder because today i'm going to cast my first vote for the 2007 Federal Election.... Any moment from now ay malalaman na kung sino nga ba sa mga Prime Ministerial candidates na to ang syang tatanghaling kampyon....

This is my first time to vote in a federal election and also my first to vote in Parramatta City kasi nun sa Merrylands na suburb ako nakatira kung kaya dun din ang polling station ko.... Hindi ko rin alam kung saang polling area ako kasi nung nag-check ako kanina sa net ay madami palang polling stations tong parramatta kaya medyo dapat agahan ko ngayon just in case na wala ang pangalan ko dun sa ibang polling areas para mahanap ko dun sa iba pa ng masmaaga.... By the way, the picture inset are the candidates for prime ministerial position except the person in the middle....

JOHN HOWARD - If you've heard of him ,he's the current prime minister of australia.... He's been serving australians for 11 long years now.... He's a winner of numerous federal elections and people seems to find it hard to let go of him.... But they said that he's a liar too, a mister empty promises to some, to apologise is not his cup of tea, and interest rates and things such as house prices are rising during his terms.... He's also a friend of George Bush during the war in Iraq, in short, tuta....! Sadly, if he wins this election again, at some point in time (estimates is within 8 months only) he will retire and pass the seat to his trusted treasurer Peter Costello.... No good....!

PETER COSTELLO - The treasurer, australias second big man, and the future successor of Mr. Howard.... He said that Howard promised him the seat before.... People said, let's see about that mr. treasurer....! He really thought that he could get away with the throne that easily without even competing with Kevin Rudd in the candidacy.... But put it this way, kung halimbawa tumakbo man sya for prime minister, wala namang magtitiwalang magbigay ng boto nila sa kanya....! So bakit nila hahayaang manalo si Howard at ipapasa lang pala ang pagka-prime ministro kay Costello pagkatapos di ba....? Wrong move Howard, you shouldn't have told the public about your crooked plans with Costello....!

KEVIN RUDD - Labor Party leader, not so experienced but has a lot of positive plans, he can speak mandarin while John Howard can only eat mandarins....! The asian community said that this guy's grandfather is a chinese.... His eldest daughter married a hong kong man, and his youngest daughter's boyfreind is from mainland china.... I'm not sure if that rumor is true or not.... But then if it is a correct information, therefore i conclude that he's an asian friendly person which makes me happy as an asian too....! Some aussies said that he will bring asians to control downunder in the future.... I said, who gave them that idea....? Have you heard of the word Symbiosis before....?! Howard said, he will bring back the unions.... I said, good....! A Howard supporter said, Rudd's union leaders are racists and they hate asians in particular.... I said, what....?! Almost the majority of union members are asians as well as their soon to be champion man has something 25% or so of that blood circulating in his veins....! Are you crazy....?! Basta ako at the end of the day ay kay Kevin Rudd pa rin okay....!

At yan po ang election namin dito sa downunder.... Alam kong wala kayong naintindihan dyan sa mga pinagsusulat ko at lalong hindi nyo kilala tong mga pinag-uusapan natin he-he....! Pasensyahan nyo na lang po tong astig nyong lingkod at masyado lang na-carried away dun sa first prime ministerial poll nya....! Anyways, malalaman nyo dito kung nanalo ang kandidato ko at malalaman nyo rin kung hindi dahil tatahimik ako nun at kakalimutan ko na tong topic na to he-he....! Excuse ko lang po to for not blogging and blog-hopping today....! Anyways, i'll try to visit all your blogs tonight, yan ay kung hindi pa ako lasing sa celebration....! Joks lang, i will blog-hop later tonight after the counting....! =D

PM Election Results later here....

As of 8:00 PM tonight, KEVIN RUDD wins election wooohooo....! Sabi ko na nga ba ha-ha....! Congratulations to our New Prime Minister....! Well done....! =D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

No more bottled water....

A universal accessory, the water bottle will soon be a thing of the past here in australia.... Councils are planning to ban the plastic bottles from their respective suburbs because of the damages it can cause to our environment.... Recent survey reveals that the bottled water is increasing around 10% per year as well as the improper disposal of the plastic bottles.... The government is worried that if the problem is not tackled sooner, at some point in time it can escalate to an irreversible level at mahihirapan na silang ayusin pa ito....

There's nothing wrong with drinking tap water naman sa palagay ko.... Kailangan lang siguro nilang maglagay ng madami pang taps o gripo lalo na sa mga public places kung saan madaming mangangailangan ng drinking water like parks, department stores, movie houses, schools, church, beach (may tubig na rin dun kaya lang maalat he-he....!) sidewalks, etc.... The thing is, mahirap talagang baguhin ang isang kulturang nakasanayan na natin ng mahabang panahon kaya sa tingin ko ay hindi ito madaling gawin....

Lalong-lalo na kapag hindi ka sanay na uminom straight from the taps.... Pwede ka rin namang magdala ng sarili mong water purifiers and filters just in case na hindi mo na kayang umabot pa ng bahay mo at talagang inum na inom ka na....! Nowadays Portable Water Alkalizer, purifying containers and filtered containers whatever you call those are already in different shapes and sizes, of course mukha pa rin itong drinking containers at hindi hugis papaya o palayok....!

