___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where are they now....?

Good weekend everyone....! Allow me to test your memory today, naalala nyo pa ba ang movie na "KARATE KID"....? If you don't, let me refresh your memory again.... Okay tumalikod ka muna at nang mabatukan kita ha-ha....! Joks onli, baka busy ka lang sa kalalakwatsa nung time na yun kaya na miss mo ng 10 dozen times din he-he....!

The movie was about a young american kid who went to japan with an old karate master friend expecting to have a good time, but instead was caught in a family feud and was being bullied by the nephew of the other family.... He found himself deeply involved in a serious trouble and was left with no other choice but to fight and defend himself and his new found friends.... Ganyan lang kaikli yun he-he....! Just a summary only of course, but in the real movie you'll find yourself getting carried away, sinking, drifting, and being washed-off by each and every scene.... It was quite an explosive movie that time....

It all happened when just recently i stumbled upon an article about the japanese main girl character in that movie, and i found out that she is half filipino pala....! How come i didn't know that....?! I've seen that movie over and over for maybe about 10 dozen times but never had i stumbled on any print, television, or radio media ads saying that the girl pala in that movie na kahit bata pa ako nun ay naging crush ko pa yata ay half pinoy pala....! Anyways, that was long time ago and that only proved that i was destined to be a real astig pala ha-ha....!

The girls name is Tamlyn Tomita, daughter to a japanese father and a filipino mother.... I just wonder where those people are now and what are they being busy about in the present time....? That includes also the karate kid himself, Ralph Macchio.... While Pat Morita, Karate Kid's Mr. Miyagi, died at the age of 73 in November of 2005....

Mga kamote sa kukote lang to na gusto ko lang i-share, just curious lang about those celebrities that had suddenly vanished from the limelight.... Or were they....? Probably it was just due to a limited feed of television programs, shows, and movies shown in pinas from out side sources before that we've missed to keep-up with them.... I've also inserted here some of their photos before and the present ones....
----Tamlyn Tomita
-----------------(a.k.a 'Kumiko')

Birthdate: Jan. 27, 1966
Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan
Weight: ??
Height: 5 ft 2
Ethnicity: Japanese, part Filipino
Languages spoken: English, Japanese?
Education: ??
Lives in: Northridge, CA
Habits: Smokes Cigarettes (Marlboro Lights are her favorite brand)
Films She Has Appeared In: The Karate Kid Part II (1986), Hawaiian Dream, Orange Curtain, Vietnam Texas (1990), Come See the Paradise (1990), The Joy Luck Club (1993), Picture Bride (1994), Four Rooms (1995)
TV Shows She Has Appeared In: Tour of Duty, Sisters (1995), Highlander "The Samurai" (1996), Vanishing Son II, IV (1994), Babylon 5 "The Gathering" (Pilot Episode) (1993), Livin' Single, Time Trax, Quantum Leap, To Heal the Nation (1988 TV Movie), Chicago Hope (1996), The Burning Zone (1996)
-----Ralph Macchio
----(a.k.a. Daniel 'San' LaRusso)

Birth Name: Ralph George Macchio
Birthdate: Nov. 04,1961
Weight: ??
Height: 5 ft 9
Place of Birth: Huntington, Long Island, New York, USA
Ethnicity: American, part Italian
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: American
Wife: Phyllis Fierro
Daughter: Julia
Son: Daniel
High School: Dix Hills High School (1979)
Television: Eight Is Enough
Filmography As Actor: Beer League (15-Sep-2006), A Good Night to Die (3-May-2003), Can't Be Heaven (5-Dec-2000), Naked in New York (1993), My Cousin Vinny (13-Mar-1992), The Karate Kid Part III (30-Jun-1989), Distant Thunder (11-Nov-1988), The Karate Kid Part II (19-Jun-1986), Crossroads (14-Mar-1986), The Three Wishes of Billy Grier (1-Nov-1984), Teachers (5-Oct-1984), The Karate Kid (22-Jun-1984), The Outsiders (25-Mar-1983) Up the Academy (1980)

By the way, check-out Macchio's age and compair it to the date of the karate kid's screening.... Have you noticed that during that time when he was portraying a 16 or 17 years old kid, he was actually between 24 - 25 years old already....! Unbeliebaboy....!

Masyado yatang napahaba ang entry na to a ha-ha....! Anyways, this is another category na naman so i hope in the future na may maisipan na naman akong mga lost celebrity topics para naman may maidagdag ako rito.... That's it....! Again, it's wonderful to be back blogging again....! =D

Pepe in the spotlight....

I was tagged by Redlan ages ago ha-ha....! This is a sooo late response, but better be late than never di ba....? It's called, “ In The Spotlight ” by Christy of Christy’s Coffee Break. The meme contains 12 questions and a blogger may answer all of them, or just pick the ones they like. For the complete rules and list of questions, please visit Christy’s site from the link above.... Here it goes....!

