___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Nancy who....?

Before anything else, today is a special day for me why....? Because today i've reached the 100th entry in my entire blog-life, woooohoooo....!

That only shows how slow i am in updating my blog he-he....! Actually i should've already published more than a hundred and fifty entries by now kaya lang medyo tamad kasi ako e ha-ha....! Should i throw a party here....?! Wag na lang, magastos at medyo short notice baka walang pumunta he-he....!

Anyways, on with our topic proper.... Mel had informed me today that the movie The Simpsons is now showing in some cinemas dyan sa pinas.... Medyo inggit nga ako pero talagang busy lang sa work kaya kahit na ipalabas man yan dito, there's no way that i will be able to watch that on big screen....

Since our topic is about The Simpsons, i would like to share with you something i know about simpson's character voice-overs.... Did you know that Bart Simpson's voice is done by a female voice-over artist....? Yep! That's right, a lady doing the role as the voice of Bart Simpson astig ano....!?

I couldn't hardly believe it myself until i've really seen her in a local talk show saying a few lines using Bart Simpson's voice....! She even did Ralph's and Milhouse's voice too....! So now, here she is, eternally known as the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright is one of the most prolific voice actors of her time.

Born in an Ohio suburb in the late '50s, she grew up doing community theater and watching cartoons. In her last year at Ohio University, she got a chance to meet Hanna-Barbara voice actor Daws Butler. Better known by his character names Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and Quick Draw McGraw, Butler suggested she transfer to U.C.L.A. and start going to auditions.

By 1980, Cartwright had her first professional job as the voice of Gloria on Richie Rich. With her new Screen Actors Guild card, she also got normal acting roles on the TV movie Marian Rose White, the feature film Twilight Zone: The Movie, and several television guest appearances.

Her voice was heard as multiple characters on beloved '80s cartoons like My Little Pony & Friends, Pound Puppies, Space Ace, and Galaxy High School. Eventually Cartwright started to get singular roles like Kip on ShirtTales and Daphne on Snorks. In 1987, she auditioned for the role of Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons but she landed the role of Bart instead.

After a few years of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, The Simpsons got its own time slot on FOX in 1990. Cartwright won an Emmy and an Annie award for her work, which has expanded to several other Springfield youths including Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Milhouse, Kearney, and Nelson.

While still working on The Simpsons, she also did voices for Animaniacs, Goof Troop, and The Critic, as well as numerous short-lived cartoons.... Cartwright has also found time to perform the one-woman play In Search of Fellini and write her autobiography My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy.

In 2001 she took over for Christine Cavanaugh in the role of Chuckie on Rugrats while working on Rufus on Kim Possible and launching her Internet animation company, SportsBlast. Her voice can also be heard on the web cartoons The Kellys and Timberwolf.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Evan all must see....!

I've already recommended this movie to everyone though i haven't seen it yet and i guess i will also miss the cinema version of it too because of a very hectic work schedule at the moment, nevertheless i will be happy to hear from your own experiences guys so please do share them with me okay he-he....!

Being biblical thus made it educational as well in a more easier to digest manner.... I can also tell that it is going to be a tremendously funny movie.... Imagine that portion of the movie trailer where he was removing his nose hair and snorting-in the shaving cream afterwards, yaiwks kadiri ha-ha....! Disgustingly funny too he-he....!

Judging by the way the trailer goes, i recommend that this is a must to see movie and an absolute throne snatcher for me....! Bruce Almighty was a great success before and i really love it, in fact i was still watching it long after the popularity of the movie has already faded-away and all topped-up by piles-after-piles of newbies....!

I can't forget how i've choked-up laughing at that part where Bruce Nolan a.k.a Bruce Almighty (Jim Carrey) using his divine power to mock Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) during his first day as an anchorman in a local Buffalo TV station....

Anyways, enjoy watching Evan Almighty and i hope that i will have a chance to watch it on big screen too.... Inggit naman ako sa inyo he-he....!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

8 Random Things About Me....

I was tagged by Darlene ages ago he-he....! This one is a soooo very late reply, sorry for that Darlene....! I was just so busy with lots of things lately that i've almost forgotten about all these....! Anyways, here i am again with my answer to your meme....

The Rules: Each person should post the rules first before their lists, then they should write 8 things about themselves, tag and link 8 other people and then let those people know that they had been tagged so they will know what to do.... Darlene had tagged me this "8 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME" meme. So heres my answer to that Darlene....

