___________PUYAT JUICE___________

___________PUYAT JUICE___________
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toad Busters....!

I'm posting this topic because i find it both bizzare and funny.... I don't know if you're aware that australians had been fighting a long battle against the invasive cane toads for a long number of years now....

There has been some attempts to get rid of this harmful pest and one of those which i found so uniquely strange is now going on in Darwin.... Cane toad madness....!

By the way, cane toads are not an alien creatures from mars or outer space, it's just a humble toad same in appearance with our hawaiian toad in the phils i don't know if we are talking about the same thing here 'coz they look exactly the same....! Maybe they are the same after all he-he....! Makapagpyutirs-pyutirs nga mamya para mag-research....

Anyways, a single nanay toad can produce hundreds of thousand eggs in a single breeding season.... In short, these eggs will hatch into little baby canies ready to spread fears on anything in their path na parang grimlins nyahahaaa...!

Unlike the common toads, cane toads are harmful to native wildlifes.... It is said that the milk like liquid oozing-out through the toad's skin has a similar effect as poison when mistakably eaten by animals.... There has been some numerous attempts to rectify this problem but so far, non of which what so ever had been proven effective in lowering their numbers and keeping up with their fast breeding phase....

The funny thing was, somebody came up with a genius idea to motivate people to keep catching the pest and secure a victory platform in the middle of this battle.... That instead of facing their defeat, they came up with a way to do the toad busting the fun way....! I'd say, " pulutan " ang solusyon dyan he-he....!

Masyado ko na yata kayong binibitin dito ha-ha....! Here's the funny bit, in Darwin you can exchange this gross creatures with bag-full of freebies....! Astig....!

I think for every 2 toads, you'll have an ice cream in cone.... For 4 toads, you will receive a schooner of beer, and for every 10 toads that you can catch you can get a free ticket for a movie of your choice.... Ang galing di ba....?!

If ever pala na may chance akong pumunta sa Darwin, instead of taking with me heaps of pocket money i'll just bring a large basket na lang 'coz their currency is readily hopping all-over the place ha-ha....!

So tayo na sa Darwin, manghuli ng cane toads, humawak ng ice cream sa kaliwang kamay, beer sa kanan at manood ng TRANSFORMERS ha-ha....! Ngyakhh....! Maghugas ka nga muna ng kamay mo dun....! Yukh....!

There's something strange in your neighborhood....

Who you gonna call?


I can't hear you!




How's that?

That's too loud!

Napakanta pa tuloy ha-ha....! Dyan na nga kayo....!


redlan said...

Where's Darwin? Ang toad na yan nakatira yan sa lupa kasi brown siya. I guess, pagmakahuli ka ng 6 na toads u just exhange 4 toads for a shooooner of beers tapos ang dalawang frog gawin mong puluton no? hehehe

redlan said...

Pulutan pala

Pepe said...

Hey Redlan, Darwin is in the far north of the Northern Territory here in Australia.... Malapit na sya sa asia gani medyo tropical na ang klema nya.... =)

Mari said...

What an incentive to get rid of the toads. But mother toads produce so much eggs in one season. Just wondering if it's an effective way of getting rid of the pests.

tutubi said...

hawaiian ba yung toads dito? thought they're philippine toads

will post a cute pic of a baby toad one of these days

dapat pala may trabaho na mga professional toad catcher :)

Pepe said...

Hello Mari....! I think it's an effective way of starting obesity on the earlier generations ha-ha....! =D

Pepe said...

Hello there Tutubi....! I thinks it's the unique sound they produce during rainy seasons that got them their name.... Parang yung rapid drum beats on bamboo poles ba na gamit sa " tahitian dancing "....! =)

ZJ said...

Ang toads... bow!

Diri naman sa Cambodia iya ang mga ilaga naman ang ga-pameste sa mga ka-humayan. Kada tingulan, baw, kadamo gid ya. So ang mga villagers gapangdakop man... kag ginabakal ina sang mga Vietnamese kuno... ahem, who wants some rat meat??? eeeew.

Pepe said...

He-he....! Namit na siguro mo....! Ano ayhan sabor sang ilaga man....? There's only one way to find-out yakh....! =D Kumusta na Zj....?

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