What makes your blog unique? Well, i don't find my blog UNIQUE at all, but i'm doing all my best to make it less offensive and more interesting.... That's it, i think my blog is not unique but INTERESTING ha-ha....! Anyways, let's leave that part to the readers to judge.... I don't even think that it's right to lift my own chair here ha-ha....! Kayo na lang ang bahalang humusga para dyan....!

Is this your first meme? I've lost counts on that ha-ha....! Can't remember how many, but if you'll give me a minute i can check my records for you.... There's only a couple times i guess....! One thing for sure, i enjoy responding to all of them....!

When did you start blogging? I started blogging less than a year ago just last December 2006.... There was a blog that i accidentally found on the web and since that i was frequently visiting the site and read and laughted at all the super kwela entries.... I find that blogger a so natural writer, she's a genius i reckon she is....! That prompted me to start my own too in the end.... It's fun....!

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? I have no precise goals at all, i just find peace of mind whenever i'm opening my blog and updating or checking it at times.... It's more like a home to me that's all.... At the moment, i'm getting closer to my number 100 entry whooohooo....! There will be a party....!

What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue? Competition is a stress in itself.... As i've stated above, this is my peaceful home and i'll do all my best to keep it as accommodating as ever towards my readers and friends and that's all that matters to me.... No popularity issues worries me at all....

What's your favorite childhood memory? Well, it's always been the scene of a complete togetherness.... I missed those times spent with my brothers and sister as a child.... Now we'are scattered everywhere around the globe working and minding our own lives.... We seldom see or contact each other now either.... Nakakalungkot lang isipin all those memories printed in the past....

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you? That would be fun for me, survival is my favorite game....! Just give me a knife, fresh water and a genie in the lamp for the other three more wishes ha-ha....!

Are you a spiritual person? That's one of those things that i don't want to measure or discuss.... I can only tell you that i have a firm root system under my feet, a sturdy trunk, dense green leaves, bountiful sweet fruits, and plenty of flexible branches at the top that's all....! =D

What is the weirdest thing that had ever happened to you? So far i couldn't think of any weird experiences at all.... How can we describe WEIRD anyway, something uncanny or supernatural perhaps....? I think weird is the opposite side of life's wonder, as in possitive and negative terms.... We tend to make wrong judgements not once but many times in our lives, so much so that it worries us most of the time in any ways.... So i think life itself with it's daily riddles is weird enough to qualify.... Yes weird things happens to me everyday ha-ha....!

What is your worst quality? Some friends said that mapagtanim daw ako ng galit... That i tend to keep a grudge most of the time.... My answer to that is not a grudge but i'm only a fast learner.... I don't want to fall on the same spot that had cut my knees and elbows once, so i learned how to avoid it the next time.... I behave like a mirror, what you place in front of me is what you can see in the reflection.... Worthy friends enjoys my company like a bowl of honey....! I hate unfair and ridiculous people that's all....!

Who do you want to be tagged? I know i want to tag some friends but let me think about that for a while he-he....! I just got back from hiding so i'm a bit disorientated at the moment....! By the way, thanks to Redlan for tagging me....! =D

Friday, June 29, 2007

Balik blogging na naman....!

Whooohooo...! Welcome back to me he-he....! I'm back everyone....! Walang katao-tao rito nung bumalik at magsimula na namang mag-type ang mga naninibago kong mga daliri kanina a! Nasan na kaya ang lahat ngayon? Guys i'm home....! At last natapos na rin ang madugong ordeals ko sa #@*!&% na trabaho na yan....! It's not what you think it is hindi po ako nagmura, nauntog lang kaya nagkabuhol-buhol ang mga daliri sa pag-type he-he....!

Anyways, ay natapos na rin ang pinaka mahirap na yugto sa buhay trabaho ko for this year hay salamat po....! We just finished the stock-taking for this year kasi end of the year na in business terms nila dito na ang ibig sabihin ay bayad tax season na kaya yun....!

I was one of the staffers daw ayun sa big-B namin na nag-volunteer para tumulong dun sa pagbibilang ng libo-libong spare-parts, mechanical parts, electronic parts, etc.... Pero teka muna, preno ka muna dyan tatang, plis hold your horses muna for a while and listen to me....! Hindi ko yata naalalang nag-blolohwa pwe! pwe! Nag-volunteer ako dun a....! Anyways, as long na may libreng tsibog ay okay lang na paminsan-minsan ay mabibilog he-he....!

How's everyone by the way....? Tagal ko palang nawala a, kala nyo siguro ay nagbakasyon ako sa kung saan ano....? Pati tuloy mga daliri ko ay nakalimutan na si Mr. Qwert Yuiop ( hungarian inventor ng type-writer. nasa keyboard nyo ang signature nya. ) kaya medyo nangangapa pa ng kunti kanina kung san na napunta ang amazing typing skills ko ha-ha....!

