___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

An unreal compilation....!

Thursday morning around 7:15am when i arrived at work, it has been my habbit already to look at that same corner in the lunchroom where the book lady normally displays the books and other items that are for sale every wednesday, and leave them there for a forthnight (two weeks) before replacing them with some new ones again....

Last thursday, as usual after a forthnight i always get that same excitement to have a look at what she have left there for us to buy.... What caught my attention instantly was this simple white book with a picture of mountain ranges and a silhouette of a man on top of a cliff with a gesture as if he's talking to someone....

It was cheap for ten bucks, so i've decided to take it home with me.... I haven't paid for that yet 'coz the book lady comes back in two weeks time so i'll just pay her later when she's back....

I haven't actually formally started reading it yet because i was waiting for the weekend so that i will have plenty of time to absorb it well, though i only got one day for a weekend because i've done some overtime at work today but then i guess a day is more than enough to somehow starts firing-up my interest towards the book....

Don't get me wrong, the book is not at all about religious thingy, it's more on the outburst of human nature kind of views.... It's about our constant struggle to communicate with god minus the formality.... Like "what will i say or ask if i come across a chance of having a face to face conversations with god" those sorts of stuff.... It's very interesting i reckon it is....!

The author's name is Neale Donald Walsch, and the book is called Conversations with god (an uncommon dialogue) book 1.... The author had manage to create two characters in the book, one play the role of god and the other play the man seeking for answers....

A quick glance at the pages gave me an idea that it is a question and answer, as well as questions and counter questions sort of a flow in the book.... That reminds me of some scenes during my philosophy subject in college days years ago ha-ha....!

Here are some of the interesting parts of the book :

Man : There are those who say that life is a school, that we are here to learn specific lessons, that once we "graduated" we can go on to larger pursuits, no longer shackled by the body. Is this correct?

God : It is another part of your mythology, based on human experience.

Man : Life is not a school?

God : No.

Man : We are not here to learn lessons?

God : No.

Man : Then why are we here?

God : To remember, and re-create, Who You Are. I have told you over and over again. You do not believe me. Yet that is well as it should be. For truly, if you do not create yourself as Who You Are, that you cannot be.

Oh ha....! Parang ako, masyadong reklamador sa buhay ha-ha....! Very confusing ang mga wordings di ba....? That's why i need the weekend just to assimilate it well into my blood stream he-he....! Kung ako siguro ang sa role ng Man dyan, (man ka naman talaga a, ay tangek....!) siguradong laglag na baba ko, tulala pa ako sa sobrang confusion dun sa pinagsasabi ng God....!

Anyways, kayo na lang bahalang humusga at akoy matutulog na muna....! ET go home....! ZOOOOOM....!