___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

My ACECAD wonders....!

Have anyone been to my FUNNY CARTOON BLOG already....? If not, kindly check it out mga my plens.... If you already did, you might be wondering now how i did those cartoon characters huh....? Ha-ha-ha....!

It's quite simple actually, you just got to have the right tools suited for your expected results.... That's why i bought this ACECAD's Acecat graphic tablet about three years ago from a local computer market-fair here in sydney....

It wasn't that expensive then, maybe because it was in a fair.... I got it for AU$ 10.00, (ten australian dollars) equivalent to P 395.00 (three hundred and ninety five pesos) and it was really worth the buy actually because after three long years of service, it's still on the very top of it's performance ha-ha....!

At first i didn't know how to use it 'coz we can't really put our hands on technologies like these back in the phils without spending a bit larger sum of cash, but since it's affordable to their standards here so i grabbed one straight away ha-ha....!

With a little patience and practice i was able to get used to it in a short period of time and also got familiar with all the functions and tricks shown on the pc screen that is so straight forward.... It's as easy as writing or sketching something on your notebooks and writing pads at school....! A very handy gadget this one....!
And just recently i saw this on display at a local supermarket and bought it too.... It's not in a popular brand but it did it's job as well as the other one.... The only difference is that with this one, i don't have to look at the pc screen anymore 'coz the writing or sketching is straight onto the tablet's surface for great control of the pen....

Both have great characteristics anyway, so i don't think that one is better than the other.... And believe me they're both fantastic....! I never regret a bit buying those stuff....

But what i was really dreaming of having is this BEAUTY....! Isn't she amazing....?! She's more advanced, far more accurate, and by the look of her, i can tell that it will be great to own one of this beauty if you're into designing or drafting passions.... I wish i will have one of this .... Please, please he-he....!

Anyways, i hope that i was able to answer all the questions, tags, and emails that i've received before asking me about how i did my cartoons and what kind of tools have i used to draw them.... Please do visit My Funny Cartoons site.... It's full of cartoons ha-ha....!


Unknown © Artist said...

Hi little Pepe-dear! How is it going? Already spotted a new famous person? (From of behind your pc or tv - of course - hahaha)Oh I like this story! Great to know how you work with all these stuffs... ! And I know it! A friend of mine sometimes uses it too (the advenced one, the one you want... hehehe) (Don't be jealous, one fine day'll have it too your precious beauty!)
And what do you prefer? To draw or paint using these tols or on a paper etc? Tell me?
I still prefer the old tradional medium... because it's the one which has the body handwriting the best in it... the 'unique' soul...
Anyways Pepe, nice sotry! Good to know how this all work! (And yes I saw you cartoon site lol)
Have a wonderful day Mr Paparazzi,


Pepe said...

Thanks Maud....! =D Of course i love painting most of all but there comes a time when i feel like i wanted to learn everything about art, just any kind of tools or gadgets at all ha-ha....! I don't know how to explain it to you but it feels so good deep inside me....! It's like too much courage to do almost anything....! =D