Glad to be back blogging again.... I know madami akong utang na naiwanan dito but i'll make it up to yous in no time at all you'll see....! Sobra lang kasing naging demanding ang flow ng career life ko this year kaya dapat ko ring tapunan ng atensyon para may pambayad ako ng kuryente at internet connection syempre....! Things that bloggers cannot live without he-he....!

For the mean time ay medyo maga-adjust muna ako to blend ulit sa buhay blogging.... I will start probably by finishing some of my unfinish entries at the same time ay blog-hopping, and answering back to the messages in my shout-box yun na....! Meanwhile, tulog muna ako at bukas ko na lang uumpisahan yung mga nasa list of activities ko ha-ha....!

Salamat pala ulit dun sa mga patuloy na bumibisita rito kahit na parang kinakausap nila mga sarili nila minsan dahil wala ako rito ha-ha....! Thanks a lot guys, this blog will never happen without yous behind....!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Napilitan nang magparamdam si astig....!


A response to Mel's request today, heto't nagparamdam na tuloy ako he-he....! Hello Mel....! Nothing had changed naman in my system, i still have that old blogomotor still running on top gears all the time....!

I'm just too mentally engrossed lang since that day one of my sudden disapearance here in the blogosphere.... Anyways, i'm already preparing to return to this lovely community now and hopefully the flow will never again falter....

I would like to take this oppurtunity too to thank everybody who are continuously supporting my humble blog all this time and looking after it while i was away.... Thanks a lot guys, i really do appreciates all your support....! There isn't any space in this post large enough to hold all the words and gratitudes that i wanted to type for yous all naks drama ni astig bulok ha-ha....! Thanks....!

I still read all your messages daily from my workplace-computer though.... But i was too busy performing some tasks here and there that i didn't find enough time to respond to all those.... But i still managed to take a sneak-peek most of the time....! Maybe i still do have that old sneaking skills that i've learned from school days after all ha-ha....!

Please bear with me a little bit more this time, i won't take long now.... Baka nga bukas lang ay balik na ulit ako rito ha-ha....! Take care all....! Thanks to Redlan for the tag pala, i will do that as soon as i return....!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last drop.... BUSY....

Sorry everyone.... If there were some tags never answered, entries undone, empty promises, i apologise for all that.... I just ran out of time to finish all those things.... I have to be away for a while.... I hope.... Please keep visiting my blog.... There's something really important that i have to deal with for the time being.... Be good all....!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is your mobile phone personality....?

Your mobile phone reveals what kind of a person you are.... Since this is an electronic era and mobile phones or cell phones as you commonly call it in pinas has been a very important part of our daily lives nowadays....

This is my present mobile phone.... Very simple lang s'ya.... Binili ko pa yan sa pinas last year, mura lang yan he-he....!

Therefore, mobile phone truly reflects the personality of it's owner slash pindot-master equally as our signatures, perfumes, music, hairstyles, clothings, jewelleries, nail polish, patay na kuko, and also na rin ang blogs....etc.

I've realised this when i was re-charging my mobile phones both the old ones and the new one, i've noticed that they seems to have the same personality or was it only my taste of pick in colours and styles that did the likeness in them....?

Perhaps it was really myself reflected to my choice of mobile phones that i've discovered....! I guess my mobile phone is indeed myself in a small scale version lang ha-ha....!

Hey, why don't we make a game out of this idea....! How about i will generate a TAG for everyone to pass-on....! All you have to do is to give five (5) unique features of your mobile phone that best describes you most....!

For example : In 5 words, can you roughly describe what kind of a mobile phone personality are you....? I-pass nyo rin to sa mga chosen friends nyo pagkatapos, wag nyo lang kalimutang i-post din tung mechanics para alam din nila ang gagawin.... And then, i-inform nyo rin sila na na-TAG nyo na sila dito para alam din nila syempre di ba....

1) Nokia 3220 - Affordable, friendly, reliable, and pocket-size hearted na tulad ko ha-ha....! Gets nyo....! Sachet size, tag-along buddy....! Bestfriend (to a good friend) na parang chewing gum sa puwet kung kumapit ha-ha....! Hoy, bastos yang iniisip nyo ha, hindi yan....!

2) Jet black / Gray - Quiet but focused.... Eager to learn.... Walang kurap na personality, in short tulala ha-ha....! But full of surprises naman....!

3) Light and simple - Walang pakialam, mind your own business and there's not a single drop of enviosness in the blood-stream.... My motto : "If it doesn't bite, it's harmless" ha-ha....! Mangawit ka man sa kaka-show-off dyan sa bagong retainer mo tsong, hindi mo ko natinag nyan....! Parang ganun ha-ha....!

