___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My PC is in hiatus any moment now....

Today i have a problem with my computer, i need to replace the monitor whether i like it or not kasi medyo luma na to kaya nagpapalya na.... I just wonder when can i do that because at the moment ay no watut pa si Pepe kaya magtitiis na lang muna ako sa defective na monitor na to....! =D

Actually i thought it was the system that was causing all the problem so i opened it up, cleaned it, and remove everything all bits and peices but not to worry coz i built this whole thingy from scratch before that's why i know where things goes.... I am the creator of this little Frankenstein-monster and i am it's master bwaha-ha....! I know every bit of details about it from softwares to hardwares, but it can be a handful too sometimes....!

Anyways, it all starts everytime the train pass by.... Alam nyo kasi tong apartment ko ay very close to the railroad, (home-along-da-riles) just about 3-5 minutes walk lang.... It's not that noisy and i've already got used to it.... The railroad by the way is high up in the air naman like an over-pass kaya walang masyadong ingay na maririnig sa ibaba.... What i like about living in this area is the noise itself ha-ha....! To me the place sounds like its so busy and alive so i never get bored at all, weird ba....?

So again, since last week everytime the train comes by, my computer monitor starts to get affected by it and the display flickers and turns very bright white until the train gets through its some sort of an Interferance zone, then it comes back normal again, so on and so forth, day in and day out....! Sometimes i almost wanted to just lift it up and throw it out the window ha-ha....! Nakakainis na kasi minsan....! Now it's getting more worse day by day so i need to have it replaced quickly ASAP....!

A descent monitor kasi will cost me from $AU200 to $AU500 in cold cash....! Medyo mahal di ba....? Napaka-ironic talaga kasi just a month ago lang ay nagpalit ng bagong systems ang workplace namin and they've thrown-out about 5 computer monitors na less than 2 years old lang....! Kung bakit naman kasi hindi pa sa time na yun nagloko tong monitor ko, dapat sana napalitan ko na to ngayon at nakalibre pa sana ako....! But i know i'll get there somehow, mapapalitan ko rin to....

So one of these days whenever i will not be able to answer your tags and comments anymore in a week or two, or three and four from this very moment ay ibig sabihin nun wala na akong nakikita sa monitor ko kaya don't get disappointed lang coz i'll be back naman to answer all your tags and comments as soon as i can get things in order ulit.... Pero wala pa naman and at the moment it's still hanging there.... Nakikita ko pa naman ang pictures sa display nya but we should still expect the unexpected ika nga....! =D

Just a minute ago, a motorbike came pass my apartment and the monitor got affected by that one too....! I got the funny feeling that it won't even reach my next payment at work and everything will just shut-off na lang....! I hope not, but anyways this is just a friendly announcement from your friendly neighborhood Pepe-man....! Ingatz....! =D