1.) I really don't know what to write in here.... But i'll try anyway he-he....! I grew-up in a simple family, i have four siblings and i'm the eldest.... As a kid i was so full of initiative in whatever it was that i'm interested in mainly hobbies like pets, toys, and gadgets.... Maybe it's because we're very much aware that our parents were not that capable financially to give us what our friends parents can give to them so we improvised our own thingies....

2.) As i grew-up i got more interested in drawings and sketching that my mother always reminded me not to wash my hands with cold water to avoid getting arthritis, which is true when i thought of her point now he-he....! Imagine me holding a pencil ang sketch book the whole day....!

3.) My parents are both public school teachers and i realised how tough it was then, even tougher than going to school itself because we were having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with our teachers at home ha-ha....! That's why my childhood life was all school and less of the home activities....! The learning process was always on the extreme constantly then, but hey it made me the tougher person that i am now naman ha-ha....!

4.) I was a kid with a thousand stored faces of relatives in my brain he-he....! My life was orbitting in a relative related events sort of environment.... I don't know why, maybe it was the trend during those days.... Whenever we were asked to prepare or dress-up, we knew right away that we are going to a cousin's birthday, uncle's wedding, grand's funerals, or maybe visit a dentist....! You guess right, the dentist is also a relative ha-ha....!

5.) College days was a bit tougher for me because i get to complete a course that i didn't even wanted to take.... All my life i was wishing to be an architect one day but it didn't happened.... Not because my parents cannot afford it, but because there wasn't an offer of that course in my city and i thought to myself that it would be very hard for my parents to support my expenses, boarding house, food, etc if i did studied far away from home so i was left without any other choice but to take anything in the field of engineering at least....

6.) I was not good at school though, i was just an average jack in all aspect and i felt bad for myself sometimes seeing what other wiz-classmates had achieved.... There were even times that i find it hard to get up from a fall and dust myself off, but my will to keep-on was always there to pick me back on my feet again.... I have a very special quality by the way, i'm an early bird kind of a person.... I love doing things that no one had ever done before, sort of a kilometer-dash-ahead attitude....! That's why i was already working and earning (while studying) long before those achievers had even graduated and started to look for jobs he-he....! When all the others had stopped to enjoy the scenery, i continued a few steps forward and checked the horizon up ahead....! Ika nga unahan lang yan at hindi pagalingan ha-ha....!

7.) I have a very simple wish in life, to be able and more capable to provide 'coz i reckon i haven't done enough yet, to love and be loved in return, and to be surrounded by the people that i love forever.... I also wish that one day i can stay for good in pinas and look after my parents specially my father (he's my favorite) until the last moments of their lives....

8.) At the moment with just my handful of earnings i'm trying to setup something in pinas that will help me fulfill my dreams which is to stay for good in pinas and i'm proud to tell you that i've already started a few successful steps....! =)

Now i would like to pass this tag to : Redlan, Julai, Nice, Mommychi, Cm, Zj, Tina, and Panyang.... Take your time guys, this is not rush....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

End of waiting....!

Just an update on my gigantic angels, at last the female of the pair laid around 50 translucent eggs....! Woooohoooo....! I'm sorry that i'm stuck with the fish topics for a while because i was just worried about my pair of angels.... Now the wait is over ha-ha....!

Finally i don't need to worry anymore....! I was just worried that the eggs will not be deposited properly on anything that they will decide to stick them on to.... It makes me happy and proud watching them guarding their small territory inside the tank around their new nest....

Hey, you know why my angels are gigantic....? For those who also have angels in their tanks, actually i give them an extra-boost of protein by feeding then bits of frozen minced beef once a week....! That's my cheat he-he....!

I have to move a school of Neon Tetras to another tank too because they make the mother angel nervous and restless that she sometimes turn her aggressions to the male angel mistaken him for an intruder inside their territory....

Bilib din ako sa tatay angel kasi everytime na kakagatin sya ng nanay angel ay binibigay nya ang right side ng body nya para kagatin nito....! Parang sinasabi nyang " heto and right side ko darling, dyan mo na lang ibuntong ang galit mo " ha-ha....! Tuloy ay nagka-scars ang right eye nya, pero alam ko temporary lang naman yun kasi may protective tissue naman sila na naka-coating sa mata nila....

