___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is your mobile phone personality....?

Your mobile phone reveals what kind of a person you are.... Since this is an electronic era and mobile phones or cell phones as you commonly call it in pinas has been a very important part of our daily lives nowadays....

This is my present mobile phone.... Very simple lang s'ya.... Binili ko pa yan sa pinas last year, mura lang yan he-he....!

Therefore, mobile phone truly reflects the personality of it's owner slash pindot-master equally as our signatures, perfumes, music, hairstyles, clothings, jewelleries, nail polish, patay na kuko, and also na rin ang blogs....etc.

I've realised this when i was re-charging my mobile phones both the old ones and the new one, i've noticed that they seems to have the same personality or was it only my taste of pick in colours and styles that did the likeness in them....?

Perhaps it was really myself reflected to my choice of mobile phones that i've discovered....! I guess my mobile phone is indeed myself in a small scale version lang ha-ha....!

Hey, why don't we make a game out of this idea....! How about i will generate a TAG for everyone to pass-on....! All you have to do is to give five (5) unique features of your mobile phone that best describes you most....!

For example : In 5 words, can you roughly describe what kind of a mobile phone personality are you....? I-pass nyo rin to sa mga chosen friends nyo pagkatapos, wag nyo lang kalimutang i-post din tung mechanics para alam din nila ang gagawin.... And then, i-inform nyo rin sila na na-TAG nyo na sila dito para alam din nila syempre di ba....

1) Nokia 3220 - Affordable, friendly, reliable, and pocket-size hearted na tulad ko ha-ha....! Gets nyo....! Sachet size, tag-along buddy....! Bestfriend (to a good friend) na parang chewing gum sa puwet kung kumapit ha-ha....! Hoy, bastos yang iniisip nyo ha, hindi yan....!

2) Jet black / Gray - Quiet but focused.... Eager to learn.... Walang kurap na personality, in short tulala ha-ha....! But full of surprises naman....!

3) Light and simple - Walang pakialam, mind your own business and there's not a single drop of enviosness in the blood-stream.... My motto : "If it doesn't bite, it's harmless" ha-ha....! Mangawit ka man sa kaka-show-off dyan sa bagong retainer mo tsong, hindi mo ko natinag nyan....! Parang ganun ha-ha....!

4) Bright lights / wide-screen - Very cheeky at times, funny, talking radio, walking news paper, legendary mailbox, and sometimes or maybe most of the time shock-absorber pa he-he....! Absorbent tissue na rin he-he....! Kung ano-ano na nga naa-absorb ko dyan e....!

5) Heavy duty - Strong willed (tama ba spelling?), ibig sabihin matigas ang ulo ha-ha....! Low maintainance but hardy, determined, jack of all trades....! Kalikotero.... I just made-up that word he-he....!

Now i will hand-over this question to my blog-friends.... I would like to tag : Darlene, Luisa, Tintin, Maud, Vicki, Ghee, Tina, Andianka, Bry, Zj, Dyan, Maj, Redlan, Rus, Katharine, and last but not the least Bam....!Thanks a lot in advance guys....! Take your time, this one is no rush okay....? Ha-ha....!