___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Still on racing mode....

This is what i mean by Drifting Guys....! I found this Remote Controlled Cars Drifting competition in U-tube, it's so awsome to watch....! Astig....!

This one is a nitro methane (glow-fuel) type, it's using nitro fuel to run its mini-engine.... It's a lot more better than my rechargeable version....! Did you notice the smoke coming out from behind....? It's so realistic, i'd love to have one of this someday....! =D

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great saturday ahead....!

Can't hardly wait for the next saturday to come....! There will be a great event ahead and i can't hardly wait for that....! Wooohooo....!

Last saturday while having our lunch at the benches outside our workplace we've noticed that there's not much cars at the carpark that day, so one of my workmates opened the back of his car and pulled out a foot and a half long white remote controlled racing car....!

We took turn playing that, speeding around the small pizza-shape island in the middle of the carpark and then we came up with this one bright idea, we are going to bring our R/C Cars and have a mini-car racing next saturday there....! Isn't that fantastic....! The picture on your top right-hand side is the map of my workplace location and the Drift Package R/C Cars Racing Ground, i've made-up that name he-he....! Tunog astig ba....?! =D

One thing's for sure, i will never be left behind eating the others dust on this one ha-ha....! I believe that i have the best, fastest R/C Car in the whole Pempek System's population ( my workplace name.... Pempek : means belly button in thai language. ) but i'm just worried about the battery thingy.... The batteries takes about five long hours to recharge, but i don't know how long can it last.... Best way is to bring a back-up battery just incase he-he....!

By the way, the picture above left is an R/C Car similar to my super drifter SUBARU Impreza WRX.... The only difference is that my one is in red color instead of a blue, but linings and all other features are the same.... Drifting in racing term means, turning using the front breaking system by pulling the hand break instead of stepping on the foot break and throwing the rear part of the car close to a 180 degrees semi-circular swing like a compass, with the nose of the car as the center of the compass.... In high speed, this can make your car appear like skidding side ways....! But don't try to do this with your cars guys, it's a very dangerous manoeuvre and you can get hurt in the process.... It has a real motoring sound and a working headlight for night-time action too.... Also armed with a 7.2 Volts ni-cad rechargeable battery pack.... The only problem is that you need to recharge them at least 5 hours before using....

I wonder what kind of features does the other guy's R/C Cars have hmmmm....! Maybe i should ring them up tonight and ask them to bring their R/C Cars tomorrow and leave them on their work-desk for the rest of the week until saturday's race....

All in all, i know that there will be lots of fun and i'm looking forward to see my Subaru in action....! Anyways, i will post here the result of the race next weekend.... I just hope that my battery packs won't let me down.... =D

Tagged by Zj....! =D

I was tagged by Zj.... I didn't really had enough time today but i did my best to finish this kasi baka mamaya ay matagalan na naman ulit kagaya ng kay Redlan nun....! Anyways, here i am and here it is....!

Did it ever cross your mind to find out who was born on your birth day, what important event happened, or where in the world there’s a holiday? If yes, then this is the perfect meme for you.

Thanks Zj for the tag.What do I need to do? Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.There are five slots in the Birthday Meme.

As you are tagged, you have to remove the name in the first slot and bump everyone up so that your name can be added to the bottom.

I was born on November 3 and that makes me a Scorpio.... =D

Important Events that happened on November 3 :

1.) Sputnik 2 (Russian: Спутник-2, Satellite 2) was the second spacecraft launched into Earth orbit, on November 3, 1957, and the first to carry a living animal - a dog named Laika.

2.) Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market to compete with the Ford Model T. in November 3, 1911....

3.) The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce is founded. This paper was later renamed to The Times of India in November 3, 1861....

I share the same birthday with:

1.) Roseanne Cherrie Barr (born November 3, 1952) is an Emmy Award-winning American actress, writer, talk-show host, and comedian.

2.) Adolf "Adi" Dassler (November 3, 1900 in Herzogenaurach (Germany) - September 6, 1978 in Herzogenaurach), mainly known as Adi Dassler, is the founder of the German sportswear company adidas.

Celebrated Holiday:

1.) Japan - Culture Day (originally celebrated as Emperor's Birthday until the Meiji Emperor's death in 1912)

Thanks for the tagging Zj, i will tag other bloggers later.... =)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


As i've promised to Redlan, eto na ang answer ko sa tag mo na pinaghintay pa kita ng sampung taon muna yata bago ko ginawa ha-ha....! Hopefully ay may natira ka pang pasensya para basahin ito ngayon....! =)

The meme is about the memories we had during our school years particularly sa elementarya.... So now i need to ask kung naaalala nyo pa ba ang mga escapades noong elementary days nyo? Ang mga titser na kinatatakutan, ang unang natutunan sa silid aralan at ang mga kaklase na naging kalaro.... Yes i can still recall a few, so here's my answer to that Redlan....