Nakakatawa lang isipin na in the future ay hindi lang toilets, ATM machines, movie houses, terminal ng bus ang pinipilahan kundi pati na rin ang mga gripo ng tubig....! Sa pinas siguro ay ordinaryong tanawin lang to dahil sa kondisyon ng pamumuhay natin dyan, pero sa isang maunlad na bansa na kagaya dito sa downunder ay medyo nakakatawa nga tong tingnan....!

In some parts of the world particularly in africa where water is so scarce, people will drink just anything liquid regardless of the quality and its source just to survive for at least another day.... Sometimes they've even shared a muddy pool with their horses and cattles para maka-inom lang ng tubig....

Mapalad pa nga sila dito na kahit magmumukha lang silang nakiki-share ng tubig dun sa mga ibon sa park in the future, ay at least malinaw at malinis naman ito.... E ano ngayon kung habang kasalukuyan kang sarap na sarap dun sa pag-inom ng refreshing na tubig galing dun sa bird-bath basin sa may park ay nagtatampisaw naman si ibong pipit at ang boypren nya dun sa harap....! Ayaw mo pa nun, may malamig na tubig ka na, may libreng entertainment ka pa ha-ha....! =D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Isang patak na gatas....

I can't help it, i'm a bit stuck with bizarre stories nowadays he-he....! Medyo nawili lang ng kunti dun sa mga kakaibang pangyayari....! I don't know if you've already stumbled on this one today.... It was on the breakfast radio this morning while i was in the shower and it sounds so weird to me that i've started looking for it in the web today para ilagay lang dito.... Is this a classic case of reality disconnection....? A speaker's unprepared appearance....? Or baka sabog lang sya talaga nun time na yun kaya ganun he-he....! Baka all of the above din he-he....!

Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills monday accused consumers of meat and dairy products of fueling global warming, as she launched a vegan campaign at London's famous Speaker's Corner.... Mills, who is engaged in an increasingly bitter divorce battle with the former Beatle, suggested that people could drink the milk of rats or cats, rather than milking cows.

First of all, ano kaya lasa nun....? Pangalawa, gaano ba kadaming gatas ang makukuha natin sa isang daga....?! Isang patak, kalahating patak, o wan-port sa patak....?! Aba'y napakamahal naman na gatas nun....! Ano kayang machine ang pwedeng gamitin para gatasan ang daga ano....? Citrus Press pwede kaya....? Iilan kayang daga ang makakapuno sa isang feeding bottle ni beybe, mga wantawsan rats....? Ilang beses naman kung dumede si beybe in one day....?

Naku po, at sumasakit lang ang ulo ko sa ka-calculate kung gaano kadaming mga daga at pusa ang masa-shock sa news na to....! Papayag naman kayang gatasan yung mga daga at pusa....? Anong say nyo Minggay and Bubwit....? At pagtinanong nyo ako kung anong lasa nung gatas ng pusa, sigurado akong lasang daga yun he-he....! Yuk....!

Ganito siguro talaga ang takbo ng pag-iisip ng mga Rich and Famous ano....? Basta na lang magsasalita kahit na walang solid-grounds....! Ito galing dun sa isang kasamahan ko sa trabaho, not from Pepe's big mouth to ha.... Sabi nya, " when you'are rich you can have whatever things you've wanted in life....! Good food, cars, motorbikes, clothes, furnitures, jewelries, houses, horses, boats, planes, travels, and lots and lots of girlfriends.... Later on you'll get bored having girlfriends that you will then get yourself some boyfriends too....!" Ha-ha....! Kaya ako kuntento na sa just enough lang.... At least everystep of the way ay madami pa rin akong nakikitang mga surprises na nagbibigay kulay sa life ko.... Wow life daw o he-he....!

Ano naman kaya lasa nung gatas ng butiki....? Teka, may gatas ba ang butiki....? Heh! Tama ka na nga dyan Peng....! Turn-off na muna tong utak ko bago lalo pang gumulo tong usapan natin mamya he-he....! =D

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here's another bizzare story.... A woman was arrested at an international airport because she was found carrying a deadly weapon called TWEEZERS....! What the....?!

I think the movies and gaming industries are partly to be blame on all these confusions because movies and games nowadays are so walastic-realistic that most of the time it is very hard to tell between a movie and the reality....! Both worlds get so tangled-up with each other up to the point of exaggerating and extrematizing (i've made-up that word he-he! ) things na in the real world, not only on the side of the offenders but the side of the defenders as well....! Resulta, nawawalan na tuloy tayo ng tiwala sa mga bagay-bagay at lalong-lalo na sa isa't-isa di ba-di ba....?! O-ha, daming double words he-he....!

Would you believe that during the september 11 bombing of the Trade Center i was in the lunch room at work to get a glass of water when i've started wondering what that commotions was all ABOUT....! I saw everyone staring at that program on tv and i saw people jumping off the building, but i really thought that it was just a movie....! It took me about 3 minutes to finally realise that it wasn't....!

Anyways, this lady was then questioned about a lot of things including why did she carry that pair of tweezers inside her bag at the airport....? Was she planning a terrorist act....? Ano ba naman yan....! Puro lasing yata mga airport security nila na yun....! Terrorist act with a pair of tweezers....?! Napaka-astig na accusations naman nun....! Ano, pupunta sya sa may cockpit ng mga piloto at saka sasabihin nyang, " take this plane to Syberia or i'll pluck you two to death! " Ganun....?