4) Bright lights / wide-screen - Very cheeky at times, funny, talking radio, walking news paper, legendary mailbox, and sometimes or maybe most of the time shock-absorber pa he-he....! Absorbent tissue na rin he-he....! Kung ano-ano na nga naa-absorb ko dyan e....!

5) Heavy duty - Strong willed (tama ba spelling?), ibig sabihin matigas ang ulo ha-ha....! Low maintainance but hardy, determined, jack of all trades....! Kalikotero.... I just made-up that word he-he....!

Now i will hand-over this question to my blog-friends.... I would like to tag : Darlene, Luisa, Tintin, Maud, Vicki, Ghee, Tina, Andianka, Bry, Zj, Dyan, Maj, Redlan, Rus, Katharine, and last but not the least Bam....!Thanks a lot in advance guys....! Take your time, this one is no rush okay....? Ha-ha....!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finders keepers....

I did something bad last week.... But since i've heard it from the radio today i thought to myself, " what the heck ", maybe it was just one of those junks that had probably missed the truck anyway....!

My aunty rang me up kasi a week ago telling me that she had found a mobile phone at the train station and she didn't know what to do with it....! That time i was so busy doing something on my pc that i got irritated easily so i've told her to just keep it ha-ha....! Finders keepers ika nga....!

Actually, i should've adviced her to find-out what was the owner's mobile number by calling your mobile through that mobile so she can get her mobile number....! My gooness....! Nalito na naman si ako dun a....!

Anyways in short, ay ayun na nga at na arbor na ni aunty ang newly found treasure nya....! It was my fault, kaya nag-sour graping na lang since hindi ko na rin mababawi yun at tuluyan nya nang inampon at pinabinyagan pa yata nya sa sarili nyang family name ang mobile na yun....! At siguradong ninong na rin si pepoy dun whaaaa....!

Kaya naisip ko na lang tuloy na baka blessing in disguise na rin yun kasi paano kaya kung ang owner pala ng mobile phone na yun ay si Darth Vader o di kaya ay si Godzilla....! E di lalo pa pala akong masisisi dun, kaya sa kanya na lang yun ha-ha....!

By the way, there's a new campaign here about recycling the old mobile phones....! I think it was like, for every old mobile phones delivered to an official receiving station, they will give a certain amount of money to a charitable institution.... Astg ano....?

So i reckon, it was just one of those junks that had missed the bin-truck....! That was some relief there he-he....! Whew....! From now on, never again will i give some instantaneous advice to anyone out of annoyance or being irritated....! It's a risky business doing that you know....! I could've got hanged by the tongue pala kung nagkataong junk din yung may-ari nun....! Hoo well, that's it from me again....! Until next blog, goodnight all....!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stormy Sydney....

Freak weather hits sydney this week.... We never had stormy weather as freaky as this one in 30 years, according to the weather bureau....

I had a hard time going to work myself since friday.... Grabe talaga ang ulan....! Some of the roads to work were really too foggy in the morning and with trees falling on powerlines everywhere, some stretch of roads didn't even have any lights on at all....! Visibility was so dangerously poor....!

At work i sat close to the windows and i could see outside that rain pours like Niagara Falls i reckon, for the whole week non-stop....! Like a scene from that movie, " Hard Rain "....! It was a bit scary though....! 10:00AM mid-day appears like 7:00PM at night....!

Radio says, there were floodings elsewhere, and some people are already missing after their vehicles were being washed-away by the flood....!

In Central Australia few months ago, farmers were complaining about the harshness of the drought that they've been battling for a long time.... Frequently, the rain here doesn't even fall on the area where it is badly needed....! There was even a story of a girl who haven't seen the rain until she was 4 years old....!

Imaginin nyo na lang kung paano nagtatampisaw sa putik ang batang yun on her first ever experience seeing water falling down from the sky....! Grabe ano....?

Since friday, i've lost two umbrellas already from the strong wind.... I still have one last one, so let's just wait and see on tuesday kung tatagal ba ang isang to o hindi ha-ha....!

By the way, i said tuesday 'coz tomorrow is " Queen's Birthday " and it's a public holiday here.... If my memory serves me right, it's also a public holiday there in pinas tomorrow isn't it....? Independence day is it....? Then on june 24 ay fiesta ni San Juan, talaga namang ingit ako sa inyo dyan....!

Ano nga ba naman ang magagawa ko e nadito ako....! Okay na lang, enjoy nyo na lang mga fiestas nyo dyan....! Kakaingit kayong talaga ha-ha....!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Homemade Wine 101

My desperate attempt to make homemade bottles of wine....! It's curiosity driven, but a very exciting experience....! I know how to do it, that's why i want to share it with you....! But not now yet, busy pa kasi sa work.... We'll get there somehow, probably in the weekend he-he....! Keep visiting....! =D

HAWAYAAH....! Good weekend all....! Hindi naman siguro masyadong nainip ang lahat sa naudlot na entry na to he-he....! Masyado lang kasi akong kinapos sa oras nitong mga nakaraang mga araw bunga ng very bad and stormy condition dito sa sydney ngayon.... I will also post that topic on my next entry....

