___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cable talk....

If you happen to be having some problem browsing through, or worse logging in to your internet connection on your side of the world at the moment, it might be because you are affected by what i've heard in the world news today about the two underwater submarine cables carrying internet traffic under the Mediterranean Sea that were snapped-broken last wednesday, disrupting both business and households half a world away....

Finger-thin cables tie internet together, these lines that tie the globe together by carrying phone calls and internet traffic are just two-thirds of an inch thick where they lie flat and submerged deep on the ocean floor.... The foundation for a connected world seems quite fragile, an impression reinforced this week when a break in two cables in the Mediterranean Sea disrupted communications across the Middle East, India, and neighboring countries....

After watching the new, some questions just popped inside my mind, what if one day, we will totally lose our internet i mean the whole network connections, functions, etc. around the globe in some unknown and unexpected reasons, yung basta na lang itong mawawala at hindi na pwedeng ayusin....? Just imagine how dependent we are to it in almost anything in the present and how destructive, disappointing, depressing, devastating, shattering feeling it is not being able to log-in to your internet service when you really need to use it but unable to do so for even just a night....! Feel mo hindi ka halos makatulog di ba....? How much more kung worse-case scenario, tuluyan na talagang itong mawawala....!

Lalong-lalo na dun sa mga talagang na-adik na dito, yun ang mga moments na daig mo pa ang na-basted ng syota sa sobrang pagkabigo....!
Pepe: Pre, hindi ka makatulog at wala kang ganang kumain, bakit na-basted ka na naman ba....?
Juan: Hindi yun pre, nawalan kasi ako ng internet, magwa-wan week na ngayon, nakaka-depress, magbigti na lang kaya ako pre.... =(
Parang ganun he-he....! Losing the internet would probably change the shape of our lives, and it's not only about the evolution of social media, web 2.0, and microsoft playgrounds being frozen off their existence but everything in it's path that has evolved to be dependant on the web as a hub of business and commerce, source of informations, communication and education....

Masyado na natin itong niyakap at minahal sa ating buhay na halos naging isa na rin ito sa mga importante nating pang araw-araw na pangangailangan at bahagi na ng lahat halos nating ginagawa.... Sino ba sa atin ang mga adik sa texting dyan....? Di ba ang mobile phone networks ay gumagamit na rin ng mga web networks....? Well, isa na rin yan sa maaapektuhan, a lot of businesses etc, plus masa-shutdown na rin ang Bombo Radyo's Star FM na paboritong-paborito ko pa naman at palagi ko ditong pinakikinggan through the power of the internet of course kaya umaabot hanggang australia ang signal nya, at madami pang iba.... So ngayon, matanong ko naman kayo, how do you think you would live and survive in a life without the internet in it....? KAYA MO KAYA....?! Parang variety show a he-he....! TAKE THE CHALLENGE....! =D