___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My new PRIDE....!

(drum-roll....!) Dyaraaaan....! This is my new Toyota Esso Supra Ultraflo, by Tamiya, japan....! Ganda nya ano....? Ito ang bago kong pride sa workplace namin.... I'm glad and thankful that remote controlled hobbies were invented back then, nakakapagpababa kasi ito ng stress lalo na sa mga workaholic na tulad ko....! Take note moms and dads, this is not a kid's toy.... It's strictly for age 14years old and above only, but if you've already decided to buy this downscaled monster for your little tots, i think you'are just about to find out why....! Because as i've mentioned before in my other posts, it can run up to a massive top speed of 80 to 100 kmph depende sa mga upgrades mo.... And when it smash on the wall, it really does smash on the wall like the real thingy....! My one is only 30 to 40 kmph at the moment but i want to upgrade it to a much higher speed one day....

Medyo mabuti na nga ngayon at hindi na ako masyadong gahaman (napaka brutal na word naman nyan peng!) sa working hours....! Two years ago i was probably working for more than 70 hours a week, double job and four hours lang ang tulog ko nyan....! Lucky me, i found this new job na hindi ko na kailangan pang mag-double para kumita ng ganung amount....

But you know what i've noticed, since i started this RC hobby with my friends at work and we have this weekend racing ay parang medyo nabawasan na rin ang mga work-stress ko at gumaan lalo ang pag-approach ko sa mga problems na dumadating ngayon, so far he-he....! May contributions nga ba kaya ang hobbies in forms of motivations towards the way we look at things in life....? Or is it just me, na napasobra lang ang pagka-obsessed dun sa new found escape ko....? Maybe it's both, ano sa tingin nyo he-he....! =D

Brushtail Encounter....

Good thing about living in australia is you'll really get the chance to see the wild neighborhood once in a while without going to the zoo or wildlife parks.... They are so protected here that traffic on the roads will even stop for a family of wild ducks to finish crossing the busy highways....!

They've even erected some road signs warning the oncoming traffic about what native wildlife constantly cross a particular road like ducks, koalas, kangaroos,wallabies, emus, john howard (a.k.a prime minister of Oz) etc.... And the animals themselves seems not bothered by passing cars, buses, and people at all....! Today before heading to work i've decided to take a morning walk around the block and for the first time in my life i've encountered a Brushtail Possum in flesh....! Astig....! Akala ko nangangagat pero hindi naman pala....!

It was grey with white and black markings on the face and it's about the size of a domistic cat, and because it is also a Marsupial, may pocket din sya na kagaya ng kangaroos kung saan nilalagay ang baby nya....! Cute ano....? I want to see it again so i will take another morning walk tomorrow around that area, this time a little earlier para mapanood ko ng matagal at malapitan.... Actually i might take it home with me he-he....! Joks lang....! Bawal sa apartment ko yun tsaka wala ako palagi sa bahay kung weekdays baka gutumin lang sya at raidin ang mga prutas sa fridge ko....! And besides, there are ten strict rules that should be followed when facing this kind of situation.... Rule #1 : Never take the wild animals home.... Rule #2 to #10 : See Rule #1.... Ngek....! Hopefully i will meet this cuddly little creature again bukas....! Good almost evening all....! =D