___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Square watermelons....?

Eto ang talagang bizarre sa lahat ng mga bizarre.... Nakakita na ba kayo ng hugis square na pakwan....? WHAT THE....?! Oo po, yan po ang katutuhanan at walang halong stir yan....! Meron na po talagang quatro-kantos na pakwan ayon dun sa napanood ko sa tv kahapon and there are actually several good reasons for making a watermelon in a block form like that, sabi nga dun sa napanood ko....

Since these things make great gifts, na hindi naman natin ginagawa dyan sa pinas dahil sino ba naman ang sirang BF na magreregalo ng naka-gift wrap na pakwan sa GF nya dyan di ba, (ang cheap mo ha!) at syempre chocolates pa rin naman ang da best and winning choice para dun sa mga GF, maybe in the future di ba....? But in countries where these square watermelons are most popularly grown, it makes sense to package them in boxes because of its square shape that easily fits into a square box with the minimum amount of wasted space....

Anyways, there's nothing imposible naman shapewise when it comes to gift wrapping nowadays.... I've seen a friend of mine gift wrap a whole mini-motorbike and had kept what is inside a secret from his 6 years old son, and asked him to only open the gift on christmas day, ignoring the fact that the darn thing still looks like a mini-motorbike with colourful papers and ribbons wrapped around it....!

So just think of it, a delicious watermelon packed in a home-grown gift box....! A kind of gift that will be appreciated, knowing that it would cost your pocket around $80 to get one of these juicy blocks (napakamahal naman) compared to about $20 for the normally boring unfashionable oval or rounded shape ones na mahal pa rin pero resonable na kung ang purpose mo ay para pangregalo nga.... Magkano na kaya ang pakwan ngayon dyan sa pinas....? Good thing about this is that they'are easily stored in your refrigerators at home.... Take it out, and it won't roll away....! Another thing is, the square shape of the fruit actually helps it sit steady while you are slicing it.... O di ba....!

And maybe you'are also wondering how is this possible.... Well, they aren't grown from square seeds as you've seen on cartoon channels.... Farmers in Zentsuji, located in southern Japan had succeeded in doing this by placing the young on-the-vine watermelons in tempered glass forms that force the growing melons to conform to their desired shape while still receiving necessary sunlight.... Only about 400 of the four-sided fruits are grown each season.... One would suppose that triangular or pyramid-shaped watermelons could also be created using this technique.... But i think the pyramid shapes are also in the market as well....

The Square Watermelon can be found in Japanese grocery stores in Tokyo and Osaka and is not currently available in some other parts of the world.... Square watermelons grown in Brazil have lately become available in Great Britain, though, so we may be enjoying them anywhere yet....! Kung ako naman ang tatanungin tungkol dun sa thoughts na maganda tong pangregalo regardless of its cost, of course nowadays this can really amaze, but is also a totally unwise spending.... Take it from Pepe, i-spend mo na lang sa movies yang pera mong pambili ng regalong square pakwan at sigurado't garantisadong magi-enjoy ka pa kasama ng GF mo the whole day he-he....! Yan lang po....! =D