___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Desktop....

I got tagged by Mel and Rowena yesterday but i was not able to answer it sooner because my computer's monitor was stressing me up the whole day yesterday and until today.... But you know what happened, all a sudden my monitor is alright....! Maybe just a delayed answer to my prayers yesterday ha-ha....! Now if everything will just stays as it is, i will never have to think about spending for a while.... Boy i need this break....! AB and i have just finished paying few thing that we've invested-on in Iloilo last month and my wallet's tongue is already a meter to the ground....! Thanks god if this is what i think it is....! =D

By the way, this is my desktop background at the moment.... Why this one....? Well, what can you expect from a R/C Racer like me he-he....! And before you'are about to think that this is the real thingy, have a look again....! This is just a radio controlled toy car, gulat kayo no....? Parang tunay sya kasi di ba....?

Last year, my desktop background was this awsome Superman Shield.... I'm a big fan of Superman since i was little.... I use to think that i was invincible and made of steel, pero bukol lang ang inabot ko....! I also thought that i could fly, buti na lang hindi ko rin sinubukan yun he-he....! Tiyak pizza pie ang labas mo Peng kung nagkataon ha-ha....!

Note: Start Copy Here....! My Desktop Free View Instruction: A.) Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by: Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key). Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V). If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it. B.) Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that. C.) Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well. D.) Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

I believe almost everyone have this tag already so i'll just leave this here for anyone who haven't been tagged yet to feel free and put this tag in your blog.... Thanx....! =D

Thanks Mrs.T....!

I received an award from Mrs.T....! Wooohooo....! I would like to share this award to some of my other wonderful blog-friends ko doon later on na lang because i am currently dealing with my computer's problem at naduduling na tong mata ko sa kakatingin sa kanina pa pakislapkislap na monitor ko nakuw....!

Mrs.T napaaga yata christmas ko dito sa bigay nyo a he-he....! Ni hindi pa nga ako nakapag-practice nung "don't be naughty, and be nice coz santa clause is coming to town " tapos eto na kaagad ang gift ha-ha....!

Anyways, i would like to take this opportunity ( tama ba spelling ko ) to thank my fans, and my mentor.... Kung hindi dahil sa inyo wala ako dito sa entablado ngayon wooohooo....! Maraming salamat po mwah! ( flying kick este flying kiss pala ) mwah pa ulit....! Ops....! Medyo na-carried away yata ako dun a he-he....! Salamat ulit Mrs.T....! Naduduling na ako dito sa monitor ko, cut muna derek....! =D

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My PC is in hiatus any moment now....

Today i have a problem with my computer, i need to replace the monitor whether i like it or not kasi medyo luma na to kaya nagpapalya na.... I just wonder when can i do that because at the moment ay no watut pa si Pepe kaya magtitiis na lang muna ako sa defective na monitor na to....! =D

Actually i thought it was the system that was causing all the problem so i opened it up, cleaned it, and remove everything all bits and peices but not to worry coz i built this whole thingy from scratch before that's why i know where things goes.... I am the creator of this little Frankenstein-monster and i am it's master bwaha-ha....! I know every bit of details about it from softwares to hardwares, but it can be a handful too sometimes....!

Anyways, it all starts everytime the train pass by.... Alam nyo kasi tong apartment ko ay very close to the railroad, (home-along-da-riles) just about 3-5 minutes walk lang.... It's not that noisy and i've already got used to it.... The railroad by the way is high up in the air naman like an over-pass kaya walang masyadong ingay na maririnig sa ibaba.... What i like about living in this area is the noise itself ha-ha....! To me the place sounds like its so busy and alive so i never get bored at all, weird ba....?

So again, since last week everytime the train comes by, my computer monitor starts to get affected by it and the display flickers and turns very bright white until the train gets through its some sort of an Interferance zone, then it comes back normal again, so on and so forth, day in and day out....! Sometimes i almost wanted to just lift it up and throw it out the window ha-ha....! Nakakainis na kasi minsan....! Now it's getting more worse day by day so i need to have it replaced quickly ASAP....!

