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___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tagged by Zj....! =D

I was tagged by Zj.... I didn't really had enough time today but i did my best to finish this kasi baka mamaya ay matagalan na naman ulit kagaya ng kay Redlan nun....! Anyways, here i am and here it is....!

Did it ever cross your mind to find out who was born on your birth day, what important event happened, or where in the world there’s a holiday? If yes, then this is the perfect meme for you.

Thanks Zj for the tag.What do I need to do? Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).Write down three events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends.There are five slots in the Birthday Meme.

As you are tagged, you have to remove the name in the first slot and bump everyone up so that your name can be added to the bottom.

I was born on November 3 and that makes me a Scorpio.... =D

Important Events that happened on November 3 :

1.) Sputnik 2 (Russian: Спутник-2, Satellite 2) was the second spacecraft launched into Earth orbit, on November 3, 1957, and the first to carry a living animal - a dog named Laika.

2.) Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market to compete with the Ford Model T. in November 3, 1911....

3.) The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce is founded. This paper was later renamed to The Times of India in November 3, 1861....

I share the same birthday with:

1.) Roseanne Cherrie Barr (born November 3, 1952) is an Emmy Award-winning American actress, writer, talk-show host, and comedian.

2.) Adolf "Adi" Dassler (November 3, 1900 in Herzogenaurach (Germany) - September 6, 1978 in Herzogenaurach), mainly known as Adi Dassler, is the founder of the German sportswear company adidas.

Celebrated Holiday:

1.) Japan - Culture Day (originally celebrated as Emperor's Birthday until the Meiji Emperor's death in 1912)

Thanks for the tagging Zj, i will tag other bloggers later.... =)


CM said...

sosyal! astig pala mga kabertdey mo kuya e. Hahaha! :)

nga pala kuya, papalit naman ng link. naglipat bahay na kasi ako e. hehehe. ty! :)


Pepe said...

Oki doki Tin, papalitan ko na....! O kaya mo yan ha-ha....! Kaya pala paborito ko ang brand na addidas ay dahil magkapareho pala kami ng taste nung founder nyan....! Astig....! =D Papalitan ko lang link mo sandali....!

Mari said...

Buti na lang late ang pagka-panganak sa iyo, kundi natapat sa Todos Los Santos.

Galeng ng meme mo.

Pepe said...

Oo nga Mari ano ha-ha....! Buti na lang kamo at natama sa date na yan kasi everytime na birthday ko noon sa pinas ay hindi nawalan ng handaan dahil palaging may left-overs from all souls day kaya wala talagang kawala dahil obligado ang lahat na maghanda....! Pero dito sa oz ay hindi masyadong pina-practice ang todos los santos kaya minsan meron at minsan naman ay KFC lang okay na....! =D

ZJ said...

Hi Peps! Salamat sa pag-answer sa tag. Adolf... Adolf Dassler pala, buti na lang hindi naging Hitler... hehehe.

Pepe said...

No problem Zj, medyo nadugayan gani he-he....! Yeah, you've noticed that one too ha-ha....! Basi gani pati ang tatak sang adidas instead nga 3 stripes maging nazzi sign....! =D

mia said...

hahaha.. your bday reminds me of someone.. ayan di ko makakalimutan beerday mo haha