Yep, this entry is about wine making at home.... This is not one of those BOOTLEGGED adventures (piracy) na talagang kasuklam-suklam ha-ha....! This one is just a simple " try-to-prove-case " na napilitan lang akong gawin....

Meron lang kasing nag-challenge sa'kin na ka-workmate ko tungkol dito.... I was not really going to do it since i was also busy finishing another painting for ages now.... Anyways, out of curiosity siguro ay napilitan na ako, kaya eto pinagbuti na lang ang paggawa dun he-he....!

Sa pinas is a bit not so wise idea ito kasi wala naman tayong sapat na source ng grapes at talagang table varieties lang ang ini-import natin.... Another thing is the not so affordable na presyo, lalo na sa mga imported goods tulad lang ng mga fruits halimbawa....!

If only we have a suitable area to start a vineyard dyan, okay sana....! I wish someday i can go back home and be a fruit farmer, then i will try growing this vines ha-ha....! Nananaginip....!

Back to my topic proper, i bought about 6 kilograms of the black MUSCAT variety kasi ito raw ang traditional red wine variety na commonly used by most of the wineries.... Of course any varieties naman will do....!

No wonder red wines leave such hard to remove stains, this thing is a stain-machine so you must keep it away from your clothes at all time....! Anyways, on with our wine making.... Muscat is a very juicy variety, a kilogram can squeeze-out about half a liter of juice....

Here's how to make wine at home....

STEP 1: You'll be needing at least 3 kilos of grapes to make one standard long bottle.... Crush them with your hands in a big plastic bowl, Palanggana or even use a food processor or a blender but make sure not to mince it too much....

STEP 2: Once crushed or minced including pulps, stems, seeds, and all, pour them into a big plastic container or tupperware and cover for 2 day to soften a bit.... Fermentation process starts straight after the crushing.... Commercial wineries sometimes add bacterias to speed-up the fermentation process, but the Romans didn't do that with the grapes crushed using only their feet in the first place, so why should we bother....?! Perhaps there was enough bacterias from their feet already that's why their wines are fantastic ha-ha....! But just incase you want to try adding it, those bacterias are available in every bottles of commercial wines.... It's a form of yeast that breaks down the fruit into a good consistency....

STEP 3: In the third day, pour the mashed grapes and all in a piece of cloth to strain it and squeeze that as hard as you can into a big container again.... Better if you can really squeeze the pulps dry to get those extra juices inside the skin.... It also adds a bit of deeper color and flavor to your wine....

STEP 4: Next, pour the collected juices minus the pulps, stems and seeds back to the container and cover that for another 40 days.... It will still taste fruity after that, but already good for drinking.... You can then fill it into bottles, cover with corks and dip the the head in a melted wax to seal it more tighter.... It will be ready for drinking in 6-9 months or so....

Dont get me wrong, hindi ako lasenggo ha....? 2 bottles of beer lang ay solve na ako he-he....!

So there you go....! Very simple lang di ba, no rocket science needed at all and very straight forward ang procedures nya.... One day, i will be the first vine-grower ( keep on dreaming peng....! ) and wine maker sa pinas ha-ha....! The hardest part lang talaga is growing your own vines, everything else is so simple....

That's it....! Tulog na muna ako at mukhang nalasing ako dun sa wine making natin ha-ha....! I have a big container of wine fermenting in the cup board for 4 days now.... In 40 days, i will take then to work for the taste test ha-ha....! Sana pumasa....! Good weekend....! BBQ all....!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So much for the magpie issue na....! The magpie saga ends here now....! I'm already avoiding the other side of the road though she's still keeping a vicious look in my direction at times, but not attempting to proceed anymore which is good....!

I wanna touch a topic about books and comic-books triggered by Tina's entry in her blog.... I call it " Deja vu " because when i was reading that entry, i had this funny flash back memory of how i was before as a kid....!

When i was about 8 or 9 years old, i always jump accross bamboo fence at my grandmother's place just to avoid being caught wandering outside.... My plan was to cross to that house just next door once belongs to my mother's uncle....

He owned a little comics-store in one part of his living room that was turned into benches and shelves that time....! It was great having a comics-store owner for a relative then ha-ha....!

I've enjoyed going there alot to read, specially it was for free ha-ha....! I've never missed any issues of Marvel super heroes, Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Green lantern....etc. Also Books like, Casper, Richie Rich, Archie, and even the book version of Looney Tunes, Charlie Brown at madami pang iba na hindi ko na halos maalala ang mga titles....!

