___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sms that miss fired....

Same as usual, breakfast-radio addict ha-ha....! They have this topic again on the radio this morning and it was helarious ha-ha....! They were talking about sms bloopers....! One of those was about two friends who was setting-up a lethal punishment daw for the other one's boyfriend who she've suspected of having a fling with the other girls in the campus.... Kayo talaga....!

So that day, they kept on exchanging one after another sms to each other as she (the friend) was coaching her about things that they should do to give the boyfriend a lesson that he will never forget.... And you know very well how they type those messages nowadays, parang tren sa bilis....! Makapudpod kukong typing skills talaga ha-ha....! Nakapikit at medyo inaantok-state pa yan ha....!

But disaster happened, few messages miss-fired and instead of the girlfriend, she've accidentally sent the sms's to her boyfriend instead....! By the time the plan was well cooked and ready to be served, the boyfriend found out and blew-up both naughty girl's covers....! I have no idea what that plan was, but the girls had the biggest embarrassment of their lives after that ha-ha....!

Have you ever sent any txt messages that had miss fired or back-fired before....? If it's funny or talagang embarrassing sya, i-share mo naman to us nang mapagtawanan ka naman namin he-he....! Ipapadikit pa natin sa WALL OF SHAME ha-ha....!

Okay i'll catch yous later....! By for now, but not forever....! Pepe exit....! Plok-plok....!


the philosphical bastard said...

yes. i was texting sweet nothings to my then girlfriend and i accidentally sent it to my brother.

tina said...

sent it to my mom. mwaahahaha. kakahiya.

Pepe said...

Wha-ha-ha....! Kakahiya nga ha-ha....! Tapos isi-save pa nila sa inbox nila at gagamiting pang-asar ha-ha....! Thanks Tin and TPB....! =D

cha said...

ilang beses na ako na wrong send dati >.<

Pepe said...

Ako rin Cha ha-ha....! It's so easy to make mistakes talaga sa txt messages....! =D