At the moment ay 50 tiny eggs that looks more like the butterfly's eggs ang idinikit nila sa glass sa may back side ng aquarium kasi first time parent lang sila, pero later on sa next batch of laying ay baka madami na.... I'm not sure when did the laying occurred kasi hindi ko masyadong na-check kagabi, it was just today when i look for one of the little lightnings (neon tetras) that i've notice something sticking on the surface of the glass....!

I almost jump in too much excitement when i've realised that those were eggs ha-ha....! Straight away i marked the calendar because this is actually my first experience with a breeding pair of angels so i'm thnking of taking datas of the length of hatching and the growth and feeding behaviours of the fries....

I don't know how are they going to feed their fries but if it is similar to the Discuses, they will also shed their old layers of skin and that will be eaten by their babies as food for the first 2 - 3 weeks.... Astig di ba....?!

This is what i always tell my friends about keeping a fish tank, it's actually full of fun and excitements....! Now, i'll be busy anticipating something that i haven't seen before which are baby angels ha-ha....! Isn't that exciting....?!

Anyways, i have to stop here for the time being kasi ililipat ko lang muna ang mga little lightnings sa kabilang tank at nagkakagulo na sila sa loob ngayon dahil sa over-protective nanay angel see yous later....!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picking-up the pieces....

I tried to clock-off as early as possible today from work because i was planing to clean-up my fish tanks after a year long stand still since i've lost few of my fish from an unexpected event.... If you'are familiar with tropical fish, you know what this topic is about....

I have three fish tanks in my apartment for about three years now, two in the living room, and one in my bedroom by the foot of my bed so i can watch it before falling asleep....

Before i went on holiday back to pinas last year they were so bright with colorful tropical fish inside, but disaster happened and i can't quite figure out what went wrong....! I should've done some thinking before leaving that time.... Hindi sana sila namatay....

I'm a lover of big tropical fresh water fish particularly the lovely DISCUS FISH ever since.... This fish when fully grown can reach up to the size of a dessert plate or platito....! I bought my first tank in 2004 from a pet shop nearby, and it was a bit expensive that time, but i've managed to spare some cash for it kasi gustong-gusto ko nga, then i bought another one from a much cheaper store....

In 2005, i went to a pet-expo just out of curiosity, then i found out that there was a discus fish competition going on down stairs so i went down there and to my delight they were selling the tanks complete with all the accessories that was being used for displays for a very cheap price....!

I bought one big tank, but the expo people told me that i have to wait until the show is finish before i can pick it up, but it was worth the buy because it's a lot more cheaper than those tanks sold in the shops....! I should've bought two instead of just one that time....

At the moment, i have three tanks in total and still planning to add one more kung hindi lang sana ako nag-iipon for a more important thing that i'm currently trying to setup in pinas....

Keeping fish is really good, as they seems to brighten-up the house with a lot of good vibes....! I've noticed that when my fish died before, parang nawalan din ng kulay ang apartment ko like bad luck just suddenly happened here, there, and just from nowhere sometimes na talagang nahirapan akong salagin ang mga ito nun....! Or maybe it was just me dahil nabuwisit nga ako dun sa naabutan ko na scene....!

Anyways, let me tell you about my fish tanks.... I probably have the biggest pair of tropical Angel Fish you'll ever see in a home aquarium....! Normally they're as big as a 2 peso coin only in pet shops, but my angels are as big as an adult person's palm ha-ha....! I think it's my tank's temperature that did the tricks, i always keep that in a constant check specially in summer time when the temperature is topping the scales....

The tank's temperature should always stay 28 degrees Celsius (oC) or about 85 degrees Fahrenheit (oF) at all time, that's my opinion kasi they're from the tropics di ba so dapat medyo mainit ang tubig na nilalanguyan nila.... But then in summer time, i have to keep a freezer-full of ice cubes to cool them down by dropping ice cubes in the tanks whenever the water temperature rises a bit higher than the required level.... By the way, those fish in the photos are the DISCUS FISH.... Ang cute nila di ba....?! Those ones are really big....! The top one is the Red Melon, center one is the Ghost Strain, and the bottom one is the Royal Blue Strain....

I have 6 lovely pairs of Discus Fish which are really expensive in pinas, even more expensive than the Arowanas i think.... Discus fish are a fantastic fish to have in your aquariums, you can compare them to a slice of fruit because of their deliciously looking brightly colored, printed body and rounded shape....

Discus fish seems to have their own personalities too, i think they also have their individual unique signature patterns of dots and stripes on their bodies.... I'm just lucky kasi affordable sila dito sa australian standard, though medyo unreasonably expensive pa rin compared to the pinas price converted to dollars....