A descent monitor kasi will cost me from $AU200 to $AU500 in cold cash....! Medyo mahal di ba....? Napaka-ironic talaga kasi just a month ago lang ay nagpalit ng bagong systems ang workplace namin and they've thrown-out about 5 computer monitors na less than 2 years old lang....! Kung bakit naman kasi hindi pa sa time na yun nagloko tong monitor ko, dapat sana napalitan ko na to ngayon at nakalibre pa sana ako....! But i know i'll get there somehow, mapapalitan ko rin to....

So one of these days whenever i will not be able to answer your tags and comments anymore in a week or two, or three and four from this very moment ay ibig sabihin nun wala na akong nakikita sa monitor ko kaya don't get disappointed lang coz i'll be back naman to answer all your tags and comments as soon as i can get things in order ulit.... Pero wala pa naman and at the moment it's still hanging there.... Nakikita ko pa naman ang pictures sa display nya but we should still expect the unexpected ika nga....! =D

Just a minute ago, a motorbike came pass my apartment and the monitor got affected by that one too....! I got the funny feeling that it won't even reach my next payment at work and everything will just shut-off na lang....! I hope not, but anyways this is just a friendly announcement from your friendly neighborhood Pepe-man....! Ingatz....! =D

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fiesta Filipino in Sydney....

Five day to go before the annual Fiesta Filipino here in sydney.... I haven't been there last year and i think i will miss-out again this year, tinatamad kasi....! As far as i can remember, the last time that i went there was about four years ago pa at the Bankstown Racing Pace-way.... Martin Nievera was there with his exploding ballads, the ever sweet at nilalanggam na couple Lotlot and Monching was there too, and the lovely Jackie Lou Blanco was just next to us that time before the show, wearing a plain white t-shirt, maong jeans, and white tennis shoes.... She even went pass infront of us like a nobody, wala kasing pumapansin sa kanya noon dun, i don't know why he-he....! She's so little pala in person ha-ha....! Pintasero....! =D

I guess Fil-Aussies are a bit different compared to some pinoys back there in pinas in some ways.... They don't get carried-away very easily according to my observations lang ha nung nandun ako sa fiesta.... Hindi ako sigurado dito sa conclusions ko ha, wag sana kayong magalit dyan sa pinas....! They do wanted to be entertained naman of course....! And they also come to a frenzy when the stars are already on the stage performing, but spotting them walking around with the crowd after the show didn't even pulled a trigger or anything at all....! In fact, Miss Blanco was just right there a meter away from us, abot kamay ko na pero parang walang nakakita sa kanya....! Basta ako i was more interested on the FOOD lang that time ha-ha....! I can survive a straight 10 years without pinoy tv, and pinoy stars but i could not last a week without pinoy food in the plate....! =D

Anyways, this year's one will be held at the Rosehill Garden Racing Ground.... I don't know how they are going to arrange things there, kasi ang alam ko at the moment some parts of the pace-way are being quarantined to contain the spread of a contagious desease called the Equine influenza or horse-flu that has been affecting a lot of horses already and held the race schedules on a stand still since the day one of the outbreak in the area.... Ano-ano kaya ang mga tinda dun....? Here i go thinking about the Filipino food again....! =D

I just wonder lang who the guest stars for this year's fiesta are going to be....? Many were satisfied by Pokwang's performance last year....! I missed-out on that one too.... Honestly, hindi ko talaga kilala tong mga bagong stars natin ngayon.... I don't have a pinoy satellite tv and i also don't have the time to borrow the recorded in cassettes ones from the filipino shops.... That's why when i came back home to pinas last time, my face was stucked infront of the telly na nakanganga at tulo pa ang laway at pilit ina-absorb ang mga programs sa tv na na-miss ko for a very long time....! Hirap ng matagal nawala sa pinas ano....? Nagmukha tuloy ako taong gubat na for the first time lang nakapanood ng pinoy tv he-he....!