GRADE I - The only memory that i can remember clearly in my mind from grade one was my seatmate who later became a beauty queen in our town....! Her name is Yvette, and she loves her star-scout hat very much that she used to wear that all day long at school ng walang kasawa-sawa he-he....! Remember the Maya Bird that they usually sell outside the church and schools sometimes....? Those too were inside her hat ha-ha....! I don't know why she loves to keep them in there....!

Most of the time she's flooding the floor underneath her chair because that time she seems to haven't outgrown her baby wetting-habbit thingy yet....! Sino ba naman ang mag-aakala na magiging ganun pala sya kaganda paglaki nya....! Then there was a twist, inilipat ako next to my second cousin Myra for some mysterious reasons na hindi ko maalala kung ano....!

Mas grabe pa pala kaso nito, nagdumi naman ngayon tong isa dun sa upuan nya ha-ha....! Kaya pala tahimik at kukurap-kurap na lang ang dating madaldal noon....! Anyways, she's a registered nurse now and we were also good buddies during the Phil. National Red Cross volunteering days.... Hindi ko na rin ni-remind at baka mapahiya lang....! And that's my memories of grade one.... On with the grade two....

GRADE II - Grade two was not that clear in my thoughts.... Maybe it's because there wasn't any special events at all that happened during grade two.... All i can remember that time was when we the whole family joined the " Alay Lakad", and my father was talking to a man who looks like a half-cast, maybe filipino-german and i was surprised when all of a sudden the man grabbed his whole scalp-full of hair and use it as a pamaypay ha-ha....! Kalbo pala yung mama....!

GRADE III - This was one of my best year at school.... I was the classroom's key keeper, no one can enter the room in the morning kung wala pa ako.... But of course i have to be there before the teacher does....! It was a good start for a responsible Pepe nowaday, from that simple stage i've learned the real value of punctuality....

GRADE IV - Aha, that was the stressing part of my elementary year because my teacher was also my mother....! Sobrang kamalasan ano he-he....! Biro nyo isang buong taon na wala akong freedom na gawin ang gusto ko sa loob ng school kasi wala akong kawala sa mala-jaworsking mga mata ng nanay ko hu-hu....! One time i was grounded because she've noticed that i wasn't paying attention to the lectures, alam nyo kong ano ang natuklasan ni madir sa ilalim ng desk ko....? Isang plastic bag na puno ng tipaklong ha-ha....! Kaya yun, censored na ang sumunod na story dun....! =D

GRADE V - A lot of first time happened during my grade five days.... First time kong mapalayo most of the time from my family kasi kinuha ako at pinag-aral ng kapatid ng mother ko for a year.... Then first time ko rin na-experience na malipat ng school just to be close to her place.... First time ko rin nagkaroon ng crush sa isang ka-schoolmate ko, na crush din pala ng buong school ha-ha....! I didn't had that much friends at all during grade five because i was just transfered to that school nga....! I love the school though, it was like a holiday away from my one year in grade four na hindi malaya he-he....! Anyways, i was released later on by my aunty back to my parents when finally she met her ex-boyfriend then and probably they already need the privacy i reckon....

GRADE VI - Back to the old Alma Mater ulit....! Finally a chance to finish what i've started.... I didn't cross the finish line with flying colors though, at outstanding boy scout nga lang natanggap ko nun....! But for me, that was a perfect evening to remember.... Something like that is worth the efforts to keep within yourself the whole life through.... I get to see what i've achieved, a fulfilment at last for the very first time kasi elementary pa nga lang tayo nun ano....! The big one's still yet to come....! By the way, i was a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps when i was in grade six....! Astig....!

There you go Redlan, hope you'll like my answer to your meme.... =D I will find out first who hasn't got this meme yet and then later on i will tag them okay....? But anyone who are interested can always do this too.... It's quite a unique meme, i like it....! Thanks again for tagging me Redlan....!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Workplace agreements....

I took this piece of memo that was posted on our lunchroom's fridge last saturday, and they even wrote a do not remove sign on top of it to make sure that no one will ever pinch it off, but too late now i've taken it already....! It's mine now ha-ha....!

There's a lot of issues concerning the workplace condition law here in downunder and seeing a memo like this posted anywhere in the workplace walls can already stir-up the peacefulness of the place and create an enormous amount of tension amongs employees....

Luckily this one is a hoax he-he....! Maybe one of our nerdy engineering people got nothing to do that day and composed this nutty workplace laws of his own....! Galing ano he-he....!