Pano naman yung tinidor na pinapagamit sa mga pasahero ng eroplano....? Di ba mas-deadly ang mga yun kompara dun sa tweezers....? Baka darating ang araw na nakagapos o di kaya nakapusas nang lahat ng pasahero sa eroplano for safety reasons ha-ha....! Okay exaggeration time na to....! Ano-ano pa kayang mga bagay sa palagay nyo ang pwedeng gamitin sa pag-hijack ng eroplano....? Credit cards, lipstick, mobile phones, karayom at sinulid, tatlong beinte singko ni Dingdong Avansado, paper roses ni Jolina M., bikining itim ni Joey M., isang tasang kape ni Pepe, sitaw, bataw, patani....! =D

Kaya tuloy kamuntik nang mawala din yung tatlong fishing rods ko na dala nung umuwi ako the last time nung sinita ako dyan sa may international airpot natin....! Akala siguro nila ay dismantled na Bazooka ang dala ko dahil nakalagay pa ang mga to sa malaking tube ha-ha....!

Hay naku, pasensya tayo at nandito tayo sa magulo at weird nating mundo.... Ba't naman kasi may mga tao sa mundong pananakit lang ng kapwa ang palaging nasasaisip....! Magti-text na lang kaya sila o di kaya mag-blog buong maghapon like the rest of us, enjoy at peaceful pa sigurado tong buong mundo natin he-he....! =D

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vintage Weight Loss....

Here's something bizarre, as usual nabasa ko na naman sa isang article he-he....! In the US during the early days daw, Tapeworms are being used to get rid of those extra-bulges of fat in the body.... In other words taba....! Ow....! Niluloko nyo naman yata kami dyan....! This can't be true....! Or it might be true in the ground na tirhan ba naman ng katakutakot tapeworms ang katawan mo ay talagang mangangayayat ka nga naman chong....! At baka matigokok ka pa nga he-he....!

In the early 1900s daw, a "nutrient absorption" product appeared in the US. They call it an early version of Xenical... It's a "Fat Blocker" a slimming pill that prevents one third of the fat calories in your diet from being absorbed and thus converted into fat. "No diet, no baths, no exercise. FAT - the enemy that is shortening your life - BANISHED. How? With sanitized tapeworms - jar-packed"

No baths? What? I didn't know that bath can help you lose weight too....! Ligo ba ibig sabihin nila dito....? Ano kayang klasing ligo yun....? Baka naligo sa pawis kaya ganun ha-ha....! Baka Sauna Bath 'ka nyo....! Kayo talaga, alam nyo namang inglis kamatis tayo pa bath-bath pa kayo dyan....! Mey yo komplits the sinteyns naman neks taym oki....?

The product appears to be legitimate and was referenced in a 1999 diabetes journal.... Every segment of the tapeworms inside the bottle or whatever kind of packaging they've used before are said to have "no ill effects and are easily swallowed...." Yuckh....! So all we have to do is swallow that and let the worms do their stuff afterwards....! Double yuckh....! Ano ba yan....! Parang isang paketing superlong-ghetti pasta na nakikitira at continuously pang dumadami sa bituka nyo....! Pasensya na po sa mga kumakain dyan he-he....! Sa mga desperadong pumayat naman po, never ever do this at home oki doki....? Magpagutom na lang muna kayo at medyo mas sosi pa to kesa naman dun sa mamamatay kayo sa dami ng bulate sa tyan ha-ha....! Tigil na nga muna natin topic na to at nawawalan na tuloy ako ng ganang mag-breakfast....! =D

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Bonsai tree....

Last time i've mentioned in my other posts that i'm a little short of money these few weeks.... Lately my pocket was slightly recovering from that a bit kaya medyo nakakahinga ako ng kunti ngayon.... Last thursday, a blessing from some unknown sources (alam nyo na kung saan) came to my aid and gave me a bit of hope and confident budgetwise.... You want to know what that one was....? Two years ago i went on holiday back to pinas and we ate at Chow King's several times....

One time, we bought some fortune cookies there, and we cracked them open and look what it says inside.... One was just a set of five numbers.... Itinago ko yun sa wallet ko tapos ay tinatayaan ko minsan sa lottery dito.... Last thursday, i've won $AUD 688.00 in crispy cash...! Astig....! Mas-excited pa yata yung shop keeper na australian born pinay yata yun kesa sa akin dahil medyo nanginginig pa mga kamay nya habang nagbibilang he-he....! Ang sabi pa nya, kung nakakuha lang daw sana ako ng isa pang tamang number ay malamang mga around $AUD 600,000 nang talaga raw ang napanalunan ko nun....! I will definitely go back to pinas and start something kung nangyari lang sana yun he-he....! I didn't went on a spending spree that day kasi nga kare-recover lang ng bulsa ko nun.... But i bought myself a pot of BONSAI FIG TREE na nakita ko sa isang flower-shop for 55.00 bucks only....! Have a look....! =D

The killer cuppa....

We all know how dangerous a cup of boiling water straight from the kettle is, but i've never expected it to be as much straight out of the microwave oven as i've experienced the almost desastrous way today....

I normally heats-up water from the kettle but today while i was updating my blog, i wanted it to be a bit quicker than usual so i put a cup of water in the microwave which i don't normally do.... Set the machine for 2.50 mins. and went back in front of my pc to continue blogging.... After a while i've heard a beeping sound which means that my cup was ready.... When i took it out of the oven, it was bubbling and overflowing so i suspected that it was really hot....