Yesterday i went to cabramatta to Cam's place.... I always go there every year to see the celebration of the Chinese Moon Fiestival.... This year's one wasn't too bad, but there was something missing there.... Seem like they don't have that much programs on stage at all this time, unlike last year's....! So i just stayed there for about four hours, bought few pairs of pants and went home.... By the way, Moon Fiestival is being celebrated by chinese every year as a sort of independence day and freedom celebration from the rulings of the mongolians that occupied their country way back pa sa time ng paggawa dun sa famous and visible from outerspace na Great Wall of China.... Since then, ay palagi na nila itong sini-celebrate.... O di ba alam ko to ha-ha....!

This coming weekend i'll visit a hobby shop in the city to buy a new r/c car in preparation for our once a month race with the Drift Package Team next month.... So i'm going to be very busy up ahead....! Anyways, i hope that this year's Filipino Fiesta will be a successful one.... Though i might not be able to be there, pero sigurado akong bukang bibig to ng mga pinoy dun sa workplace namin weeks and weeks after the event so malalaman ko pa rin kung ano ang nangyari dun....! =D

Thursday, September 20, 2007

All about a stick of cigarette....

I thought this week will end without any negative events happening, but i was wrong.... Today i've encountered probably the most arrogant person that i've ever met in my entire life....!.....-------.........................

He's a co-worker of mine na medyo may pagka-astang weirdo ang dating.... Bangladeshi nationals sya, about my height and age pero payat built lang.... Mr. Knows everything, Mr. Empty promises, and Mr. I know that.... In short presko sya at mayabang pa....! By the way, he also uses his mouth to look for missing things instead of his eyes....! At mahilig pang mamintang....! As in " did you pinch my screw driver....?!, where's my texter....?! " when in reality, they were just sitting there in front staring at him....!

Anyways, things started to heat-up today at the car park between him and yours truly.... It all started over just a single stick of cigarette....! Everyone in Pempek Systems knew that there was an anti-smoking ban being lifted by the management and strongly by the company owner there.... We even found a platito full of cigarette butts on top of the lunch table once which clearly means, " don't show these rubbish again to me or i'll kick your butts....! "

Anyways again, tong si mr. arugante dahil aalis na at magre-resign na in 5 days time ay biglang umiba ang tempo....! Hindi na sya takot sa system ngayon, ( yabang....! ) at nag-display pa din sa may car park na naninigarilyo sya....! No fear ha....! Well malas nya dahil nandun si Pepe....!

Kinainisan ko lang kasi, hindi man lang sya concern dun sa ibang naninigarilyo din na pilit nagsusumiksik sa sulok wag lang maispatan ng amo namin....! Nung sinita ko sya at pinakiusapan na kung pwede ay magtago rin sya para wag naman madamay ang iba ay naging rude pa si loko sa akin....! He don't care daw....! Tinawag pa ang lahi natin na mga takutin at ininsulto pa ako....! Bigla ko ba namang hinawakan sa magkabilang balikat at sabay kabig-sandal dun sa kotse ng may kotse with matching mean look pa kaya yun, sindak to the bones ngayon si loko....! By the way, i'm a non-smoker pala.... Tumatambay lang with the smokers....

20 minutes lang naman ang critical point nitong temper ko at once a year lang nangyayari pero sabog mayon din naman to at napapatag ang mga tinatamaan....! Para sya tuloy papel nang mahawakan sya ni Arnold Schwarzenegger....! =D -----------------------------------------------------------------

Bakit kaya may mga taong ganun ano....? They're just making life a lot more harder for the rest of us....! Mga irresponsable at sour na klase ng mga tao....! I'm glad that i'm not like them.... Napikon tuloy ako kanina....! Baka tuloy sabihin nyo na napakabrutal kong tao he-he....! Naawa naman ako at na konsyensya dun sa ginawako nung bandang huli.... Anyways, everything had been done and there's no way that i could reverse that anymore.... I reckon he deserved it naman ano sa palagay nyo....? He should at least learn from it you know, kasi baka dun sa bagong workplace nya ay makakatagpo sya ng kabanggang mas astig pa kesa sakin at bigla syang magkaroon ng madaming cheekbones sa mukha he-he....! Yan lang po naman nangyari dun sa buong thursday ko.... Very boring ano he-he....! Makatulog na nga muna....! Ingatz all....! =D

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Burnt food....