Those are all original volumes ng mga comics and books na talagang worth collecting....! I then found-out that at the end of the year, every christmas ay basta na lang nya pinaglalagay sa shredder ang mga ito para gawing parang yung mga grass sa " Belen " every christmas season....! Sayang ano....?!

In short, ay hiningi ko na nga ang mga old comics and books na umabot sa isang carton box talaga ang dami at kandahirap kami halos na buhatin yun ng mga kapatid ko ha-ha....!

It was a fiesta of comics that day....! We even agreed to devide those amongst ourselves at kanya-kanya nang basa at hiraman....! Hindi ko lang talaga maalala kung anong nangyari sa mga yun at bigla na lang na nawala....! Obviously, napabayaan o napunit na ang mga yun....

Nakakapanghinayang lang.... Hindi ko pa talaga kasi alam nun ang value nya in the future.... No one of us brothers really thought of keeping and collecting those items before that will be of great value pala nowadays if we only did manage to take care of all those....!

Imagine having in your collection the complete editions of Marvel super hero and other comics or comic-books....! Astig di ba....? Anyways, don't cry over spilled milk na lang daw....! It's never too late naman to start collecting all-over again, yun nga lang ay maghihintay na naman ako ng 20 - 50 years or so before na maging rare-collections na naman ang mga ito ha-ha....!

I'd say, the passion of collecting itself lang is an amazing experience na.... Whatever it may be na gusto mong i-collect ay hindi mahalaga, importante ay happy ka sa collecting hobby mo di ba....?

By the way, i'm starting to collect coins nowadays ha-ha....! It's alot more fun because some new and old issues are really hard to get by which made it more exciting once you find another one....! Exit na ulit ako....! Until next entry all....!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Assassin Part - 2....

I was reading an entry about books from Tina's blog-site tonight and i had that instant " Deja vu " effect in my mind after that....!

But before that, again i would like to share with you this long list of ideas that i've made-up today while at the work-place about the 10 possible ways to repel magpie's from swooping down on you he-he....! I still hasn't got-over that two attacks that i've had earlier this week yet....! Mabuti nang naka-prepare ako para bukas ulit....!

Mind you, magpies are very clever birds.... I've witness a few of this cleverness many times....! The birds collects nuts of any kind, waits 'til the pedestrian-crossing lights flashes walk, leave the nuts in the path of the waiting cars, then return to the spot to gather the inner meat of the nuts after being cracked by the passing cars when the light flashes walk again....! Astig di ba....?

Magpies are members of the mocking-birds family like the talking Mynas or " Kiyaw " (inset photo) as we commonly call it back home in pinas, na available as pets in most pet shops world wide....

They can also learn to talk if taught patiently like their cousin the Mynas....

10 ways to avoid Magpie attack....

1) Eyes on the back of the head - Takot raw ang mga magpie na mag-atake kung tinititigan, so i thought i'd wear something that resembles an eye at the back of my head.... Pwede na kaya yung dalawang kutsinta he-he....!

2) Strange hats - Yung katulad ng sinuot nung mga ibang contestant sa miss universe....! Tingnan ko lang kung makakalapit pa sya sa laki ba naman ng mga yun....! O di kaya yung kay Inspector Gadget....! Go-go-gadget tirador he-he....! Tingnan ko naman galing mong umilag ngayon....!

3) Keep staring - Titigan mo lang daw ng titigan para ma-demoralised sila at hindi na maga-attempt pang umatake....! Wag lang sa malapitan at baka mapuwing ka sa kakatuka nya he-he....! Bulag kamo labas mo nyan peng....!

4) Carry a red flag - Okay din yan na idea.... Wag mo lang lagyan ng star sa gitna at mapagkamalan kang kumonista ha-ha....!

5) Wear a helmet - Ito na siguro ang pinaka-effective na paraan para dyan....! Walang biro, madami akong nakita na nakaganito sa park every magpie season....! Para silang kasali dun sa Bob the builder ha-ha....! Can we fix it, yes we can....!

6) Wear Nike shoes - It's your big chance to really test this brand, kumaripas ka ng takbo and hope that the shoe will stick to it's reputation just enough for you to cross the park ha-ha....!

7) Walk with pets - Since animals nga ang talagang primary targets nila ay may big chance na ma-divert ang attentions nila dun sa kay doggie at hindi na sa'yo aatake he-he....! Takbo doggie bilis....! Bow-wow-wow....!

8) Ran as fast as you can - Yun nga tulad dun sa Nike brand....! This time, subukan naman natin ang tibay ng Puma takbo na ulit bilis....! Ayan na sya....!

9) Bring a frying pan - Kung hindi pa naman sya nadala nito ewan ko lang....! Kung yung shark nga natakot dun sa scuba-diver na may hawak na niyog at isang boteng suka, ang magpie pa kaya sa frying pan....! Tyak ang pagiging malutong mo dito tsong....!