Anyways, what happened when i was on my holiday last year devastated me so much that i've decided not to keep anymore fish.... I didn't even clean the tanks for a year, but some of the remaining fish proved to be so hardy surviving my harshness until i came back from hibernation to pick-up those broken pieces once again.... It was a tough situation for them i reckon, living in darkness for a month....

Nakalimutan ko kasing i-turn off ang mga water filters before going holiday.... The water subsided because of evaporation and the filter pumped-out water like a waterfalls kasi mababa na nga ang tubig sa tank nun....! As a result, the weight of the output water hits the water surface and splash back to the lightings causing a short circuit until nasunog na ang cable nya na mabuti na lang pala ay nakasandal sa concrete wall dahil kung hindi ay baka nasunog na rin siguro pati ang unit ko.... So in short ay walang ilaw sa loob ng tank for the whole time that i was away and the fish went on a month starvation dahil sa dilim....!

My neighbors said that there was a black-out but only in our apartment units and the circuit breakers tripped-off....! I didn't told them about the burnt wires and things cause they might complain against my fish tanks if they find out about what really happened....! Now i've learned my lessons so i check my tanks regularly now for some possible repeats of that incident and i've started cleaning and rearranging them as well....

At the moment, i'm more nervous than my pair of expectant Angel Fish ha-ha....! Sooner these breeding pair will have some fry swimming around ( babies ) and i can't hardly wait for that moment to see them swimming alongside their proud mom and dad....! Astig....!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's your lucky day today....!

I don't really believe in numerology, but today's one is exceptional.... Today is the 7th day, of the 7th month, in the 7th year in 2000....! Whooohooo!

The number is so favorable that a lot of events such as weddings for instance are being scheduled to tie the knot, and exchange vows specially today....

There no guarantee of a match made in heaven though, but who know which couple the lucky spell will decide to fall on to today....!

Wedding ceremonies are soaring as well, much higher than it's highest record ever in a hundred years.... Tama ba yun ha-ha! Just a guess....! Exaggerations ko lang ha-ha....!

Some expectant mothers also even agreed on a caesarean birth just for the delivery to fall in time for today's event, and that i saw on the news today not only another guess there he-he....!

If only i've realised that much earlier, i could've placed a bet on the local lottery too for tonight's draw....! Whew! I've missed-out on that one....! I could be a millionaire tomorrow sana, sayang....!

Never mind, i will have the next chance naman in lets say a hundred years time he-he...! Yes folks, the calendar only renders this kind of fortune once every 100 years that's why it's exceptional and so does the luck that it could bring....! That if you'are really lucky enough to catch it falling out of the sky he-he....! So this could be your lucky day huh....!

By the way, i've posted this entry so that the luckiness and all of these numbers will be stored in my blog forever ha-ha....! Sira, sabi mo hindi ka naniniwala sa numerology ha-ha....!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sign Spinners....

Something caught my attention today.... Have you ever seen anything like this before....?! I doubt it, i don't think you did ha-ha....! Unless you'are living in the U.S. of course....!

I was browsing through the web today looking for something interesting to read when i accidentally found an intriguing word from one of the articles i was reading talking about kid's working in the streets of america particularly in california, it reads as " Sign Spinners "....

I was wondering what a sign spinner is and what they do, so i went to google and start searching for some images.... Still i wasn't satisfied with what i saw so i went-out to u-tube and luckily i found this video of one of those spinners.... It's awsome....!

Who would ever thought that you can do tricks like this with a sign-board ha-ha....! Ang alam ko kasi, si Jackie Chan lang gumagawa ng mga ganito na mga stunts sa movies nya....! These stunt kids must have had suffered a lot of nose breaking lip bleedin pains before stepping up to this level of skills....! Hanep....!

The main objective here is to catch as much attentions as possible with all these fantastic moves and amazing antics.... Astig di ba....?!

Though they're being banned in some areas due to motorist distraction.... New aspiring spinners are still continuously spending hours and hours of rugged and rigid tranings a day just to gain what it takes to be a professional sign spinner.... Panoorin nyo na lang ang video at talagang astig to matutuwa kayo....!

How can i describe this kind of job? SUPER WALASTIK ha-ha....! (are you considering a change of career Peng....?) Nope, thank you very much....! This is absolutely not my cup of tea he-he....!

One on one with Mr. Bender....