Actually the original one of this was in black and white since they've photo copied it on a black and white printer.... This one is my own version based on the copy i got off the fridge.... I just find it interesting the way people came-up with ideas that seems to come from absolutely nowhere....!

Once i've also posted something on that same spot too.... Do you still remember that time when vatican was still choosing for the new pope....? People were waiting outside, watching what will be the color of smoke coming out of that little chimney on top of that church....!

I've sketched a cartoon showing what was really happening underneath that chimney.... I've made a cartoon that time showing a long queue of priests and cardinals waiting for their turns to urinate in a large basin of redhot coal.... Whoever will urinate and make a white smoke shall be the next pope.... Di ba okay he-he....! Baka nga lang offensive dun sa taga vatican.... Patawad na po he-he....! =D

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tough weekend....

I had a tough weekend this week, it's the end of the taxation year (taxation term) in oz and we australian residents, citizens, migrants, wogs, swags, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, yabbies, cockatoos, mates, etc. knew what that means....! It means that we have to go to our tax agents of choice or in front of our computers to pay our taxes before the deadline ends and so i did....

Actually i already went there yesterday but the secretary told me that they were fully booked for that day and she adviced me to come back early in the morning today....

I was expecting that when i arrived early today, i would be like number 5 or maybe 9 in the queue but to my surprise i was in number 63....! It's because the already booked applicants who were scheduled the day before had left and didn't turned up when their numbers was called and instead had returned the next day which is today together with the rest of us new ano ba yan....!

So there i was, set the alarm to 6:30 AM last night.... I woked up in the morning, jumped in the shower, dressed up, even forgot to bring my jacket with me luckily it wasn't cold at all, a bit warm on tops of 21 degrees then i head straight on a two suburbs away journey to the taxation office....

I got there around 9:00 AM and i thought that i was the very first one there coz there's no one queuing at all in front of the door but i was wrong....! Enter the dragon....! Dyaraan....! Full compact, standing room only walang maupuan patay....! But not for long, someone left his seat and it didn't even took me half a blink to steal the throne away, hay salamat at nakaupo rin si ako....!

But all did not end there because i've waited for more than five hours long without breakfast and lunch, scared to leave my seat to have a munch kasi baka tawagin na number ko at wala ako dun....!

I was so bored waiting that i've amazingly finished reading approximately 8 issues of News Week, 5 Time Magazines, 10 New Inventions, 3 Womens Magazines, 3 New Ideas, and 5 Juicy Fruit Gum wrappers ha-ha....!

If only i didn't really need the tax return badly, i won't have to wait that long and probably i would just come back at the very last minute of filing so i will not go through that same trouble again.... I need the money to pay something that AB and i bought in pinas as an investment, and the due date will fall at the end of this month of august na....! Takot ako he-he....!

I haven't saved anything this year....! I've spent every single penny in my wallet on a lot of things, but then i believe that problems and solutions always walk side by side with each other so here it is, solution came just when things are about to happen....! Lucky, lucky....!

All done....! Anyways, at the end of the day i'm happy because i got back a crispy $AU 1,600 dollars....! Mmmmm....money ha-ha....! A very nice consolation prize for my efforts....! Not bad at all for a day's work he-he....! Now, what i really wanted to do is to stretch on my bed and have a nice deep sleep because tomorrow is monday again and i have to start the kayod na naman....! Hope you had a good weekend everyone....! Goodnight....!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

When LUCK saved the day....

How many times have you witness a scene from a wildlife video between the predetors and prey encounters that always ends up in a big dinner party with the prey on the menu....?

Well, i'm sorry to tell you that this one is an exceptional case ha-ha....! This is the day when luck had saved the prey....!

By the way, this is not in australia.... You are not seeing meat-eating koalas chasing a mob of bow-horned kangaroos here, this is africa not the 80's band but the kingdom of Simba ha-ha....!

I call this "the dog that climbed-up the tree to bite me" kind of a situation....! How can you possibly escape a moment of hopelessness like this....?! Probably i will just start praying na sana ay dumating na si Tarzan & Jane kasama pa si cheeta to save my kaastigan hu-hu....!

Anyways, i found this clip in u-tube today actually it was featured on the 7:30 news tonight and i thought why not share this with all my blog-friends he-he....!

This is a spectacular story of life's uncertainties.... Though not everyone ends up as fortunate as this buffalo calf, it's very clear that in every struggle, burdens and a constant hail of trials that we encounter in our lives no matter how hard it is, there's always a glim of light and a narrow opening towards a fertile green field and a new beginning.... Naks a ha-ha....!

So grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this short clip na pinaghirapan ko pa'ng hanapin sa u-tube ha he-he....! Enjoy....!