10) Wear UN shirts - United Nations, astig na organisation....! Effective sa safety raw to kasi nasa neutral side sila....! Kahit terrorist man o assassins ay salute at hindi gagalawin ang sino mang maysuot nitong damit na may mark na ganito.... So grab one UN-shirt, isuot mo ito sabay magdasal ka na sana ay marunong magbasa yung magpie he-he....!

Yun na ulit sila....! I'll just post Tina's books and my Deja vu-experience na lang sa next entry ko kasi very late na....! Ingatz na lang sa lahat.... Exit na ulit si ako....!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Assassin at the park....!

WHEW....! This morning i was targeted for the first-time by an assassin dun sa may golf club where i normally cross every morning on my way to work....! Buti na lang at daplis lang pala ang tama ko he-he....!

They seldom attack people naman, normally dogs and other pets lang inaatake nila.... Pero today, why me....?! Maybe i was at the wrong place at the wrong time lang o baka akala sa akin ay animal din whaaaa....!

I was bombarded with aerial attacks twice, buti na lang at naka-baseball cap pala ako kanina....! Seriously, the council should do something about it kasi baka makabulag sila ng mata in the future....! They really must relocate them in some safer areas far away from the busy streets....

Oo nga pala, what i'm pointing-at here is a particular australian bird the MAGPIE....!

For readers who wonder what the * boink * is a Magpie, they are actually big black and white birds who are very protective of their nests during the Australian winter and spring season....

People walking past may be seen as an invader of it's territory, promting the bird to swoop-down at them and attack....! And mind you, the experience is quite alarming specially for a first-timer like me....!

Naku, kung hindi lang talaga bawal ang animal cruelty dito sa downunder ay binalikan ko nang kanina ang lokong yun at ipinalaman sa pandesal....! Anyways, yun lang naman nangyari sa akin nitong magandang monday morning na to he-he....!

Sana wag naman maulit bukas at baka hindi na'ko talaga makapagpigil at bigla ko na lang mangasab ang * boink * na ibon na yan ha-ha....! Lamang t'yan din naman yun a....!

Eto nga pala mga dramatic photos na nasilip ko sa web about magpie attacks :

Okay na....! Exit na muna ako, manghuhuli lang ng magpie for dinner he-he....!


HEY IT'S ME....! On my office computer, updating on that magpie attack.... Today i was attaked again ha-ha....! This time i ran away na....! Well, there's no other option but to take the other side of the road i guess untill the nesting season is over....

I just felt sorry for the old man and woman taking a morning walk behind me, they walked back where the came from i reckon....! Anyways, that's me for today....! Have a wonderful day everyone....! Bye for now, but not forever....! See you later....!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Painful tricks....!

Before i go busy for the weekend, i'll leave you with this image that i've found on the web ha-ha....! Credits to the site where i got this from, i forgot the name of that site....

Your mind already knew that it's a trick, but you eyes still wants to focus ha-ha....! It's a painful kind of trick isn't it....?! See how long can you last looking straight to this girls eye.... This will keep us busy for a while ha-ha....!

It's amazing how people's imagination works and and come-up with something like this....! Pag ganito naging girlfriend mo ay para ka na ring binantayan ni Jaworski sa sobrang dami ng matang nakatitig sa'yo ha-ha....! Aaaahg....! Masakit sa mata....! See yous all tomorrow....!

God save the devils....!

So much for my crankiness this week, happy thoughts naman tayo ha-ha....!

American Looney tunes company is about to release a DVD in support of the Tasmanian Devils.... A dollar of the revenue per DVD will go to the wildlife foundation for the protection of the endagered creatures....

In reality, the tasmanian devils are vulnerable creatures.... Unlike the looney tune's version, they are prone to disease (facial tumour) and predetors that cause a decline in the devil's population and still going down as we blog....

There could be as little as 60 devils left in the wild capable of sustaining a species survival program.... One thing's for sure, i will be chasing and monitoring this DVD's....! I'm interested to get one....! I'm a big fan of looney tunes, and this could be my big chance to contribute and be a devil's hero myself....! Wooohooo...!

For those of you who doesn't know the devils that much, they are a very gentle creature.... Contrary to the expectations of some, this guys we're just cuddly, noisy creatures that loves to fight over a smelly carcass and not over your hands or legs ha-ha....!

Yun na rin yun ha-ha....! I'm a bit busy today finishing a painting that i've started ages ago....! Okay, have a good weekend all....!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Over a cup of coffee....

First and foremost, to the creator of Alexa Train, thanks for sharing.... Dude, please consider this as a non-offensive comments okay....? It wasn't your fault anyway....
Sorry, this train terminates here.
I posted this 'coz i felt really bad and disappointed para dun sa 5 people whom i've handed it over after i've finished posting it here....

I would like to apologise to Zj, Luisa, Mica, Maj, and Bry for the inconveniences.... Sorry guys, i didn't check it first before i handed it over to yous....

