___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Sign Spinners....

Something caught my attention today.... Have you ever seen anything like this before....?! I doubt it, i don't think you did ha-ha....! Unless you'are living in the U.S. of course....!

I was browsing through the web today looking for something interesting to read when i accidentally found an intriguing word from one of the articles i was reading talking about kid's working in the streets of america particularly in california, it reads as " Sign Spinners "....

I was wondering what a sign spinner is and what they do, so i went to google and start searching for some images.... Still i wasn't satisfied with what i saw so i went-out to u-tube and luckily i found this video of one of those spinners.... It's awsome....!

Who would ever thought that you can do tricks like this with a sign-board ha-ha....! Ang alam ko kasi, si Jackie Chan lang gumagawa ng mga ganito na mga stunts sa movies nya....! These stunt kids must have had suffered a lot of nose breaking lip bleedin pains before stepping up to this level of skills....! Hanep....!

The main objective here is to catch as much attentions as possible with all these fantastic moves and amazing antics.... Astig di ba....?!

Though they're being banned in some areas due to motorist distraction.... New aspiring spinners are still continuously spending hours and hours of rugged and rigid tranings a day just to gain what it takes to be a professional sign spinner.... Panoorin nyo na lang ang video at talagang astig to matutuwa kayo....!

How can i describe this kind of job? SUPER WALASTIK ha-ha....! (are you considering a change of career Peng....?) Nope, thank you very much....! This is absolutely not my cup of tea he-he....!


redlan said...

baw gapadayaw. funny!

redlan said...

gapadayaw gid ang aussie bla.

Pepe said...

Two in one bah! Ha-ha....! Wala lang madumduman i-post gani gin feature ko na....! =D

Mari said...

Oh, those sign spinners. There are a lot in my area. They are mostly around a few days before weekend and during the weekend. Yes, the council have talked about banning them. But, goodness, I have not seen any distraction that these people have caused...not yet, that is. Now, if there would be accidents caused by them, then they should talk about banning them. The council should talk about more important things than getting rid of these people.

Just my humble opinion, Pepe.

Pepe said...

Good weekend Mari....! I just love to watch their stunts, but scared to copy the moves 'coz i might lose a nose ha-ha....! I agree Mari, i think there's even a lot more distractions on the road that are much worse than these, like mobile phones for instance so maybe they should just leave those kid alone.... They just wanted to earn a little lang naman di ba....? =)