___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Still on racing mode....

This is what i mean by Drifting Guys....! I found this Remote Controlled Cars Drifting competition in U-tube, it's so awsome to watch....! Astig....!

This one is a nitro methane (glow-fuel) type, it's using nitro fuel to run its mini-engine.... It's a lot more better than my rechargeable version....! Did you notice the smoke coming out from behind....? It's so realistic, i'd love to have one of this someday....! =D


Mari said...

Just like watching police pursuit. LOL Just kidding. But, you know, it's better using a model car than driving one that fast for real, which is very dangerous.

Pepe said...

That's true Mari, you know that's the biggest road problem here in australia ang road racing na nag-claim na ng maraming kabataan.... I can't understand why they are doing this things when they should be avoiding this instead because of the over-flowing numbers of deaths cause by this speeding accidents....! I felt sorry dun sa mga parents ng mga batang yun.... Anyways, i'm more satisfied pa dito sa mini-interest ko kisa dun sa tunay pero nakakamatay naman he-he....! =D

CM said...

Wow! Cool!! :) Kaya mo yan? ;) hehehehe.

Pepe said...

Tin, bukas na ang big event nyan ha-ha....! I don't really want to win, i just wanted to enjoy kasi wala ako masyado nyan puro stressing and busy days lang madami ako ha-ha....! =D

† alleicarg † said...


astig to ah??

sana may lotus 2007! hehee