___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Local culinary crap....

Last friday we (the whole company) went to a farewell party given by our ever generous company owner (Bert) to one wonderful co-worker, (Roger) an engineering staffer who's been there in the organisation for a fairly sum of years now and was spending his last few hours in the company with us before the retirement from this life's overturned daily routines (career/job) to a whole leisurous and a brand new horizon....

The party was held in a restaurant just along darling harbour in sydney who's crappy food was nothing compared to most restaurants with the same ranking in pinas.... When i say crappy, i mean crappy....! I'm not a chief myself, but i can do cook a decent meal, and when it comes to food i can definitely tell a good taste from the bad one....

I can't blame the company for setting the party at that place because obviously no one of us had been there before.... And as far as advertising is concern, i think it was purely curiosity that brought us there.... And i'm now really convinced that curiosity did killed the cat....!

Some western nations gave us names (kumpil) like: " only filipinos eats grass " but this time i think they're absolutely wrong....! This sort of a pressure on top of the head trait is also happening here in downunder....!

So far, this is only the second restaurant that i had experienced eating a tiny serving of dish with a bountifully exaggerated amount of garnishings and salads on top and all-over it that can already keep a hungry rabbit busy for hours....! And imagine those people that comes and go everyday....! What will they say too....?!

I whinge because it is so unfair towards the expectations of their costumers....! People came to those restaurants with ratings such as 3-4-5 stars expecting a good dining and a justified quality, quantity and flavor according to it's cost, but instead those restaurant are only selling their spots in the area and the views.... Forget about the food, forget about the whinge just look at the view....! Look there's a boat passing....! And then charging their costumers unfairly for those so called reasons....?! Now where is the fairness in that....?!

That's why i will never ever give away our yummy filipino dishes in exchange for some crappy culinary culture that they have here....! Hindi ko nilalahat kasi madami din naman ang mga straight forwards dyan.... But as time goes by, they also seems to be getting more scarce than ever....!

And don't get me wrong.... Food is food and i do appreciate and thank god for whatever food it is on my table without a doubt.... We are more blessed to still have them on our tables, unlike some unfortunate people from poorer countries who doesn't even have a single grain of rice in their plates.... But i just hate it when people are using them to cheat towards others....!

Why can't these restaurant operators just at least forget about the greed and instead be honest and be fair to their costumers instead.... Besides, by doing so these costumers in return will keep on coming back and bring the life of their businesses ticking-over....!

Sadya reklamador lang ba talaga tayong mga pinoy o talaga lang nakikitaan ko ng mga turning points ang pamamaraan nila dito....? I think i have all the rights naman to be upset at this very moment because i spent more than 30 minutes in the toilet last friday night trying to get rid of that toxic stuff inside my stomach that was bothering my sleep all night long....!

At hindi lang ako dahil pagdating ko sa trabaho kanina ay topic na sa work namin ang ordeal nila last friday night na walang pinagkaiba sa dinanas ko in almost every details....! Now you tell me.... Should i keep my mouth shut or speak out loud....?! Ha?! Wala kayong masabi ano....?!

Sige.... Habang nag-iisip kayo ay iidlip muna ako sandali.... Gisingin nyo na lang ako mamaya kung nakapagmunimuni na kayo at ready na kayong sagutin ang tanong ko at akoy puyat at wala pang tulog dahil sa B****T na restaurant na yan....! (nanggigigil! hikab!)

At buti na lang pala hindi kami nabangga kahapon kasi kasalukuyan na palang kumukulo ang tyan ng kasama namin habang nagmamaneho....! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Astig na buhay to....!