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Monday, July 30, 2007

Nancy who....?

Before anything else, today is a special day for me why....? Because today i've reached the 100th entry in my entire blog-life, woooohoooo....!

That only shows how slow i am in updating my blog he-he....! Actually i should've already published more than a hundred and fifty entries by now kaya lang medyo tamad kasi ako e ha-ha....! Should i throw a party here....?! Wag na lang, magastos at medyo short notice baka walang pumunta he-he....!

Anyways, on with our topic proper.... Mel had informed me today that the movie The Simpsons is now showing in some cinemas dyan sa pinas.... Medyo inggit nga ako pero talagang busy lang sa work kaya kahit na ipalabas man yan dito, there's no way that i will be able to watch that on big screen....

Since our topic is about The Simpsons, i would like to share with you something i know about simpson's character voice-overs.... Did you know that Bart Simpson's voice is done by a female voice-over artist....? Yep! That's right, a lady doing the role as the voice of Bart Simpson astig ano....!?

I couldn't hardly believe it myself until i've really seen her in a local talk show saying a few lines using Bart Simpson's voice....! She even did Ralph's and Milhouse's voice too....! So now, here she is, eternally known as the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright is one of the most prolific voice actors of her time.

Born in an Ohio suburb in the late '50s, she grew up doing community theater and watching cartoons. In her last year at Ohio University, she got a chance to meet Hanna-Barbara voice actor Daws Butler. Better known by his character names Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, and Quick Draw McGraw, Butler suggested she transfer to U.C.L.A. and start going to auditions.

By 1980, Cartwright had her first professional job as the voice of Gloria on Richie Rich. With her new Screen Actors Guild card, she also got normal acting roles on the TV movie Marian Rose White, the feature film Twilight Zone: The Movie, and several television guest appearances.

Her voice was heard as multiple characters on beloved '80s cartoons like My Little Pony & Friends, Pound Puppies, Space Ace, and Galaxy High School. Eventually Cartwright started to get singular roles like Kip on ShirtTales and Daphne on Snorks. In 1987, she auditioned for the role of Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons but she landed the role of Bart instead.

After a few years of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, The Simpsons got its own time slot on FOX in 1990. Cartwright won an Emmy and an Annie award for her work, which has expanded to several other Springfield youths including Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Milhouse, Kearney, and Nelson.

While still working on The Simpsons, she also did voices for Animaniacs, Goof Troop, and The Critic, as well as numerous short-lived cartoons.... Cartwright has also found time to perform the one-woman play In Search of Fellini and write her autobiography My Life as a Ten-Year-Old Boy.

In 2001 she took over for Christine Cavanaugh in the role of Chuckie on Rugrats while working on Rufus on Kim Possible and launching her Internet animation company, SportsBlast. Her voice can also be heard on the web cartoons The Kellys and Timberwolf.


redlan said...

Wow. thanks sa info pepe. ngayon ko lang nalaman na babae pala behind bart simpson's voice.

Pepe said...

Ha-ha....! Something new for those who didn't know....! Thanks sa comment Redlan....! =D

MeL said...

Thanks, Pepe, for the special mention! :) Oo nga, girl nga ang voice behind Bart Simpson. Ang galing nya no? Nakakaaliw ang boses ni Bart eh. Simpsons is still airing hanggang ngayon. Nakailang decades na rin sila. :)

Mari said...

Thanks for that info Pepe. I heard that the voice of Bart's mother is a man's. And Bart's name was taken from the word brat...as in an ill-mannered child.

CM said...

Huwaw! A woman dubbing a male character! Pati si Rufus sya rin! How talented she is! Astig. :)

ZJ said...

Peps, that's common. Even in some of cartoon shows by ABS-CBN and GMA before, babae din ang nagda-dub sa male character. In 1998, I was the EP of the Bikolano Huck Finn... and the two main characters, Huck and Tom, were dubbed by women! You'd be surprised at how they did it!

Pepe said...

No problem Mel, simpson lover ka rin pala he-he....!

Talaga Mari....? Hindi ko alam yun a....! Baka nga boses ni homer ay babae naman ang may gawa he-he....!

Oo Tin, mas okay sana kung sya rin ang voice ni Kim Possible di ba he-he....!

Tuod ka Zj, naka-work ka man as character voice-over.... Daw okay na nga trabaho a....! I wish nga malantaw ko ang Bikolano version sang Huck Finn....! =D

ZJ said...

Hi Peps. I kept a copy of several episodes of Bikolanong Huck Finn for posterity. One day, will send you a copy if you like. Maintindihan mo ayhan?

kneeko said...

aba naka-100 entries ka na.. ti maayo gid na hehe..

wooww di ko rin alam un ah... salamat din sa information...

to, email mo nga ako.. me ipamangkot lang ko sa imo.. basi kadto ko da sa feb... thanks


tina said...

wow wow! congratulations sa 100th entry mo!

salamat sa info about the girl (although im not a fan of simpsons) pero the info that the girl was the one doing the dubbing of famous male cartoon characters. hehe

Pepe said...

Thanks Tin, buti nga nakaabot ako ng 100 entries he-he....! Kala ko nga noon ay tuloy-tuloy na ang pagkawala ko dito, buti na lang at naka-recover kaagad ako he-he....! Anyways, salamat na marami Tin....! =D

racky said...

congrats! sana abutin ng 1,000,000 ang mga kakulitan mo ;)

Pepe said...

Sana nga Racky he-he....! At sana lalo pang kukulit....! =D

Eli said...

congrats sa 100th post! ;)

oo nga napanood ko na rin interview nila na babae boses nila bart... ganon talaga pag bata eh..