___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


As i've promised to Redlan, eto na ang answer ko sa tag mo na pinaghintay pa kita ng sampung taon muna yata bago ko ginawa ha-ha....! Hopefully ay may natira ka pang pasensya para basahin ito ngayon....! =)

The meme is about the memories we had during our school years particularly sa elementarya.... So now i need to ask kung naaalala nyo pa ba ang mga escapades noong elementary days nyo? Ang mga titser na kinatatakutan, ang unang natutunan sa silid aralan at ang mga kaklase na naging kalaro.... Yes i can still recall a few, so here's my answer to that Redlan....

GRADE I - The only memory that i can remember clearly in my mind from grade one was my seatmate who later became a beauty queen in our town....! Her name is Yvette, and she loves her star-scout hat very much that she used to wear that all day long at school ng walang kasawa-sawa he-he....! Remember the Maya Bird that they usually sell outside the church and schools sometimes....? Those too were inside her hat ha-ha....! I don't know why she loves to keep them in there....!

Most of the time she's flooding the floor underneath her chair because that time she seems to haven't outgrown her baby wetting-habbit thingy yet....! Sino ba naman ang mag-aakala na magiging ganun pala sya kaganda paglaki nya....! Then there was a twist, inilipat ako next to my second cousin Myra for some mysterious reasons na hindi ko maalala kung ano....!

Mas grabe pa pala kaso nito, nagdumi naman ngayon tong isa dun sa upuan nya ha-ha....! Kaya pala tahimik at kukurap-kurap na lang ang dating madaldal noon....! Anyways, she's a registered nurse now and we were also good buddies during the Phil. National Red Cross volunteering days.... Hindi ko na rin ni-remind at baka mapahiya lang....! And that's my memories of grade one.... On with the grade two....

GRADE II - Grade two was not that clear in my thoughts.... Maybe it's because there wasn't any special events at all that happened during grade two.... All i can remember that time was when we the whole family joined the " Alay Lakad", and my father was talking to a man who looks like a half-cast, maybe filipino-german and i was surprised when all of a sudden the man grabbed his whole scalp-full of hair and use it as a pamaypay ha-ha....! Kalbo pala yung mama....!

GRADE III - This was one of my best year at school.... I was the classroom's key keeper, no one can enter the room in the morning kung wala pa ako.... But of course i have to be there before the teacher does....! It was a good start for a responsible Pepe nowaday, from that simple stage i've learned the real value of punctuality....

GRADE IV - Aha, that was the stressing part of my elementary year because my teacher was also my mother....! Sobrang kamalasan ano he-he....! Biro nyo isang buong taon na wala akong freedom na gawin ang gusto ko sa loob ng school kasi wala akong kawala sa mala-jaworsking mga mata ng nanay ko hu-hu....! One time i was grounded because she've noticed that i wasn't paying attention to the lectures, alam nyo kong ano ang natuklasan ni madir sa ilalim ng desk ko....? Isang plastic bag na puno ng tipaklong ha-ha....! Kaya yun, censored na ang sumunod na story dun....! =D

GRADE V - A lot of first time happened during my grade five days.... First time kong mapalayo most of the time from my family kasi kinuha ako at pinag-aral ng kapatid ng mother ko for a year.... Then first time ko rin na-experience na malipat ng school just to be close to her place.... First time ko rin nagkaroon ng crush sa isang ka-schoolmate ko, na crush din pala ng buong school ha-ha....! I didn't had that much friends at all during grade five because i was just transfered to that school nga....! I love the school though, it was like a holiday away from my one year in grade four na hindi malaya he-he....! Anyways, i was released later on by my aunty back to my parents when finally she met her ex-boyfriend then and probably they already need the privacy i reckon....

GRADE VI - Back to the old Alma Mater ulit....! Finally a chance to finish what i've started.... I didn't cross the finish line with flying colors though, at outstanding boy scout nga lang natanggap ko nun....! But for me, that was a perfect evening to remember.... Something like that is worth the efforts to keep within yourself the whole life through.... I get to see what i've achieved, a fulfilment at last for the very first time kasi elementary pa nga lang tayo nun ano....! The big one's still yet to come....! By the way, i was a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps when i was in grade six....! Astig....!

There you go Redlan, hope you'll like my answer to your meme.... =D I will find out first who hasn't got this meme yet and then later on i will tag them okay....? But anyone who are interested can always do this too.... It's quite a unique meme, i like it....! Thanks again for tagging me Redlan....!