Without noticing, i poured half a spoon or so of coffee in it then all of a sudden it started bursting, bubbling, and splatering water up in the air in front of me and slightly missed my face like a boiling lava from a volcano....! Whew....! I've never expected that one....! Never seen anything like that before....! Akala ko sa mukha ko na talaga tatama....! So never ever do this at home guys....! Take it from me, if my face had been luckily spared from being boiled today, baka yang sa yo ay hindi....! Beware of the killer cuppa bwaha-ha-ha....! =D

Thursday, November 15, 2007


As a Jon Bon Jovi fan it's an honor for me to publish this entry in my blog today.... Well i don't go bananas on any JBJ concerts, i don't go rock in the way i dress myself up, and most of all i don't throw underwears on the concert stage and start screaming wildly in the crowds....! In fact, i've never been to any JBJ concerts yet in my whole life, but i'm a big fan of his music eversince....!

A year ago, there was a petition sent to whoever is or was receiving all the JBJ bound mails and it goes like this:

To: Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi Management, Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi

We, the undersigned, are extremely disappointed to hear that Jon Bon Jovi will not be including Australia in the 2005-2006 tour. We ask that Bon Jovi come to Australia to perform one full blown “Bon Jovi” concert in 2005-2006. We want to keep Bon Jovi and “real” music alive in this country and believe this can only be achieved with one, big, sell out, live, Bon Jovi concert.

Plus, Australia is only a small detour from Japan where the band will be touring. The band has had a substantial and loyal fan base in Australia for the past 20 years. If a stadium concert is not possible, we would more than appreciate a Bon Jovi event in Australia, for example, like “Borgata” (not Rumba), so that us Aussie fans can experience the new Bon Jovi album “live”.

The Undersigned

This year after a long wait, finally the good news exploded that he's coming here early next year to meet his fans in a probably once in a lifetime concert in australia for some die hard fans to see before they die he-he....! Unfortunately for me, with this sudden blast of financial shortages na slowly namang bumabalik sa dati ay baka hindi ko ma-afford na manood.... I just wish that they will air the concert after para mapanood ko rin kahit papano....

Here are the concert's schedules para dun sa mga fil-australian readers and for those who are just about to go to australia as well he-he....! Just in case you'are a JBJ fan, and interested to watch his concert, and you haven't heard the news yet....! =D

Saturday January 19 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Monday January 21 – Acer Arena, Sydney

Friday January 25 – Subiaco Oval, Perth

Tickets on sale November 15 via ticketek.com.au

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Higpit sinturon in the horizon....

Just before lunch yesterday, our company president broke the news to us in a quick meeting that there won't be anymore weekends overtime until informed next year in 2008 which is quite a bad news for us since there's only few weeks to go na lang before the christmas month.... Anyways, they still gave us 4 hours everyday during weekdays if we are willing to stay back and take it after the daily 8.0 hours normal loads.... which adds-up to 16 hours pa rin naman, kaya lang hindi ko na talaga kaya pang mag-stay back hanggang 9 o clock ng gabi....

We'are normally kasi allowed to as much as 16 hours overtime a week from mondays to saturdays, it depends on how we arrange it ourselves.... Ibig sabihin flexible sya sa kahit na anong oras mo gustong pumasok at umuwi as long as you've completed the 8.0 hours required.... I normally do 6.25 hours overtime sa weekdays and 8.0 hours saturdays total to 14.25 hours overtime a week multiplied by 2 kasi forth-nightly (two weeks) ang sweldohan namin dito.... A total of 28.5 hours overtime plus the normal hours na 8.0 hours a day for ten days a forth-night is 108.5 hours a forth-night multiplied by the pay rate per hour, minus the tax and superannuation contribution ko na the same function din sa SSS dyan sa pinas.... Magulo di ba pero very impressive namn ang figures na makikita mo sa pay-slip pagdating ng payment day....!

Buti na lang pala at nabayaran ko na ang malalaki kong commitments for this year, i hope.... There will be some adjustments budgetwise na pinag-iisipan ko pa until such time na makita ko na ang results ng pagtanggal dun sa ibang overtime namin sa next pay-day ko.... At the moment, i'm still affected by the blast of that big responsibilities the last time na slowly ko namang naku-cope kahit papano....

At the moment i'm keeping a compose outlooks towards this problems and bracing up myself for the worse na hopefully ay wag naman sanang mangyari.... What i mean is about the money shortages in the future 'coz i've just recovered from a big spending na hindi naman talaga nasayang dahil napunta rin naman yun dun sa mga ini-invest namin ni AB.... Yun lang nga at medyo napaaga ng kunti ang paniningil nung previous owner kasi nagkasakit ang mister nya nun.... What i worries me the most ay yung mga unexpected problems up ahead na hindi ko kontrolado pa ang flow at hindi ko pa nakikita....

Anyways, necessity brings-out one's best naman sabi nila so alam ko kayang-kaya namin to....! Hope for the best and never stop talking to the one above lang.... =)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Goldfish Memory....

