___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fiesta Filipino in Sydney....

Five day to go before the annual Fiesta Filipino here in sydney.... I haven't been there last year and i think i will miss-out again this year, tinatamad kasi....! As far as i can remember, the last time that i went there was about four years ago pa at the Bankstown Racing Pace-way.... Martin Nievera was there with his exploding ballads, the ever sweet at nilalanggam na couple Lotlot and Monching was there too, and the lovely Jackie Lou Blanco was just next to us that time before the show, wearing a plain white t-shirt, maong jeans, and white tennis shoes.... She even went pass infront of us like a nobody, wala kasing pumapansin sa kanya noon dun, i don't know why he-he....! She's so little pala in person ha-ha....! Pintasero....! =D

I guess Fil-Aussies are a bit different compared to some pinoys back there in pinas in some ways.... They don't get carried-away very easily according to my observations lang ha nung nandun ako sa fiesta.... Hindi ako sigurado dito sa conclusions ko ha, wag sana kayong magalit dyan sa pinas....! They do wanted to be entertained naman of course....! And they also come to a frenzy when the stars are already on the stage performing, but spotting them walking around with the crowd after the show didn't even pulled a trigger or anything at all....! In fact, Miss Blanco was just right there a meter away from us, abot kamay ko na pero parang walang nakakita sa kanya....! Basta ako i was more interested on the FOOD lang that time ha-ha....! I can survive a straight 10 years without pinoy tv, and pinoy stars but i could not last a week without pinoy food in the plate....! =D

Anyways, this year's one will be held at the Rosehill Garden Racing Ground.... I don't know how they are going to arrange things there, kasi ang alam ko at the moment some parts of the pace-way are being quarantined to contain the spread of a contagious desease called the Equine influenza or horse-flu that has been affecting a lot of horses already and held the race schedules on a stand still since the day one of the outbreak in the area.... Ano-ano kaya ang mga tinda dun....? Here i go thinking about the Filipino food again....! =D

I just wonder lang who the guest stars for this year's fiesta are going to be....? Many were satisfied by Pokwang's performance last year....! I missed-out on that one too.... Honestly, hindi ko talaga kilala tong mga bagong stars natin ngayon.... I don't have a pinoy satellite tv and i also don't have the time to borrow the recorded in cassettes ones from the filipino shops.... That's why when i came back home to pinas last time, my face was stucked infront of the telly na nakanganga at tulo pa ang laway at pilit ina-absorb ang mga programs sa tv na na-miss ko for a very long time....! Hirap ng matagal nawala sa pinas ano....? Nagmukha tuloy ako taong gubat na for the first time lang nakapanood ng pinoy tv he-he....!

Yesterday i went to cabramatta to Cam's place.... I always go there every year to see the celebration of the Chinese Moon Fiestival.... This year's one wasn't too bad, but there was something missing there.... Seem like they don't have that much programs on stage at all this time, unlike last year's....! So i just stayed there for about four hours, bought few pairs of pants and went home.... By the way, Moon Fiestival is being celebrated by chinese every year as a sort of independence day and freedom celebration from the rulings of the mongolians that occupied their country way back pa sa time ng paggawa dun sa famous and visible from outerspace na Great Wall of China.... Since then, ay palagi na nila itong sini-celebrate.... O di ba alam ko to ha-ha....!

This coming weekend i'll visit a hobby shop in the city to buy a new r/c car in preparation for our once a month race with the Drift Package Team next month.... So i'm going to be very busy up ahead....! Anyways, i hope that this year's Filipino Fiesta will be a successful one.... Though i might not be able to be there, pero sigurado akong bukang bibig to ng mga pinoy dun sa workplace namin weeks and weeks after the event so malalaman ko pa rin kung ano ang nangyari dun....! =D