Ops, cut muna yang paglalaway nyo dyan....! This is in contradiction dun sa juicy pork barbecue dyan sa previous entry ko.... I've stumbbled upon an article about the danger of burnt food to us.... Nag-worry tuloy ako dun sa isang bandihadong bbq na nilantakan ko nung nakaraang weekend....! ( lunok! ) ( kaba! ) =V-------------------------------

And also take note, hindi lang pala bbq pork ang colpret dito madami pa sila....! Maaring isa ka sa mga mahihilig kumain dyan ng extra-lutong na french fries, inihaw na bangus, fried eggs, fried lumpia, letchon manok, pritong daing, ( yum! ) sunog na bawang sa mane, inihaw na mais, isaw, sitaw, bataw, patani, ops hindi na pala kasama yun he-he....! Yes, all those usual suspects atbp....! Kung isa ka man sa mga taong may taglay na burnt-smile, ( i've made up that word ) ay wag kang matakot dahil hindi ka nag-iisa, dalawa na tayo hu-hu-hu....!

Ayun kasi dun sa article na nabasa ko, eto i-inglisin ko muna ha.... Foods cooked at high temperatures daw inflict massive damage to the genes. Women who eat very well cooked hamburgers have a 50% greater risk of breast cancer than women who eat rare or medium hamburgers. A nested, case-control study among 41,836 cohort members of the Iowa Women's Health Study found that women who consistently consumed well cooked beef steak, hamburgers, and bacon had a 4.62-fold increased risk of breast cancer. Cooking foods at high temperatures causes the formation of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines.

This is one reason why eating deep-fried foods is dangerous. Heterocyclic amines have been linked to prostate, breast, colorectal, esophageal, lung, liver, and other cancers. While health-conscious people try to avoid foods that are known carcinogens, even burn-marked grilled salmon contains a potent dose of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines.

On the other hand naman, we should still be careful and make sure that our meat is not too pink or in very rare situations one can get E. coli (O157:H7), which is a dangerous bacteria, that can kill and cause hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). At ano naman yun....?! This syndrome is a common cause of sudden, short-term kidney failure. In severe cases, this acute kidney failure may require repeated dialysis filter wastes from the blood since the kidney is not working.

Ang hirap naman nito....! Ano ba talaga kuya....?! Kung sobrang sunog masama sa katawan, kung sobrang hilaw naman ay ganun pa rin....! Pano naman yung mga paborito ko na half sunog and half hilaw like kilawing balat ng kambing at relyenong bangus....? Ibig sabihin ba nito ay matitigokok ako from cancer cause by Heteroclokok... pwe! pwe! este Heterocyclic Amines pala while nilalantakan naman ng E.coli tong bituka ko....?

Kung ganun pala ay tapos na ang maliligayang barbecuehan namin doon....! Wat shal i eats naw....? Pero ayun naman kay madame nanay ko, " anak, anything in moderations is a medicine ".... So i say, let's all switch to moderation mode and still enjoy the sunog food that we love to eat di ba....? Hindi halatang matakaw si Pepe sa burnt food ano he-he....! What's the difference between a cancer patient and a healthy person anyway....? Length of stay....? All are heading in the same direction rin naman a....! If i will be able to live over my 60's and above my 70's with my moderation way, i'll be more than satisfied na rin....! I mean, we don't really have to exaggerate things....! Kung lahat na lang ng bagay pati pagkain ay nakikitaan natin ng negativities just to be noticed in the name of syensya ay wala na sanang buhay na tao dito sa mundo....! Pano naman yung mga mahihirap na hindi kayang i-afford ang mga nasa category nung health food na tinatawag....?

