___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are you not lost....?

You Are 35% Feminist

No one would consider you a feminist. You believe women should hold on to traditional gender roles.

Well, that's not the world we're living in anymore. Time to wake up to the 21st century!

I took a FEMINIST TEST from Darlene's blog, katuwaan lang he-he....! This is the result....! Bagsak....! Na-kickedout pa yata ako dun sa University Of The Feminists ha-ha....! Bakit ka nga naman kukuha ng test na yun Peng e VOYZ si ikaw....?! Tama rin naman yata ang mga naging sagot ko dun a....! Makaluma pa raw ako ha-ha....! Now i know why palaging nagtatalo si mister at si misis on who's going to rule the kingdom and why....! =D

Bloody Saturday....

I've seen injuries from car accidents but i've never seen a bleeding foot cause by a remote controlled car no bigger than a shoe box, not until yesterday afternoon i should say....! Kahapon kasi, we've finally decided to race again after a long hault due to a full two weeks of non-stop raining here in sydney.... Natatawa nga ako kasi every morning tumatayo sa may bintana ang store manager namin tapos sabi nya, " what a beautiful day, for the ducks!" ha-ha....!

Anyways, back to the bloody topic.... Friday night i prepared my RC and wish na sana tumigil na ang ulan even for just a day kasi this will be the third consecutive saturdays na hindi ko manlang napatakbo tong RC ko.... I wish i have an off-road car too para kahit maputik o mabasa ay no problem pa rin.... Tong on-road type kasi masyadong sensitive sa kung ano-ano lang lalong lalo na sa basa....

Saturday came, binalot ko na ang RC ready to go with my Toyota Supra shell.... Isa lang ang ayaw na ayaw ko dun sa pinapatakbohan naming carpark, mataas kasi masyado ang kerbs kaya sayang ang magagandang shells oras na bumangga dito ay magagasgas o mababasag kaagad.... That's why i'm using a racing shell my hand painted Nissan Skyline shell na kahit bumangga man at magasgas ay okay lang as long na safe ang original shell ko....

Ops, masyado yatang napalayo tayo dun sa topiko a he-he....! Me and my mini-obsessive-compulsiveness ha-ha....! Hey i also want to touch that topic next time when i have the time, about the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OSD).... It's a very interesting topic because almost everyone of us have a slight touch of it no matter how normal we thought we are....! Coming soon....! Anyways, yun na nga naging madugo ang first saturday namin after the rain.... We came to work talking about the race again and can't hardly wait for that big moment to sink our hands into that remote controls and speed-up....!

I've installed a fast battery charger sa working table ko.... Lahat pumila para mag-recharge buong umaga.... It was quick.... Normally it will take about 5 hours for a 7.2 volts batt to recharge on an average charger, but to my fast charger more or less 1.5 hour lang astig sa bilis di ba....?

Finally lunchtime came.... We had our lunch, the others had ulam and rice, and i had a big chicken-roll sandwich.... Yumm! After lunch the action started.... There was some shallow patches of water on the area so we've moved a bit up to a heigher spot.... We're just racing for about 10 minutes when we saw Cam hurrying to join the fun.... He then stood beside me and i started talking to him about the SERVO system of my RC, a device inside that is responsible for stirring the car left or right....

I told him that my servo's gears are maybe broken because it's difficult to stir it to the right.... Just when i was about to finish my words, there came the devil-car unable to stir right and was heading towards us....! It missed me and slam on Cam's right foot....! I can see the pain in his face when it happened, but he pretended like it was nothing.... I tried to touch his foot but he said that he was fine and he told me to continue playing with the others....

But i've noticed some blood on his sandals so i knew that it was serious.... I asked him to sit on the bench while i rush back to the office to grab some medicines.... His fingernail on the right toe was splitted in half....! Banggain ka ba naman ng RC in 30 km/ph speed....! I sprayed medicine on it, wrapped it and told him not to wet that area for a while and take some antibiotics when he gets home to prevent infections.... Today sunday, i rang him para kumustahin ang paa nya.... It really makes me feel so bad hitting Cam's foot you know because i know it was all my fault, i shouldn't have run that defective car in the first place today....! For all the people ba naman watching there si Cam pa ang nasapol ko....! I'm glad he's doing alright now.... I told him to wear shoes instead of sandals next time.... So that was the story of the bloody saturday, i hope you like it....! Ingatz all....! =D