___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go see my new page quick....!

HELLOO EVERYONE....!!!! I'm back from hiding ha-ha....! Yesterday i was back on full-time again, actually it's still part-time 'coz i got a bucket-full of other priorities too....! Anyways, all day-long yesterday i was at the other page of mine preparing it for yous guys.... Finally i've opened it up last night, though some parts we're still not finalised but just a bit left lang naman....

I really appreciate everyones comments, thanks guys....! Here in australia kasi i was just storing them in my apartment, and no one did ever saw all those apart from some maybe one or two that i've taken to work and show them to my friends.... The rest, just catching the dust in the corner ha-ha....!

At the moment i'm trying to re-group myself and getting prepared for the next paintings.... My plummer had asked me two weeks ago to paint their family portrait and until now i haven't started doing it yet ha-ha....! Anyways, he knew naman na kailangan ko pa munang magkagana bago ko umpisahan, that's the secret of a good artwork kasi.... In order for me to paint well, i have to wait for that kind of drive in me....

Being an artist is not that easy kasi, most of us have a very fastidious attitude towards things....! I cannot just sit-down and start working straight away, i need to be really relaxed and comfortable first with the way i sit or which side of the chair my buttom is resting on or else i will be stressed-up more easily thinking about my buttom instead of my work and never last longer infront of the canvas at all ha-ha....!

When i'm working on an artwork, i also need to listen to strange music that you can compare to a tangling strings of yarn....! Or maybe some imotional type minus the vocalist like Yanni perhaps or classical like Andre Gagnon and Andre Rieu.... Something that can clug-up my other thoughts and make me focus only on what i am looking at will be the best one ha-ha....!

I started out of nowhere, if you can drop by at my art page again try to look for the vegetable basket and you'll know how i did all this he-he....! It's a gift from up above.... Who knows what's going on between my eyes, hands, and mind during those moments.... The coordination is just perfect....! I can start drawing a figure symmetrically from the tip of his finger up to the rest of the body or from the tip of the toe up to the tip of the hair on the head without a problem....

I admire Leonardo da Vinci and his work, i wish that one day i can be as good as he is.... I mean, he was....! ha-ha....! Probably if i apply more patience in things i can be as good as him.... There are times kasi that i rush things up, my strokes are speedy and rough at times.... To each his own approach naman di ba....? But who know one day i could be as great as him ha-ha....! Maybe he-he....!

Anyways, i can last very long here typing about art and artworks but i dont know about yous ha-ha....! So i will just let yous have your breakfast for a while and touch this topic again some other time, it depends on who will trigger me first to start this topic again ha-ha....! Catch you again next post WHOOOOHOOOO....!!!!

P.S. By the way, the inset painting is exactly similar to my very first art contest buster when i was 10 years old....! That composition is very special to me 'coz it started the whole thingy.... I'm planning to frame that and give it to my father the next time i go home.... The original composition was drawn by myself years and years ago using a box of crayons and i believe that it's still there hiding somewhere in the art room in that same school where i've graduated my elementary years.... I'll look for that one day.... Okay see yous again guys....!