Did yous know that a goldfish's memory can last for about 3 seconds only....?! Ang hirap naman nun a....! I don't know if this theory is confirmed true but by the time the goldfish completes a lap around his fish bowl, he will actually start to think like he's in another unknown place again....! That's probably the reason why goldfish never gets bored swimming around that small fish bowl at all....! Or maybe they simply just don't have a choice di ba he-he....! Parang yung napanood ko na movie nila sino ba yun, si Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler na 50 First Dates....! Weyt, nasan na pala ako....? Wat is may neym ba....? Basilio....! Crispin....! =D

What is OCD....?

Yesterday i've stumbled across an article about OCD commonly known as Obsessive-compulsive Disorders.... I felt strange because sometimes i tend to repeat things too, specially when you get used to it for a long time.... One of these is checking everything specially the stove's burner and the electrical plugs and a lot of hazardous things in the house before i go to work in the morning like it's some sort of a daily ritual for me....! I don't believe that it has any serious connections to OCD at all....! It's just that we'are very much aware of the dangers around us and we'are just being prepared and ahead of things all the time i guess.... In that case pala, OCD is common in everyone, ano sa palagay nyo....? Is there anything in common between OCD and being a perfectionist....? Well, i'm not a perfectionist i believe, but there's a lot of them in our society today....! Some are even bigger people, leaders and prominent figures of the world....!

Ganito ang nakasulat dun sa article kahapon:

It's normal to check over homework to be sure it's done right — in fact, it's a good idea. But when Donna does her homework or takes a test, she feels like she has to check each problem over and over. She just wants to make sure her answer is right — but as soon as she's checked once, she feels the need to check again, just to be sure. It takes her hours to do homework, and she often doesn't finish tests because she keeps going back to check previous answers.

What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)....?

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder. People with OCD become preoccupied with whether something could be harmful, dangerous, wrong, or dirty — or with thoughts about bad stuff that might happen. With OCD, upsetting or scary thoughts or images, called obsessions, pop into a person's mind and are hard to shake.

People with OCD feel strong urges to do certain things repeatedly — called rituals or compulsions — in order to banish the scary thoughts, or to try to ward off the bad thing they dread, or to make extra sure that things are safe or clean or right. By doing a ritual, someone with OCD is trying to feel absolutely certain that something bad won't happen.

Sometimes the obsessions and compulsions seem to be related to each other. For example, if a person with OCD has obsessions (worry thoughts) about germs and about getting sick, these might be accompanied by compulsions (urges and behaviors) to wash a lot, clean things, or try not to touch things that might be germy.
But sometimes the compulsions don't seem to have anything to do with the fear a person is trying to banish. Someone with OCD might get the idea that if things aren't arranged just so on a desk, someone they love could get sick or die. Many times, the rituals seem odd even to the person with OCD. For this reason, many people with OCD try to hide their symptoms from others.

Although people with OCD feel a brief sense of relief when they do a compulsion, the compulsions actually strengthen the OCD thoughts, encouraging them to return. The more someone does the compulsions, the stronger the illness becomes. When OCD is severe, the fear obsessions can be extremely distressing and rituals can take up hours of a person's day. But for someone with OCD, resisting the urge to do compulsions can be very difficult.

What Causes OCD?

Experts believe OCD is related to levels of a normal chemical in the brain called serotonin (pronounced: sir-uh-toe-nin). When the proper flow of serotonin is blocked, the brain's "alarm system" overreacts and misinterprets information. Danger messages are mistakenly triggered like "false alarms." Instead of the brain filtering out these unnecessary thoughts, the mind dwells on them — and the person experiences unrealistic fear and doubt.

A doctor such as a psychologist or psychiatrist has to ask you questions about obsessions and compulsions. They will ask and discuss questions like:

* Do you have worries, thoughts, images, feelings, or ideas that bother or upset or scare you?
* Do you feel you have to check, repeat, ask, or do things over and over again?
* Do you feel you have to do things a certain number of times, or in a certain pattern?

Once a doctor has diagnosed a person with OCD, he or she can begin treating the condition. The good news is that there are treatments that really work. Lots of mental health specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors are trained in treating OCD.

Having OCD doesn't mean a person is crazy — or that he or she should just be able stop the obsessions and compulsions alone. Going to the doctor when you have flu isn't embarrassing, and neither is seeking treatment if you think you have OCD. With help, people can get relief from OCD and have more time and energy to spend doing things they enjoy.

Nakakatakot isipin ano....? I guess a diet of the mind is better than any kind therapy here.... You'll just have to ignore it everytime you felt like doing it again.... Just like telling yourself that, "it's okay, you've done enough there.... Just leave it that way 'coz everything will be fine...." Anyways, will power is the best tool here i think....! O ano, pinag-isip ko na naman kayo ha he-he....! Pasensya na sa mahabang topic....! Ingatz all....! =D

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are you not lost....?

You Are 35% Feminist

No one would consider you a feminist. You believe women should hold on to traditional gender roles.

Well, that's not the world we're living in anymore. Time to wake up to the 21st century!

I took a FEMINIST TEST from Darlene's blog, katuwaan lang he-he....! This is the result....! Bagsak....! Na-kickedout pa yata ako dun sa University Of The Feminists ha-ha....! Bakit ka nga naman kukuha ng test na yun Peng e VOYZ si ikaw....?! Tama rin naman yata ang mga naging sagot ko dun a....! Makaluma pa raw ako ha-ha....! Now i know why palaging nagtatalo si mister at si misis on who's going to rule the kingdom and why....! =D

Bloody Saturday....