Don't get me wrong, i do believe in the usefulness of science in our daily lives naman syempre....! But we all know that it had also brought us a lot of confusions and harm for countless times in the past.... Probably that's the reason why life is meant to be short, because if we will live much longer than that of the maximum expected lifespan of humans, do you think we won't be smart enough to totally destroy this lovely planet of ours by then....? Ngayon pa nga lang ay sinisira na natin ito.... That's why i think every living things need to have a reset by birth and deaths to maintain that balance thingy.... Good night everyone....! =D

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ano ba naman yan....!!!

Tinopak na naman si Pepe....! The time is 10:44 pm, i was already fast asleep when my plumber ranged, he said : " How's the painting bro....? How's the progress like....? Can i have a look at it....? I'll be there in five minutes.... " ANOH....?! Hindi ba natutulog ang mga tao na to....?! May sa paniki yata tong mga to....!

It was partly my fault too kasi tinanggap ko ang trabaho kahit na medyo busy ako this year.... But anyways he's going to pay for my labor and materials naman kaya ko siguro dinakma kaagad, yun lang nga at huli na ang realisation na kulang pala oras ko para dun....!

So yun, pumunta nga kasama ng tatay nya.... Buti na lang at bilib na bilib sila dun sa painting na hindi naman ako masyadong satisfied and convinced na maganda nga ayun sa kanilang pagkilatis kanina.... Buti nga yan para hindi na ako magreretoke pa, (buntong hininga) makatulog na nga ulit at nag-to be continued na tuloy ang napanaginipan ko kanina....!

By the way, ganito pala ang nangyari dun sa last weekend ko.... Nakalimutan kong i-post dito last time dahil sobrang busy sa trabaho talaga....! Kayo na lang bahalang mag-figure-out dyan kung ano nga ba ang nangyari dun sa weekend ko, basta ang masasabi ko lang, hanggang ngayon ay feeling busog pa rin ako he-he....! Antagal yatang mai-digest ng cholesterol na naimbak dito sa bituka ko....! Tsalap....! Good night all....!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Forever young....

Should we put appearance first infront of life....? She's a very brave young woman who raised the awareness about the danger of solariums.... 26 years old Clare Oliver lost her battle with skin cancer that had claimed a lot of lives before her.... Too young, too soon....

Clare wrote that: "After the 10th session I was starting to burn and it hurt, so I stopped. But I guess I stopped too late." That does sound like a severe UV burn, possibly caused by the frequency (every second day) and/or duration of her sessions....

Clare was diagnosed with a Melanoma three years ago when she discovered a strange lump under her arm.... The lump was removed and she carried on with her life, travelling overseas and completing a second university degree but the cancer came back to haunt her and her battle became terminal....

Today an anti-cancer fund was been created in memory of brave young Clare Oliver, who died this morning in hospital after spending her final days campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers cause by tanning salons.... Prime Minister John Howard responded by flagging uniform laws to regulate the industry nationwide....

I posted this topic to give my support to what she have started, but will be here no more to see the results of all the efforts that she've exerted into it for a good cause....

Clare's story has touched many people's lives, and i hope her family and friends can take some comfort in the knowledge that her willingness to make her story public will have a lasting legacy....

Sleep peacefully, your sweet heart and desperation to warn others should be remembered by your ever so proud family.... Your life was short, but very worthwhile in the bigger scheme of things....

"Life is everything and you grab it with both hands and embrace it".
------------------------------------------------------------Clare Oliver

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Truth about Hobbits....

Can you believe it, Hobbits really did exist some 95,000 to 120,000 years ago in an Indonesian island called Komodo....! Kung hindi nyo pa gets ang pinagdadakdak ko rito ay let me refresh your memories muna....! Kung napanood nyo na ang movie na Lord Of The Ring ay maaring sandali lang ay reminded na kayo kaagad, pero kung hindi pa kayo nakapanood nun aba'y walang epek tong refresh-refresh ko sa yo....! Kaya manood ka muna dun at bumalik ka na lang dito kung nakalimutan mo na at iri-refresh kita ulit he-he....!

