___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
---- Java, Jamoke, Murk, A Shot, A Shot In The Arm, or plainly Joe.... However and whatever you might want to call it.... For me it will always stay as my Puyat Juice...!

Friday, September 07, 2007

APEC 2007 opens today....

Today is the formal opening of the 2007 APEC SUMMIT here in sydney and i was lucky that my workplace is included in the ___ kilometers radius ( hindi ko alam kung gaano kalayo ) na binigyan ng order for public holiday due to traffic control reasons.... So here i am waking up 10 o clock in the morning, washed my laundries, nagsampay, took a warm shower na napakatagal, and had my breakfast or shall we call that lunch already infront of tv, then naglinis ng bahay.... Medyo tinatamad pa yan ha....! =D

I was planning to go to Hobbyco in the city today but since today is also the opening of APEC SUMMIT, security might be too tight there so probably i'll leave that one for some other weekends na lang instead....

Yesterday when i went to the olympic stadium in homebush bay to attend the Aimex Mining Expo, i saw a pair of F-18 Hornets ( airforce jets ) soaring just above us many times.... They've also erected some sort of a great wall of sydney in the city streets to protect the VIP convoys from possible terrorist attacks and from the raging protesters.... Also there's Black Hawks up in the air hovering over the AMP tower and army boats in the waters....! Kaya nga hindi na sinubukan ni Pepe na pumunta pa at wala talagang lusot dun....!

I haven't seen our President GMA on tv yet, but George Bush was flooding the tv and radio stations since he arrived 3 days ago prior to the opening.... And i am excited to see the leaders in the australian national dress code too....! I wonder if they have one like our Barong Tagalog here....! Maybe they don't even have one....! But if they do, maybe it's something like the clothing of Crocodile Dundee and a leather hat with dangling corks around it to keep the fly away he-he....!

By the way, yesterday we went to the Aimex Mining Expo and we spent few hours there looking around those gigantic mining machineries that i haven't seen before in my whole life....! It was a fantastic experience i reckon, but later on we got sick of it and went to have our lunch at Hungry Jack's in auburn.... But before that, dumaan muna kami sa isang branch ng Hobbyco in Rhodes kaya lang ay hindi pala masyadong malaki ito and they'are not complete with everything there either....

I can feel that i'm getting sucked-in deep into this hobby now, but anyways it's a good kind of a hobby naman for all ages he-he....! At the moment i got few items on my wishlist and hopefully i can manage to afford those without hurting my savings or my budget he-he....!

In total, everything went well yesterday and hopefully the whole day today as well.... Planning to go to work tomorrow for some extra cash ha-ha....! I hope everyone's having the best in everything today and yun na....! I just thought that i'm going to make the most of my day-off today and part of it is to make an update on what's going on in downunder these days....! Have a good day all....! Ingatz....! =D


redlan said...

Baw holiday da gle sa inyo. Galing masabad man maglagaw no? Feeling mo di secured. Nu ayhan costume ni gloria?

La pa gid ko knowledge kung diin di ang mga toys for the big boys. ang mga napamangkutan ko la man kabalo kay before pa bi sila di nag road show sa mga mall.

kung may nabal an ko hambalon ta ka.

Take care Pepe!

Pepe said...

Okay lang na Redlan a.... Kung wala gid man ka sang makita wala kaso kay ako lang ugaling ang mangita da pagpauli ko para mas enjoy he-he....!

Wala pa ko kabalo kung ano ang dress code nila pero basi sa bwas na nila gamiton.... I-post ko galing kung may available na nga photos.... Wala gid ko kalagaw bilog nga adlaw bah....!

Have a good weekend Red....! =D

Anonymous said...

it's good to know that u tend to rest during your off. i hope u also had a wonderful day. :D

Pepe said...

Thank you....! Have a wonderful weekend din po....! =D

Mari said...

An extra day off is good for the soul, sabi da. LOL

Have a great weekend.

Pepe said...

Same to you Mari, i only have sunday for a weekend and last friday was a bunos he-he....! Sana marami pang ganyan pero mukang hanggang october lang yata ang last public holiday for this year except christmas break of course....! Have a good weekend too Mari....! =D

Elizar said...

oo nga pala.. start na ng APEC summit.. Holiday din sa mga counterpart namin jan sa north sydney..

Say 'hi' to GMA nalang po.. )

Pepe said...

Oi Eli, hindi ko talaga napansin si GMA dito.... Dahil siguro sa sobrang kaliitan he-he....! =D