At first, i've thought that it was a bit too technical already as far as average blogging ability is concern.... Don't get me wrong, it was heading in the right direction as you've always wanted it to go....

But each one of us have our own ways of picking-up a slice of pizza off that same pizza-tray don't we....? Somehow somewhere along the way, the track got accidentally mishandled by someone and was broken due to it's level of difficulty....

At this point in time i can only say that more than half the number of carriages were already wrecked, broken down, and was left behind for i don't know how many stations ago....! I've lost counts already....! I was desperately tracking them down just to get those missing links back....! Kindly see it for yourself if you're not yet convinced by this....

Blogging maybe was a creation of the wiz and the geeks, but how many percentage of us bloggers are just composed of average people who's only computer skill is to turn-on their pc's, check their emails, type entries in their blog-sites and then nothing else beyond those points....?

We are just bored housewives, 13 yo.school kids, office past-timers, curious parents, pc first-timers....etc. In majority, surprises and puzzles were always there and constantly present and revolving infront of that computer screens for those who are not as able as few of us are.... Blogging is a responsibility....!

So maybe this time naman kung pwede, we should at least consider the weather the whole year-round first before we put the windows and the doors of our houses.... Baka after this ay wala nang magta-tag sa akin ha-ha....! Reklamador ko kasi he-he....!

My point is, for those who creates those chain of tags.... Please try to consider naman the level of difficulties applied to the majority first before you do so, or else it might not go as far as you've always wanted it to be like the train.... Masasayang lang din naman ang mga efforts at pagod nyo pag ganun di ba....?

And believe me, if you'll only follow this idea, effectively it will be like a TV show that can be shown and watch by all ages in just any hour of the day at all....! Make it a wholesome one naman difficultywise okay....? Again, this is not suppose to trigger some negative reactions from the blogging community, but instead some useful awareness for all of us....

We are all family here in the blogosphere, birds of same feathers.... So i think, comments should not be taken as to PUNISH but to POLISH....!

Okay, yun na yun....! O, inumin mo na ang kape mo at lalamig na yan....! And same as usual, ang 20 minutes na lashing-out ko ha-ha....! Please excuse my temper everyone he-he....!
I was not sure whether i'm going to publish this entry or not 'coz i hate the thoughts that this might offend someone.... It's so not me kind of attitude....! Sana wala lang magalit ha-ha....! Talagang pinaikot-ikot ko ang mga words ko dito para lang maging soft ang dating he-he....!

This trip ends here....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Seafood cravings....

Since yesterday i was really dribbling at the thoughts of yummy prawns in my mouth....! Nakaka-miss tuloy ang mga pagkain sa atin lalo na ang mga seafoods....

This morning when i woked up, i can almost taste the fried bangus na isinawsaw sa suka with patis and mainit na kanin in my mouth....! Hay....! Buhay talaga sa ibang nasyon hindi maintindihan....!

Hindi naman masarap ang mga seafoods nila dito kasi puro frozen, di katulad sa pinas na pagdating sa bahay ay lumalanguylangoy pa halos ang hipon sa tubig dahil sa buhay pang talaga ang mga to....! At talagang malalasahan mong manamisnamis pang talaga....!

Pati tuloy sa workplace ay dala ko buong maghapon ang topic tungkol sa seafoods....! So this afternoon, kahit na malayo sya ay talagang sinadya ko ang chinese fresh seafood shops just to buy those GENUINE live mussels (tahong) nila and few kilograms of prawns....! Talagang buhay nga sya ha-ha....! Nasa loob pa ng malaking containers at naka-airpumps (ano nga tawag dun?) pang talaga (susyal na mga tahong!) ang mga loko as in buhay na buhay nga sya....! Astig....!

Result, happy na naman si Pepe (babaw naman ng kaligayahan mo peng!) after that good seafood dinner.... Lumaki pa naman ako sa Seafoods Capital Of The Philippines, tapos eto ako ngayon dyeta sa seafoods whaaaa....! So ironic naman....! Buti na lang pala may fresh seafoods pa rin dito kahit papano, kung hindi ay siguradong topak na naman aabutin ko he-he....!

Eto nga katunayan habang tina-type ko itong entry na to ay kasalukuyan ko na namang nilalantakan tong mga seafoods, tuloy puro balat na ng hipon tong keyboard ko....!

O sige kitakits na lang tayo ulit (nguya! nguya!) at talagang very busy pa si ako....! Gusto ko lang talagang i-share tong another tough ordeal ko ha-ha....! Tatapusin ko na muna tong kinakain ko ng makpg pnnod (puno ng seafoods ang bunganga) nng tvpgktaps (nguya pa ulit) hum-hum-hum-hum....! Ingumtz muy prums (lunok) hew-huw....! Sarap....!!!!