___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

250 cups too many....!

After ng tantrums ay balik muna ako sa reset point ko which is a cup of coffee lang naman.... Yesterday kasi while i was having a bad mood and was trying to wash it off with a cup of coffee, i stumble into a tv channel that was featuring the history of coffee so i reckon it would be nice to post an entry about that topic....

Well, unlike smoking or drinking liquors, coffee drinking is an addiction that make sense....! Take smoking for instance: No offense to the smoking communities ha-ha....! Peace tayo....! But then, what are you doing sitting in the corner, sucking the smoke out of that rolled-up paper with tobacco fillings inside it....? To me, that doesn't make any sense at all....! Anyways, addiction is a personal choice naman so i will respect the smokers for that reason....

Oh well, balik tayo sa cup of coffee na lang.... Coffee indulgence kasi had evolved from way back pa sa time ng mga pharaohs, and kings.... Known as Black Gold, a cup of coffee used to be enjoyed only by the royalties in Ancient Egypt, Africa, Turkey, and the Middle-Eastern countries....

It all started from a tiny red berry growing on a dense bush that a sheepherd boy in that Ethiopian dry barren land had found while herding his flocks of sheep.... The boy then discovered that the berry is sort of giving him a strange feeling of extra energy that he even felt like dancing around all day long....! That was the early effect of caffeine to human i think ha-ha....!

Imagine that when you're drinking your delightful cup of instant coffee, you're as well sharing that taste of history with all the great and famous coffee drinking figures throught-out the ages....! Astig....!

In Ethiopia, coffee is still actively a part of some native tribe's ceremonial rites.... And only the women are allowed to handle the beans from roasting to the making of the brew that the waiting mens of the tribe will later on pass around themselves and enjoy.... Mga gaano kaya katagal yun bago nila matikman ang isang tasang kape....? Isang oras....? Tagal naman....!

But as the addictions escalated around the globe, so does the freedom of making your own cups anytime, anywhere, and any way you desired.... As long as you never runs-out of instant coffee in the cupboard he-he....!

Way back then, coffee was known to have some medicinal properties, but i just don't know what it is.... Maybe it's the caffeine itself or some active ingredients that you still have to extract from it....!

Unlike the tea that leaves some annoying stains (dentist's nightmare) on your teeth when being consumed excessively, nowadays instant coffee leaves no residue at all.... But it is also known to be toxic when consumed abusively....

You know that in america, a man died because he drank 250 cups of coffee all within a day....! That's insane....! I think it's called drowning....! Hindi kaya nalunod lang talaga sya sa kape kaya namatay ha-ha....!

So anyways, kung just within 249 cups lang naman ang ma-consume mo sa isang araw ay okay ka pa ha-ha....! No need to panic kasi imbis na excessive coffee drinking ang ikamatay mo ay baka atake sa puso pa....!

This topic had relaxed me a bit, so i'll go for another round of the Black Magic pa....! Today i had 5 cups of coffee only, ano kaya ang dapat na rating dun from a scale of 0 to 250 cups per day....? Anaemic drinker....?! Ha-ha....! Okay, kape na muna ako....! Babayo....!


tina said...

OMG 250 cups for a day? How did he do that? Sure it would kill one person.. as coffee is brought about to kill a person... slowly.. kasi nga naman.. too much caffeine.

hehe... buti naman coffe ko.. .06% lng ang caffeine. doesnt matter.. at least i get my daily dose on a safe level. hehehe

Pepe said...

10 and a half cups of coffee every hour, 1 cup every 6 minutes.... So by the end of the day ay mauubos nya ang isang 600grams to 800grams pack na kape....! Kaya mo yun ha-ha....! =D

Unknown © Artist said...

YUK! YUK! YUKKK! That guy must be insame? LUNATIC from tip to toe... 250 cups of... coffee... YUKYUK! It's similair to that guy who eat 6 BigMacs a day... it's so so sick! (And make me want to puke... BAH!)

And he even survived? HELL!


ps. And I hate coffee!

Pepe said...

Yeah, very insane indeed Maud, can't imagine myself doing the same....!

cha said...

250 cups of coffee in one day? woah! i can only take 4 cups a day, and i like it with ice and a bit of cinnamon,,

Pepe said...

Cha, kaya nga s'ya namatay e dahil hindi n'ya rin kaya ang 250 cups of coffee....! Subukan mo ang coffee, vanilla ice cream, and a bit of milk then put in the blender with cracked ice na parang smoothie ba masarap....! =D