Anyways, i was watching tv this afternoon about some scientific program and they were talking about the Hobbits nga.... The Hobbits stands 3 feet tall and are proven to be good hunters judging from the amount of animal bones found inside their cave-dwellings.... They can even bring down an animal twice or many times larger than they were....! Scientifically known as Homo-floresiensis, The new species of human's adult size was about that of a three-year-old modern-human child and its skull was the size of a grapefruit....! Sobrang liit....!

We all remember Hobbits as the characters in The movie Lord Of The Ring.... The leading character Frudo was one and few other guys pa na hindi ko na matandaan ang mga names dahil nakatulog yata ako habang pinapanood ko yun he-he....! Yun na nga, another informative program on tv na hindi nakakaantok panoorin....

I was just wondering, pano kaya kung imbes na nag-evolved tayo from Homo-sapiens ay sa Hobbits nanggaling ang buong humanity....? Hmmmm.... Medyo hindi maabot ng imagination ko, sobrang liit kasi he-he....! Hindi na rin siguro nauso pa ang NBA, PBA, NBL, PBL, MBA, at kung ano-ano pang BA at BL dyan diba....? Larong patangkaran, hindi paliitan....! Hindi na rin magiging popular ang Big Mac, Large Fries, at ang Jumbo Hotdog....! And the pizza will be as big as the Piyaya....! Whew, kakatakot pala....!

Buti na lang pala hindi tayo sa Hobbits nanggaling dahil ang mga tall people like me won't be called a six-footer anymore, but instead a three-footer na lang he-he....! Kayo gusto nyo bang maging Hobbit, mayrun din syang advantages budgetwise....! Good for five ang isang pirasong pritong tuyo he-he....! Good weekend to all....!

Friday, September 07, 2007

APEC 2007 opens today....

Today is the formal opening of the 2007 APEC SUMMIT here in sydney and i was lucky that my workplace is included in the ___ kilometers radius ( hindi ko alam kung gaano kalayo ) na binigyan ng order for public holiday due to traffic control reasons.... So here i am waking up 10 o clock in the morning, washed my laundries, nagsampay, took a warm shower na napakatagal, and had my breakfast or shall we call that lunch already infront of tv, then naglinis ng bahay.... Medyo tinatamad pa yan ha....! =D

I was planning to go to Hobbyco in the city today but since today is also the opening of APEC SUMMIT, security might be too tight there so probably i'll leave that one for some other weekends na lang instead....

Yesterday when i went to the olympic stadium in homebush bay to attend the Aimex Mining Expo, i saw a pair of F-18 Hornets ( airforce jets ) soaring just above us many times.... They've also erected some sort of a great wall of sydney in the city streets to protect the VIP convoys from possible terrorist attacks and from the raging protesters.... Also there's Black Hawks up in the air hovering over the AMP tower and army boats in the waters....! Kaya nga hindi na sinubukan ni Pepe na pumunta pa at wala talagang lusot dun....!

I haven't seen our President GMA on tv yet, but George Bush was flooding the tv and radio stations since he arrived 3 days ago prior to the opening.... And i am excited to see the leaders in the australian national dress code too....! I wonder if they have one like our Barong Tagalog here....! Maybe they don't even have one....! But if they do, maybe it's something like the clothing of Crocodile Dundee and a leather hat with dangling corks around it to keep the fly away he-he....!

By the way, yesterday we went to the Aimex Mining Expo and we spent few hours there looking around those gigantic mining machineries that i haven't seen before in my whole life....! It was a fantastic experience i reckon, but later on we got sick of it and went to have our lunch at Hungry Jack's in auburn.... But before that, dumaan muna kami sa isang branch ng Hobbyco in Rhodes kaya lang ay hindi pala masyadong malaki ito and they'are not complete with everything there either....