I've seen injuries from car accidents but i've never seen a bleeding foot cause by a remote controlled car no bigger than a shoe box, not until yesterday afternoon i should say....! Kahapon kasi, we've finally decided to race again after a long hault due to a full two weeks of non-stop raining here in sydney.... Natatawa nga ako kasi every morning tumatayo sa may bintana ang store manager namin tapos sabi nya, " what a beautiful day, for the ducks!" ha-ha....!

Anyways, back to the bloody topic.... Friday night i prepared my RC and wish na sana tumigil na ang ulan even for just a day kasi this will be the third consecutive saturdays na hindi ko manlang napatakbo tong RC ko.... I wish i have an off-road car too para kahit maputik o mabasa ay no problem pa rin.... Tong on-road type kasi masyadong sensitive sa kung ano-ano lang lalong lalo na sa basa....

Saturday came, binalot ko na ang RC ready to go with my Toyota Supra shell.... Isa lang ang ayaw na ayaw ko dun sa pinapatakbohan naming carpark, mataas kasi masyado ang kerbs kaya sayang ang magagandang shells oras na bumangga dito ay magagasgas o mababasag kaagad.... That's why i'm using a racing shell my hand painted Nissan Skyline shell na kahit bumangga man at magasgas ay okay lang as long na safe ang original shell ko....

Ops, masyado yatang napalayo tayo dun sa topiko a he-he....! Me and my mini-obsessive-compulsiveness ha-ha....! Hey i also want to touch that topic next time when i have the time, about the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OSD).... It's a very interesting topic because almost everyone of us have a slight touch of it no matter how normal we thought we are....! Coming soon....! Anyways, yun na nga naging madugo ang first saturday namin after the rain.... We came to work talking about the race again and can't hardly wait for that big moment to sink our hands into that remote controls and speed-up....!

I've installed a fast battery charger sa working table ko.... Lahat pumila para mag-recharge buong umaga.... It was quick.... Normally it will take about 5 hours for a 7.2 volts batt to recharge on an average charger, but to my fast charger more or less 1.5 hour lang astig sa bilis di ba....?

Finally lunchtime came.... We had our lunch, the others had ulam and rice, and i had a big chicken-roll sandwich.... Yumm! After lunch the action started.... There was some shallow patches of water on the area so we've moved a bit up to a heigher spot.... We're just racing for about 10 minutes when we saw Cam hurrying to join the fun.... He then stood beside me and i started talking to him about the SERVO system of my RC, a device inside that is responsible for stirring the car left or right....

I told him that my servo's gears are maybe broken because it's difficult to stir it to the right.... Just when i was about to finish my words, there came the devil-car unable to stir right and was heading towards us....! It missed me and slam on Cam's right foot....! I can see the pain in his face when it happened, but he pretended like it was nothing.... I tried to touch his foot but he said that he was fine and he told me to continue playing with the others....

But i've noticed some blood on his sandals so i knew that it was serious.... I asked him to sit on the bench while i rush back to the office to grab some medicines.... His fingernail on the right toe was splitted in half....! Banggain ka ba naman ng RC in 30 km/ph speed....! I sprayed medicine on it, wrapped it and told him not to wet that area for a while and take some antibiotics when he gets home to prevent infections.... Today sunday, i rang him para kumustahin ang paa nya.... It really makes me feel so bad hitting Cam's foot you know because i know it was all my fault, i shouldn't have run that defective car in the first place today....! For all the people ba naman watching there si Cam pa ang nasapol ko....! I'm glad he's doing alright now.... I told him to wear shoes instead of sandals next time.... So that was the story of the bloody saturday, i hope you like it....! Ingatz all....! =D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's in your bag....?

I got a tag from ZJ.... Though hindi ko pa rin makita ang text sa blog nya hanggang ngayon, i will do my best to finish this tag response as best as i could....

This is a very good meme because nobody really ask us what we are carrying in our bags di ba, unless na pumasok ka sa bahay ni George Bush ha-ha....! Well, i don't really carry a lot of things in my bag.... I love black backpacks by the way, my one is the same one as the Blackhawk Helicopter pilot's pack without the army badges and other things of course.... It's just a copy i suppose.... I bought it from an Army Surplus Store about three years ago pero talagang matibay sya at kahit ang kulay ay hindi talaga kumukupas....! Talagang built siguro to for the actions kaya hindi ako nagsising binili ko to....! Anyways, here i go....

Here are the things that you will find inside my BACKPACK :

1.) Wallet - I can't go anywhere without it, this is my life-source, my pot of gold kaya mawala na ang lahat-lahat sa loob ng backpack ko wag lang to he-he....!

2.) Passport - There were few cases of mistaken identity here in sydney.... There was even a time when one filipino-australian woman was arrested and was deported back to pinas by the Department of Immigrations because she was mistaken as an illegal immigrant.... She was then sent back to the Philippines and was not even able to pick up her kids from school that day....! She's finally back here now suing the government for all the troubles and traumatic experiences that she and her family had suffered as a result of the wrong judgement by the involved authorities....

3.) Pens/Pencils - Everyone i think have pens and pencils in their bags for the same just in case reasons as mine, something to write with.... But that hasn't occured to me yet.... I haven't really use them at all....!