Good news soccer fans, soccer star David beckham is going-koalas wooohooo....! The english superstar will play a one-off game in Australia with his new club Los Angeles Galaxy in november....

FFA said Beckham's galaxy would play Australian A-League side Sydney FC at Sydney Olympic Stadium on november 27, in what will be the first appearance outside North America for US Major League Soccer's star signing.

So armed with my customized Pepe-razzi Microphone, designed to lure the monkeys este the celebrities pala ay binisita natin si idol....!

If we are lucky enough today, maybe we can get some words from the man himself.... And just as i've thought, he's heading this way teka lang ha....

Pepe - Mr. Bender ( taken from "bend it like Beckham" ) excuse is me sir, sir....! My name is Pepe from Oz po...!

Mr. Bender - Hey, how's things hanging there Pepe from Oz....?

Pepe - Hanging?.... Like the da-ing? And the saging?.... Let's talk about soccer muna bago pagkain okay lang po ba sa inyo idol sir?

Mr. Bender - Sure, ikaw bahala Pepe from Oz.... Kick that ball....!

Pepe - Nakuw! At maalam rin palang kayong managalog tapos pinaikot-ikot nyo pa mga mata ko dyan kanina....! Nagpuyat pa naman ako sa kapapraktis kagabi....!

Mr. Bender - Ikaw dyan, inunahan mo naman kasi ako e....! Alangan namang pa-aawat ako sa'yo e nananalaytay yata ang inglis na sabaw sa mga kasukasuan ko....!

Pepe - Anyways Mr.Bender, ano po ba'ng technique ang gamit nyo dun sa bend it like beckham nyo na tira? Galing nyo dun a....!

Mr. Bender - A yun ba? Hindi technique tawag dun, talagang naka-chamba lang ako dun kasi wala silang makuhang mahusay na bantay kaya kahit yung duling ay pinalaro pa nila....! Tuloy, kaliwa tira ko sa kanan naman ang dive nya he-he....!

Pepe - Ganun po ba? Pero talagang po'ng HERO kayo dun sa bansa nyo, katunayan nyan ay ipinangalan pa sa'yo yung malaking wall clock ba yun sa may likod bahay ni aling Queeny....! Ano nga tawag nila dun, ah...."Big Bend" pala he-he!

Mr. Bender - Oo nga ha-ha! Ang talas ng pang-amoy mo Pepe from Oz a! Pero muntik pa nga akong masingitan dun ni Rowan Atkinson (a.k.a Mr. Bean) kaya akala ko tuloy noon ay magiging "Big Bean" ang pangalan nun....!

Pepe - Maiba nga pala ako Mr. B, tungkol dun sa paiba-ibang hair style nyo, ano ba talaga kuya kent yu meyk-ap yur brain ba....?! Tsaka ano po bang parlor ang sponsor nyo at talagang seryoso kayong masyado dun sa mga hair style ads nyo a....? Pwede po ba naming malaman?

Mr. Bender - Yun ba? Wala yun, gusto ko lang talaga na maging unique and one and only hair style ko in town, kaya lang palagi na lang ginagaya ng mga fans style ng buhok ko kaya binabago ko palagi so ngayon wala na akong maisipang style kaya pinakalbo ko na lang muna.... Ang hindi ko pa talaga nasubukan ay yung hair style ni baby spice ng spice girls, minsan susubukan ko nga yun....!

Pepe - Alam nyo Mr. B, ang hindi ko lang talaga maintindihan ay kung bakit pagkatapos na makagawa ng points ang mga players ng soccer ay itinatakip nila sa mukha ang t-shirts nila! Bakit nga ba ganun Mr. Bender sir?

Mr. Bender - Yun ang tinatawag naming sa soccer terms na B.O. check.... Normally kasi ay yayakapin ka ng ka-team mates mo after ng score so nakakahiya naman kung amoy kilikili ka during those moments di ba? Kaya check ka muna bago payakap.... Yun naman mga players na tuloy tuloy ang takbo pagkatapos ng B.O. check, yun ang mga amoy kilikili na players kaya ayaw payakap sa ka-team mates he-he!

Pepe - Ah yun pala yun....! Now i know why the carabao can't fly! Mabuti na yung clear di po ba? Para best plen tayo....!

Mr. Bender - Yung mga referees naman ay may tinatawag din na temperature check, kapag nag-foul ang isang player may pinapakita ang referee na red or yellow cards, na-noticed mo ba yun Pepe from Oz?