I can feel that i'm getting sucked-in deep into this hobby now, but anyways it's a good kind of a hobby naman for all ages he-he....! At the moment i got few items on my wishlist and hopefully i can manage to afford those without hurting my savings or my budget he-he....!

In total, everything went well yesterday and hopefully the whole day today as well.... Planning to go to work tomorrow for some extra cash ha-ha....! I hope everyone's having the best in everything today and yun na....! I just thought that i'm going to make the most of my day-off today and part of it is to make an update on what's going on in downunder these days....! Have a good day all....! Ingatz....! =D

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tagged by Maj....

This tag was from Maj na medyo natagalan rin ng kunti ang response as usual.... Medyo busy lang kasi ako palagi kaya yun....! =D

Rules : Each players of this game starts with six (6) weird things about themselves.... People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own six (6) weird things as well as state the rule clearly.... Tag another six (6) people and inform them about it....

So here i go with six weird things about myself :

1.) I tend to eat more when i'm stressed or depressed....

2.) I spend longer time drying my foot in front of the fan before putting-on socks and shoes than anything else when i'm dressing-up....
3.) I like to smell the fried food first before eating them....

4.) I don't smile a lot but i like to crack jokes....

5.) I rarely wear shorts even inside the house....

6.) Watching TV makes me feel sleepy....

So there you go, all six (6) weird things about myself.... I still have a lot but the rule says only six he-he....! I don't know if you find them weird enough, but to me they are just a normal part of my little daily rituals na mahirap pigilan because most of the time i'm doing them without even realising he-he....! =D

I would like to tag : Redlan, Zj, Rus, Carlota, Elay, Macy, and Mia....

Take your time on this guys, don't rush it okay....? Tulog na muna ako....!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yesterday's race result....

No luck ha-ha....! My car had spun out of control many times....! I was quite disappointed by the performance of my Electric R/C Car and myself of course, but i am not discouraged yet he-he....!

The other cars were very good too, actually most of them are a lot better and i've enjoyed the day heaps....! At the moment i am browsing in the web trying to search for hobby-shops nearby, but it seems that the Electric R/C Cars available here in oz are a little expensive for our pockets to afford, that's why i thought why not search for some online hobby-shops back home in pinas instead....! They can be a lot more cheaper compared to here i suppose....!

Sounds like a good idea and it's just a few clicks away, but my problem is that i don't know the address of those particular websites.... Hopefully i will find one in Iloilo City so that i can ask AB to check them out whenever she's available to go there.... The team ( Drift-package Racers ) asked me to check the prices there too and if possible we can all get our materials from there and the cars as well....

I know this won't be easy but i'll try anyway.... By the way, does anyone knows any hobby-shops that sells Professional Electric or Nitro Radio Controlled Racing Cars anywhere in pinas....? If you do, please HELP....!!! =D

As for the race yesterday, there will always be a next time in everything and i'll make sure that i won't spin again when that time comes.... Fingers crossed he-he....! Meanwhile, i'm badly in need of an upgrade right now so i guess this is goodbye for now but not forever....! I'm going to check the web once more.... I'll be back here again tonight to check your tags if there's any.... And hopefully if i'm lucky, one of yous might have in your hands the answers to my problem....!

This is not the race that we had yesterday, it's just a sneak-peek of what the pros are doing.... This video is from an R/C World Tour Championship.... Galing nila ano....?! I just want to show you how serious this hobby can get, it's not just as simple as a big boy playing a kids toy he-he....! Remember, these cars can run up to a top speed of sometimes 80 km/h....! Naaaapakabilis....! Zoooooom....! =D

I really recommend this kind of hobby to everyone....! Talagang astig na sport....! Medyo magastos nga lang sya pero in terms of enjoyment level naman ay talagang amazing ang dala nitong satisfactions sa hobbiest....! So para sa mga kabataan dyan na bored at walang maisipang gawin, don't spend your money on drugs, spend it on RC Cars instead ha-ha....! This is what they call a good kind of addiction....! =D