4.) Erasers - Not because i have a lot of erasings to do, but remember i haven't use the pencils yet.... They are to cover the pointy end of my tweezers para wag ako matusok....

5.) Record books/Notebooks - It's partly for office use.... I always keep records of my completed jobs at work kasi.... I record the date/ quantity/ products codes/ number of hours spent building the ordered units etc.... It's easy to track them back once some problems arise....

6.) Diary/Phonebook - Since i've already stored phone numbers in my mobile, i don't use them anymore.... The reason why i keep them close is that i might one day misplace or lose my phone....

7.) 3 packs of Juicy Fruit Gum - You never know when you'll need that extra boost of confidence you know, and when that time comes you hardly got that enough clock-turns to prepare whew....! You know what i mean....! So always keep them handy....!

8.) Wrist watch - I have an extra one in my bag all the time just in case....

9.) Calculator - I don't know but this is probably the second most important item in my bag.... This is the one telling me how smart i go when buying things....

10.) Bunch of keys - Once i left the house without them and i've lost half of my day's pay just to have my apartment's door opened....! That was one exhausting day for me....!

11.) Our Daily Bread Booklet - I just love reading them.... It's god's words converted to short stories and they'are lovely....!

12.) Handkerchief - I just told myself to leave it there.... It actually reminds me of someone all the time....

13.) Texter - My supervisor gave it to me but i can't leave them in my drawer long 'coz for some mysterious reasons they always disappear ha-ha....!

14.) Cutter/Blades - Because sharp things are useful sometimes....

15.) Cigarette lighters - Aha....! Don't get me wrong, i don't smoke.... Fire is a man's best friend since the stone age so this is another useful tag-along buddy....!

16.) Tweezer - One time i have to pull-out my bankcard that got stuck in a teller machine using one of these unsung heroes, since then it never left my side....!

17.) 4pcs. Plastic Scapulars - I bought them from St. Pius X in Commonwealth Ave. last May 2006.... I like wearing them....

18.) Coins - They are for my friendly people of the neighborhood the chips vendors he-he....! Malakas ang consumption ng junkfoods sa workplace namin kasi he-he....! Yumm....!

19.) Lastly, my Mobile phone.... Teka, ito yata ang pinakaimportanteng item sa backpack ko a....! Nalito ako a....! Anyways, that's all guys....! =D

How about yous? What's in your bags/ backpacks/ slingbags/ waistbags/ bayongs....? Feel free to tag yourself na if you'are interested to have this meme....! Enjoy the meme....! =D

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Melbourne Cups fever....

Today we'are celebrating the Melbourne Cups 2007 here in australia.... The "Race" that stop the whole nation daw sabi nila he-he....! Sabi ko naman baka the "Rain" that stopped the nation kasi kanina pa malakas ang ulan dito....! Imagine na lang ang mga horses and jockeys, pati na ang mga ladies in big hats na basang-basa ha-ha....!

By the way, San Miguel Beer is one of the main sponsors of this event eversince and it makes me proud as pinoy too....! I heard that the company bought some size of land in Tasmania and turned that into a brewery.... I'm not so sure about that tip, but that's what some pinoys said.... Anyways, today there was the usual yearly MC sweepstakes....

You can place a bet at any TABs or you can simply buy your horses from an officemates running a mini-sweeps.... There are $2 and $5 sweeps, and you can win 10x the bet amount or so once your horse hits the finish line tail first....! Joks lang he-he....! Ano takbo nun paatras....! Though i'm a bit short of my budget for this month, i've decided to place a bet anyway.... I went on a one $5 and three of the $2 horses.... Then i also placed a bet of $10 outside at the local TAB in a group with friends....

Normally the company owner throws-out a party and drag the projector downstairs to the lunchroom so that everybody can watch and enjoy the day.... I was expecting that one already, so i didn't bother fixing my lunch for today, kasi pag wala naman ay pupunta na lang ako dun sa may chinese take-away.... I don't really gamble, but this is a once in a year spectacular event na hindi dapat ma-miss ng lahat kaya yun, nakisali na rin ako....! And you know how much the horse owner will get once his horse wins....? Yung talagang horse owners ha, hindi yung tagapusta lang.... It's a smashing 3 million dollars in the bayong to chong....! Astig na astig....! It's equivalent to a massive 120,900,000 pesos....! Paano na ba babasahin yan, billions na ba....? Hindi pa pala....! Pesos yan ha....?!

To make things short, at the end of the day ay nanalo ang kabayo kong tinayaan woooohoooo....! Hindi lang isa kundi dalawa pa, the 1st and 3rd places....! Then another 1st place din dun sa pusta ko sa may local TAB....! Lucky ha....? Sadly, i didn't put any large amount on the horses kaya too bad ano....? If i were a professional gambler, i would probably be throwing-out a party right now....! Sadly i still have this tiny mouse inside my chest kaya kahit 100% na ang winning trust ko dun sa kabayo ay kabado pa rin akong tumaya ng medyo malaki....!

I've even spent more on a plate of Siomai and Steamed rice for lunch than the race itself ha-ha....! Kakahiya....! At least nalaman ko naman na meron pa palang natitirang luck dito sa katawan ko ha-ha....! Better luck na lang ulit to me next year....! By the way, the video is about the three time-straight Melbourne Cups winner Makaybe Diva two years ago.... Last year's winner was a japanese horse.... This years champion is called Effecient, who was also a third placer as far as i can recall during the last run of Makaybe Diva in 2005's MC and was scratched off the listing last year's race because of some reasons unknown to me.... Anyways, Makaybe Diva for me is still the greatest amongst the greats.... She's truly an amazing horse....! Enjoy watching....!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My new PRIDE....!