Pepe - Ah oo nakita ko yun madalas, ano nga pala yun Mr. B....!

Mr. Bender - Yung mga referees naglalagay ng temper meter cards o heat sensors sa kilikili at kung red and result ay ibig sabihin galit na galit sila so out ang player nyan, kung yellow naman ay medyo nagtatampo lang kaya pwede pa ulit maglaro until such time na makakuha pa sila ulit ng another yellow card which only means na double tampo na si ref kaya out side the kulambo na ang player....!

Pepe - Mr. Bender, gusto ko pa sana kayong tanungin kaya lang tinatawag yata kayo nung ale'ng Anorexic na nasa may likuran natin kanina pa....! Yun po ba si Mrs. Bender a.k.a. skinny spice este Posh Spice pala? Maspayat pala sya sa personal ano, aninag ko na skeletal system nya....! (ngatog!) Takot ako....!

Mr. Bender - Ha-ha....! A oo, medyo tumaba na nga sya ngayon.... Sabi ko kasi sa kanya magpataba sya ng kunti kasi takot ako sa butiki at sa bulate he-he....!

Pepe - Anyway Mr. B, puntahan nyo na ang beloved nyo at mukhang tagos hanggang buto na ang pangigigil sa sobrang galit sa inyo....! Good luck po sa karera ng kabayo este sa career nyo pala he-he....! Wala po bang free entry tickets dyan?

Mr. Bender - Oo nga ha-ha....! Thanks for having me in this blog-interview pala.... Can't wait to be there in sydney....! Bayaan mo padadalhan kita ng tickets kung hindi ko makalimutan he-he....! Catch you later Pepe from Oz....!

Pepe - Catch? Akala ko po ba ay soccer laro nyo, bakit bigla naging baseball na naman ngayon? Ang gulo nyo namang kausap Mr. B....! Tama na ngang tanong yan at hahaba na naman ang usapan natin mamya....! Anyways, balik na muna ako sa downunder para abangan ang laro ni Mr. Bender dun sa november....!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toad Busters....!

I'm posting this topic because i find it both bizzare and funny.... I don't know if you're aware that australians had been fighting a long battle against the invasive cane toads for a long number of years now....

There has been some attempts to get rid of this harmful pest and one of those which i found so uniquely strange is now going on in Darwin.... Cane toad madness....!

By the way, cane toads are not an alien creatures from mars or outer space, it's just a humble toad same in appearance with our hawaiian toad in the phils i don't know if we are talking about the same thing here 'coz they look exactly the same....! Maybe they are the same after all he-he....! Makapagpyutirs-pyutirs nga mamya para mag-research....

Anyways, a single nanay toad can produce hundreds of thousand eggs in a single breeding season.... In short, these eggs will hatch into little baby canies ready to spread fears on anything in their path na parang grimlins nyahahaaa...!

Unlike the common toads, cane toads are harmful to native wildlifes.... It is said that the milk like liquid oozing-out through the toad's skin has a similar effect as poison when mistakably eaten by animals.... There has been some numerous attempts to rectify this problem but so far, non of which what so ever had been proven effective in lowering their numbers and keeping up with their fast breeding phase....

The funny thing was, somebody came up with a genius idea to motivate people to keep catching the pest and secure a victory platform in the middle of this battle.... That instead of facing their defeat, they came up with a way to do the toad busting the fun way....! I'd say, " pulutan " ang solusyon dyan he-he....!

Masyado ko na yata kayong binibitin dito ha-ha....! Here's the funny bit, in Darwin you can exchange this gross creatures with bag-full of freebies....! Astig....!

I think for every 2 toads, you'll have an ice cream in cone.... For 4 toads, you will receive a schooner of beer, and for every 10 toads that you can catch you can get a free ticket for a movie of your choice.... Ang galing di ba....?!

If ever pala na may chance akong pumunta sa Darwin, instead of taking with me heaps of pocket money i'll just bring a large basket na lang 'coz their currency is readily hopping all-over the place ha-ha....!

So tayo na sa Darwin, manghuli ng cane toads, humawak ng ice cream sa kaliwang kamay, beer sa kanan at manood ng TRANSFORMERS ha-ha....! Ngyakhh....! Maghugas ka nga muna ng kamay mo dun....! Yukh....!

There's something strange in your neighborhood....

Who you gonna call?


I can't hear you!




How's that?

That's too loud!

Napakanta pa tuloy ha-ha....! Dyan na nga kayo....!