(drum-roll....!) Dyaraaaan....! This is my new Toyota Esso Supra Ultraflo, by Tamiya, japan....! Ganda nya ano....? Ito ang bago kong pride sa workplace namin.... I'm glad and thankful that remote controlled hobbies were invented back then, nakakapagpababa kasi ito ng stress lalo na sa mga workaholic na tulad ko....! Take note moms and dads, this is not a kid's toy.... It's strictly for age 14years old and above only, but if you've already decided to buy this downscaled monster for your little tots, i think you'are just about to find out why....! Because as i've mentioned before in my other posts, it can run up to a massive top speed of 80 to 100 kmph depende sa mga upgrades mo.... And when it smash on the wall, it really does smash on the wall like the real thingy....! My one is only 30 to 40 kmph at the moment but i want to upgrade it to a much higher speed one day....

Medyo mabuti na nga ngayon at hindi na ako masyadong gahaman (napaka brutal na word naman nyan peng!) sa working hours....! Two years ago i was probably working for more than 70 hours a week, double job and four hours lang ang tulog ko nyan....! Lucky me, i found this new job na hindi ko na kailangan pang mag-double para kumita ng ganung amount....

But you know what i've noticed, since i started this RC hobby with my friends at work and we have this weekend racing ay parang medyo nabawasan na rin ang mga work-stress ko at gumaan lalo ang pag-approach ko sa mga problems na dumadating ngayon, so far he-he....! May contributions nga ba kaya ang hobbies in forms of motivations towards the way we look at things in life....? Or is it just me, na napasobra lang ang pagka-obsessed dun sa new found escape ko....? Maybe it's both, ano sa tingin nyo he-he....! =D

Brushtail Encounter....

Good thing about living in australia is you'll really get the chance to see the wild neighborhood once in a while without going to the zoo or wildlife parks.... They are so protected here that traffic on the roads will even stop for a family of wild ducks to finish crossing the busy highways....!

They've even erected some road signs warning the oncoming traffic about what native wildlife constantly cross a particular road like ducks, koalas, kangaroos,wallabies, emus, john howard (a.k.a prime minister of Oz) etc.... And the animals themselves seems not bothered by passing cars, buses, and people at all....! Today before heading to work i've decided to take a morning walk around the block and for the first time in my life i've encountered a Brushtail Possum in flesh....! Astig....! Akala ko nangangagat pero hindi naman pala....!

It was grey with white and black markings on the face and it's about the size of a domistic cat, and because it is also a Marsupial, may pocket din sya na kagaya ng kangaroos kung saan nilalagay ang baby nya....! Cute ano....? I want to see it again so i will take another morning walk tomorrow around that area, this time a little earlier para mapanood ko ng matagal at malapitan.... Actually i might take it home with me he-he....! Joks lang....! Bawal sa apartment ko yun tsaka wala ako palagi sa bahay kung weekdays baka gutumin lang sya at raidin ang mga prutas sa fridge ko....! And besides, there are ten strict rules that should be followed when facing this kind of situation.... Rule #1 : Never take the wild animals home.... Rule #2 to #10 : See Rule #1.... Ngek....! Hopefully i will meet this cuddly little creature again bukas....! Good almost evening all....! =D

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Three Things Tag....

I got tagged by Rowena Thanks Weng....! Whew....! Three memes in a row....! Na-out numbered yata ng husto mga new entries ko dito ngayon he-he....! Sobrang busy kasi sa work kaya wala na halos time na magbukas ng pc....! Anyways, here are my answers to the questions in your meme Weng....!

- Pepe - Oi! - Psssst!
Yung oi and psssst ang mga tunay ko na pangalan outside of the blogosphere he-he....!

- Construct this entry - Watch V8 car racing on the telly - Brush my teeth.

- Spent time with the one i love - Sit back and listen to music of the 80's - Talk and cuddle all day long with AB.
I'm a cuddle station you know, i give good sevice to my cuddled costumers he-he....!
- Arroz ala Valenciana - Crabs - Inihaw na Bangus stuffed with onion, kamyas and tomato....

- AB - Pat - Mon

- Gold - Silver - Bronze.
Parang olympic medals ah....!

- Painting - Blogging - R/C Racing.
Sana four questions to para naman naisama ko ang eating hobby ko....! =D
- Philippines - Japan - New Zealand.

- West Field - QVB Sydney - Westpoint?

- Hungry Jack's - Subway - KFC.

- Basketball - Soccer - Fishing. But i'm not good in any of those he-he....!

- Coffee - Pineapple juice - Ginebra....! Joks onli he-he....! Gatas na lang.... =D

- Sweat in the morning - Noon - And night. Yukh....!
AB said i always smell good so no need to wear ferfumes at all....!

- White - Blue - Black.

- Christmas - New Year
- Fiestas. Whooohooo....!
- AB - My little sister - My best friend.

- Turn off PC - Drink a glass of water - Go to bed

So now i'm passing this cute meme to everyone who finds it interesting.... Have it a go guys....!